Sweet Vanilla

Eau de Parfum

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This is a vanilla with no musky spicy stuff to it, so I love it. It's sweet, and the word "cloying" popped into my head when I smelled it, but it wasn't in a gross way -- it reminded me of sticky warm honey on a summer evening. My partner loved it and said it smelled like Oreos, which may or may not be a turnoff but he also loves Oreos. This is a sophisticated vanilla for those who love sweeter vanillas.
By   - web developer from Boston on 8/13/2017
I love-love-love this vanilla. The starting apricot settles very quickly on my skin, and I'm left with this lovely sweet vanilla that is really pleasant to catch a whiff of. I wore it to a recent business trip, and was stopped by three men (men!!!) as to what scent was I wearing because they wanted to buy it for the woman in their life. Need to be careful with applying though - strong scent, that lasts a long time. I tried many vanillas - I mean MANY vanillas - and this is one of the top five for me. Also kudos for the affordable price.
By   - Business professional from Irvine, CA on 7/22/2017
I have tried MANY vanilla fragrances. This one is nice. It reminds meof Tihota. It has that rich warmth that a good vanilla scent often has. It opens with what I assume id the apricot. Kind of fruity sweet but not cheap fruity. Once that goes away it's warm, and vanilla vanilla vanilla. I personally prefer Montale Vanille Absolut though. That one does something just a bit more special and interesting on my skin.. Worth a try if you love vanilla scents and especially if you adore Tihota.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 7/1/2017
Delicious! Montale's Sweet Vanilla is a simple, pure vanilla perfume. It smells so natural and succulent. I'm a serious gourmand fan, and this is my favorite vanilla scent because it isn't overly sweet and doesn't smell like burnt cotton candy. This is a lovely scent for when I want something easy and uncomplicated. I used to be committed to one perfume, but Luckyscent is turning me into a novice niche perfume collector. I'll be getting a full bottle of this tasty treat.
By   - professor from Lake Charles, LA on 6/20/2017
When I receive samples, I do a "blind" sniff test. I thought my sample was Tihota, my Holy Grail vanilla, which I love but which I find quite pricey. I was pleased to discover it was Sweet Vanilla, a less expensive vanilla of fine quality. It has the same plummy rich vanilla notes and is long lasting with moderate sillage on my skin. A beautiful & refined fragrance...
By   - Retired from Ct on 10/14/2016
I love this. It's very similar to Comptoir Pacifique's Vanilla Apricot, but a thousand times more refined. If you took the green elements out of Peau de Peche and added vanilla, this would be it.
By   - eternal student from Cincinnati on 6/29/2016
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