Day Dreams

Eau de Parfum

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??? So disappointed in this, I really wanted to like it as the notes sound dreamy. I'm surprised theres no musk mentioned in the top notes because that's all I get for the first couple hours of wear. Blegh. Headachy, strong, stinky, synthetic musk. I just wish there was no musk since I do enjoy the scent after that goes away. But still, barf. I won't be picking up a full bottle unless it is reformulated!
By   - Model from los angeles on 7/27/2020
Well, on me this was nothing special at all. Dried down to an almost pure sweet vanilla scent, and after a few hours, nothing. Very surprised. Montale's fragrance analyzer told me this would be a good one for me, but I dislike vanilla!
By   - Artist from Seattle Eastside on 11/17/2019
The orange blossom and mandarin are well-handled, and coconut and vanilla make for a pretty if unremarkable drydown, but for whatever reason the jasmine note that connects the two was a net loss, giving the scent a mass-market gloss it would have been far better without. If you’re a jasmine fan, your mileage here may vary, but for me this fragrance was named all too well -- a pleasant distraction but ultimately forgettable.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/19/2017
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