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This is not your dark sexy vanilla. This is a sweet, fun, comforting vanilla...and when I say sweet I mean SWEET. I actually really love this, but then again I am quite partial to gourmand fragrances. The spices and wood stay in the very distant background and a thick, creamy vanilla takes center stage and stays for hours. I think its delicious and I bought a full bottle.
By   - Femme Fatale from Auckland on 5/14/2019
Gorgeous vanilla bean scent with woods and a pinch of cinnamon. I also get a bit of creaminess in the drydown that reminds me a little of fried dough and a bit of sugar. A wonder vanilla with decent projection and sillage. The longevity of this is moderate.
By   - Student from New York on 2/24/2019
I came across this in my quest for a 'quintessential' vanilla scent at a lower price point than the beloved Tihota, and I must say, I believe Vanille Absolu is more my jam. As the name suggests, this is all vanilla, all the time, so if you're hoping for vanilla plus something else, you'll likely be disappointed. This is a sweet, spun-sugar vanilla without the waxy vanilla-candle vibe that I get from Comptoir Sud Pacifique. I get only the barest hint of spices and woods on the far dry-down, but I find I prefer the smoky, spicy base to Tihota's clean, musky undertones. A definite winner.
By   - Teacher from Carolina on 10/25/2017
I tried this vanilla because of the cinnamon, cloves, and woods notes -- none of which my nose detected. Too sweet. Smells like a straight-up sugar cookie on me. I don't want to smell like a sugar cookie. I'll stick with my SDV for now.
By   - Administrative Assistant from Charlotte on 10/20/2017
This is similar to other vanilla scents I've tried (Lavanila and Comptoir Sud Pacifique) but stronger and more long lasting. A little goes a long way with this one
By   - Accountant  from Chicago on 11/21/2015
Montale does the BEST gourmands and this is the best Vanilla I've found. Sweet, a bit cotton candy (very similar to the much more expensive Vanitas) warm and scrumptious. Montale's fragrances tend to be stronger which I appreciate (who wants it gone in an hour ?) and this was love at first whiff. A must have for the guys and gals who appreciate the best gourmands and lovers of sweet vanilla.
By   - photographer from chester on 11/6/2015
Very strong. Too much of something in the vanilla. Not bad if you want to smell "strong". Too overpowering for me.
By   - from Denver on 7/30/2014
Sampling this fragrance was just a blessing! I have been looking for this scent for years and would never have thought to try this one without the help of a wonderful friend. For some this maybe helpful and for others it may not be so I appoligize to those it does not make sence to. Gloria Jeans has a white hot cocoa that is mixed with milk. When you open a container or bag of the mixture it smells like Montale Vanille Absolu! It is like fresh vanilla bean with a touch of spice to give it almost even a more gourmand feel and warmth. It finishes with almost a melted marshmallow scent that is so cozy and comforting. I love this fragrance it has wonderful longevity and the perfect sillage, not too soft and not too loud. This is perfect for the vanilla lover who wants to be edible and be grown up all at once!
By   - from Wisconsin on 1/22/2013
This is a sweet, deep, boozy vanilla with a touch of smoke & a slight nuttiness. The other notes are not obvious, but serve to give it some depth & backbone. The sillage & longevity are good, as is usual for a Montale. This is one of the highest quality, truest vanillas out there, & l think it would layer well with other fragrances. You must try this if you love vanilla!
By   - from southampton uk on 9/21/2011
yep this is an amazing perfume for vanilla fans. One of the very best I've tired, and I've tried MANY. I thought that my favorite vanilla scent was Jalaine's Vanille for it's true vanilla smell but this one may have beaten it. It's so true to what the vanilla bean smells like. It's sweet but not "sephora sweet" or "candle or teeny-bopper sweet". This is adult sweet and creamy. It stays on the skin a long time and has strong sillage so a little goes a long way. The vanilla is not overshadowed by any other smell so all you get is a true vanilla elixir. Hmmmm! I don't smell any cinnamon or anything else here btw, just vanilla bean. Honestly, if you are looking for a fantastic vanilla scent, try this now!
By   - from Montreal on 9/12/2011
A warm, sweet and comforting vanilla fragrance. The spice notes were minimal on me. It's a little too gourmand for my nose, but is still a lovely scent.
By   - from London on 8/24/2011
Sorry, the previous review was for Montale BOISE VANILLE not Vanille Absolu.
By   - from Californiaa on 12/10/2010
Oh My!! too strong and has something in it that gives me a headache and makes me just want to go wash it off. It's def. not what i expected from a vanilla perfume!
By   - from californiaa on 12/9/2010
I loved this! When I first put it on I didn't know what to make of it at first but after about 10mins, it started to smell really deliciously good. I actually liked this one better than the higher priced tihota and it actually smells very similar to tihota after wearing it for a few hours. It smelled like a madagascar vanilla bean but was complex enough not to smell like I just put on vanilla extract. Words can't discribe how beautiful this perfume is. I am so glad I bought this. My only regret is not buying the 100ml size. Just beautiful and sensual. Exactly what I've always wanted in a vanilla perfume and worth every penny.
By   - from chicago on 4/25/2010
This truly is a lovely vanilla fragrance. Nothing much to distract from the gorgoeus smokey vanilla . It's gorgoeus and it's long lasting which is more than I can say for most vanilla scents. This is deep vanilla sophistication. Luckyscent are spot on with their description of it.
By  on 4/10/2009
wonderful vanilla scent..lasts for it love it!
By   - college professor from lincoln on 3/21/2009
Hmm, this is quite nice. Sort of smells like warm vanilla custard on my skin. It does melt completely into my skin though; to the point where it's barely noticeable after about an hour. Not that it's gone - if I put my nose right on my skin I can still smell it 8 hours later. It's just really, really faint. I don't get any "smokeyness" at all, but I would like it to be a tad more prominent. So, overall a very nice sweet vanilla that stays way too close to my skin to make it FBW
By   - translator from paris on 11/14/2008
I LOVE this fragrance. When I first applied it, there was a very strong alcohol scent, which seemed very bourbon-y to me. This lasted for a few minutes. Things got really beautiful once it started to dry down. On me, Vanille Absolu is a smoky, warm vanilla. It's like vanilla bean, vanilla extract, some condensed or sugar milk, cream, and a touch of smoke. YUM. The scent lasts a very long time (it's been five hours since I applied it, and it's still going strong), and it doesn't seem to change once it settles into that beautiful, creamy vanilla. I asked my brother and husband for their opinions, and my brother said that I smelled like the local fair. I asked what he meant, since I was hoping it wasn't the plentiful livestock! Luckily, he said that I smelled like the baked and fried foods mixed with the scent of cotton candy. I personally didn't get that vibe from this fragrance, but apparently he did, and my husband agreed with him. Later, in an attempt to be silly, my brother asked to sniff my wrist again, and then he licked it. He looked surprised, and he said, "Wow, it actually kind of tastes like vanilla, too!" The bottom of the fragrance seems to get a little bit smokier on me, which I LOVE. It's like the absolute lightest smoke or church incense and spice mixed with vanilla. I would definitely purchase a sample again just so I could repeat this experience. I highly recommend at least sampling this wonderful fragrance.
By   - from San Diego on 5/28/2008
I found this scent way too strong and cloying. I put a small dab behind each ear and had a headache in no time. The vanilla scent itself it quite nice so though i wouldn't buy the full size product, i will probably finish the sample vial that i have. I'll be sure to put it on either my ankles or behind my knees for a more subtle effect.
By  on 2/11/2008
I've been sampling for months on my quest for a "holy grail" vanilla. This is it! It's a warm and sexy comfort scent. Just lovely!
By  on 1/19/2008
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