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Love it so much that I am definitely getting fb.MFK impressed me again!!
By   - Housewife  from Allentown Pa on 11/20/2020
Wow. Big. Sweet. I get no lychee--and that's why I ordered it. I get no rose, either. I get a big chemical blast of something very sweet and powerful, if you like that kind of thing. I'll pass.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 12/24/2019
Manakara is a bit all the fragrances I end up falling in love with. My first whiff out of the sample vial was a shriek of alcoholic cherry (expensive alcoholic cherry) and I hated it. Eventually I decided to try it on my skin on a day when I could easily scrub it off. And it bloomed in the summer heat into an edible rose. It has this super-sweet and warm intensity of blackberry, lychee, and rose (plus some expensive smoke that my skin chemistry brings out) that I find so addicting. I can see how it can be criticized as adolescent, but I see it as the scent of Romeo and Juliet if it were a comedy instead of a tragedy. Adolescent can still be timeless.
By   - Full-time parent from Seattle on 8/5/2018
A friend who recommended "Manakara" to me described it as "smokey prune", which utterly puzzled me when I looked up the notes. However, after I got my sample, I saw what she meant and I think that it is a very apt description. I'd be hard pressed to pick out a rose note and I don't eat or smell enough lychee to know if this is faithful, I'm afraid, but I do know that I love the end result. It is quite unusual and quite striking. I'm surprised so many people find it too sweet - it's sweet for sure, but "sweet" is not in the top 5 descriptors I would choose for this fragrance, and even then, I'd call it sweet-and-sour. If you like it, the great news is that projection and longevity are fantastic, like so many Francis Kurkdjian scents.
By   - teacher from Washington, DC on 1/7/2017
I am building my niche perfume wardrobe. In the past, I was totally dedicated to a few perfumes each from the Creed and Lutens houses. Most of my fumes were either skanky or breezy, as in citrusy. Since branching out, I am drawn to the sugarbombs. I don't know why my preference changed so drastically, but it has. I went thru a long period of grief, so perhaps coming out of it I sought out the sweets as comfort. And now I found Manakara. It is so gorgeously up my alley. The sample vial has got my heart set on FB. It makes me feel lovely and could hold that pesky black hound at bay, capice? I love how the perfumer managed to combine sweet with the cutest little rose ever. And if this Lychee, a note I knew nothing of, it has won my heart. My step mom, who hates every perfume I have ever worn, said, "whatever you are wearing is soooo sweet...and I love it on you.". We have one of those brutally honest relationships, so if she says it, that's as food as money in the bank. Thus, I am going to have to add this to my growing stash of sweet and lovelies. I am lucky that these types of scents work so well with my chemistry. Luz this stuff!
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 8/17/2015
There is more to this than the two ingredients, but how they dance! The lychee opens the composition with a fruity splash, and the rose melds seamlessly with it, along with something reminiscent of a buttery sugar-cookie.
By   - from Madison, WI on 5/29/2015
sweet young girl
By   - from st.louis on 5/6/2010
This is one of my favorite full bottle purchases from the past year. It's fruity, creamy, a bit floral and positively delicious all at the same time. I've read Manakara described as Pink Sugar's older and more well-off big sister. But even that implies a cloying nature that simply isn't here. It is dreamy, warm, sweet and juicy, yet goes on and lingers like a delicate pink veil. The lasting power on my skin is fantastic. I can spritz some on in the morning and still catch tantilizing little hints on my skin and clothes late into the evening. It isn't exactly inexpensive, but I feel it is completely worth it for being the perfect blend of tropical fruit and flowers that doesn't involve coconuts, tiare or some such. I don't know how the repurchasing option works, but undoubtedly will find out when I run out since I can't imagine not keeping this perfume as a constant in my collection. If you want something fruity in the discount range, there are plenty out there whose difference in quality is often given away in the sharp and less seamless construction and harsh manner in which the fragrance unfurls. Yes, there are gems to be found for a song, but I am also willing to pay more for a perfectly composed and conducted symphony. This simple yet flawless construction is evident in Manakara and my other favorite in the Indult line, Tihota. They are smooth and lush, sliding effortlessly from top note to drydown in a deliciously decadent presentation that's worth every penny.
By   - Writer from Kalamazoo on 2/12/2010
overpriced for what it is. it's okay, not great imo and zero sillage.
By  on 6/30/2009
This is one of the only perfumes, EVER, that made me want to gag! I am shocked so many on here love it, It is so overly sweet, like lychee absolutely saturated in sugar syrup. That might sound nice to some, but its horrible. i love florals and gourmands but this was just way to overly sickly sweet, I just wanted to wash it off. I didnt find it creamy at all.
By   - from Australia on 4/16/2009
A unique, gorgeous fragrance! On my skin, Manakara smells invitingly sweet and slightly creamy with so-subtle-I-may-be-hallucinating-it hints of leather, pepper, woodsmoke, and spice. After the dry-down it reminds me of deliciously warm and spicy cotton candy, which is weird, bc I don't even like cotton candy. No matter, for whenever I wear it I can't stop sniffing my wrists! Manakara lasts about four hours on me and lingers warmly for a couple hours beyond. A ridiculously classy and unforgettable fragrance.
By   - student from Chicago on 9/25/2008
after nearly 30 years of walking around beverly hills smelling cheap designer expensive perfumes it blows my mind that any one of you can not see the exquisiivity of these fragrances extroidinary smooth creamy delicate with strenth i am very grateful to lucky scent for finding these beauties for me all i have to do is make one simple phone call this is NOT PINK SUGAR PLEASE be sure to buy yourself a bottle of aspirin with your 50 dollar perfumes ok no one is saying they are not expensive but i will say sometimes you get what you pay for stop whining and enjoy life
By   - publisher from beverly hills on 7/24/2008
Lovely. I tried this because I loved another Indult creation, Tihota, so much. This is a sweet, candy covered litchee/blackberry hybrid that slowly morphs into an almost edible red rose with a musky base. Not as close to the skin as Tihota, but almost. I simply couldn't stop smelling my wrist after I put it on. The progression is half the fun. It dries down into a lusciously sweet and creamy dream of a scent, that reminds me somehow of childhood. I love it. It's going on my wishlist stat!
By   - Physician from Oakland on 4/24/2008
This is very nice. Reminds me a little of Chinatown by Bond. No. 9.
By  on 12/14/2007
to the previous post this is suppost to be a place to comment about the fragrance , not the fact that you can't afford with that said, this is a beautiful fragrance, that opens with a sweet berry note but soon takes on a deeper, rich, velvety note that just keeps getting better as the day goes on!
By  on 8/13/2007
I wonder what it would be like to consider it an option to vacillate between which 225.00 bottle of a few drops of average-smelling fragrance oil mixed with alcohol and water, I should purchase.<P/> I suppose that, during a time when people who live in apartments with roommates are driving 50,000.00 cars, and are buying Christian Dior on ebay, that this seems normal, but this is excessive. If you want to smell like cotton candy, go out and get yourself some Pink Sugar for fifty bucks, then use the rest of your money to get a little credit counseling. Seriously.
By  on 8/11/2007
WOW what a great fragrance, the first spray is alittle cotten candy like ( which isn't a bad thing ) but it quickly deepens and turns into a creamy, dreamy delight! And as it dries down it just keeps getting better and melts into the skin like a skin scent.....but better!
By   - from Hawaii on 8/2/2007
This sure is sticky-sweet pink foody took a comment from a co-worker for me to realize what Manakara was evoking in my scent memory: I smell like cotton candy! It is such a spot-on, precise cotton-candy scent, that now that I've gotten the idea in my head, that's all Manakara could ever be for me. Ultra sweet, a slight floral tinge at the beginning before it dries down, and then just the heady scent of carnival spun sugar. If you like sweet scents, I'm talking even sweeter than Serendipitous, Lea St. Barth, and Pink Sugar, then you will be drawn to this fragrance. Also, if you like fig, but you're not a huge fan of fig's coconutty undertone, you should try this sample. Waaaaay to sweet and one-dimensional for me (perhaps more rose could have cut that sweetness and added a little more sophistication...), and for the price, I mean come on. (Tihota has the same sugary quality to it, and I can see why it's in such high demand right now. I am undecided about it, because I wish it was a touch less sweet, and it's sooo expensive. But that's beside the point...) Anyways, minus one star for being overpriced, minus one star for smelling exactly like cotton candy. Try a sample anyways though, 'cause you just might fall in love like so many others have so far...
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 6/22/2007
Well...I finally purchased Manakara after trying to decide between this and Tihota. It is not overly complex and the lasting power is marginal but I just could NOT stop thinking about this fragrance. It is so unique and LS's description is perfect. It is rich and creamy but refreshing at the same time. I think Francis Kurkdjian is brilliant and love his creations including the Parfums MDCI (female scents) and Juliette Has a Gun...not to forget Rose Barbare. I will be purchasing Tihota closer to Fall if I can wait that long.
By   - from APO on 6/20/2007
Manakara smelled fruity and creamy on me like a wonderful summer dessert. I wanted to love it and I did but it was too sweet and ‘pink’ for my personal taste. The aura of this scent doesn’t match my wardrobe or personality but the fact that I’m still thinking about Manakara really says something. I could only buy one Indult perfume so I chose Tihota. Manakara would be the crème de la crème for someone who loves sweet, creamy scents. Think Pink Sugar that has gone through a high end make-over and made with the richest and most pure ingredients. I keep reading this doesn’t have much sillage but it definitely did on me just by applying a few dabs of the sample. Men seem to love this scent but unfortunately, it’s just not for me.
By   - from Los Angeles on 6/5/2007
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