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¡Exquisite! I've got a lot of compliments on this perfume. At first you'll note an intense rose, but as it starts to fade it smells beautiful!! the musk does a great combination with the rose. Must try!
By   - Teacher from Chicago on 11/6/2019
This perfume broke my heart. It started as just the perfect sweet and lilting musky rose. The rose top notes were a lovely, graceful rose, not at all overpowering or overblown. The musk was a sexy little note winding around and grounding the floral - just perfection. The nicest rose musk I've smelled yet. I expected a dry down to a comfortable amber, but instead I got wood and ammonia. Not sandalwood... if anything, it reminded me of the woody tongue depressors at the doctor's office, and that smoky musk turned into an unpleasant and dirty animal smell. So many reviewers seemed to love this perfume, so I will assume it was my chemistry that did not agree with the perfume. What a sad ending to such an exciting start.
By   - from Chapel Hill on 4/29/2013
This is a clean, rose scent. It's a bit brighter than I normally like my rose (think Black Aoud), but I like it despite that. It's not as cheerful and girly as Rose Damascas, but it isn't the dirty, sexy, sinful rose of Black Aoud, either. It's a very easy scent and, for me, that's a bit boring. HOWEVER, it would be a good summer time scent to wear simply because everything I love is heavy and complex and intriguing. It would be good to have a "plain old rose" in there. It actually reminds me a lot of my mother-in-law's rose garden and that's not altogether a bad thing. Roses Musk just doesn't "speak" to me, though. Not like BA does. It's not a heady scent, either, and wears quite close to the skin. For that it only gets 4 stars.
By   - from North Shore, New Zealand on 11/8/2011
A clean and heady bouquet of flowers, lead by a strong rose note. Very lovely! Sillage was low on me.
By   - from London on 8/21/2011
This parfum is very close to Nasamotto's Narcotic Venus...which I love...but with a much better price! The smell that people can not put their finger on here, to me, is the slight narcotic smell...almost chemical, but warmer. Montale did a wonderful job of balancing out the rose and musk. This scent is not green at all, like some rose based parfums, and it does not scream musk either, which I appreciate. It has two distinct sides to me. One sits on top and it smells almost innocent, a girly rose floral. The other one lurks beneath waiting to capture you with it's inoxicating depth, a cold musk with a touch of amber.
By   - makeup artist from Houston on 8/15/2011
Roses with the leaves left on is how I'd describe this. It has an almost masculine note which slowly sweetens as the amber comes through & it warms on the skin.. Mmm, the sillage is very soft, warm & sensual, with musk & something smokey creeping in as it dries down. Nice, but unusually for a Montale it fades quite quickly on me, therefore I'd choose Crystal Flowers over this if I was buying a Montale rose scent.
By   - from southampton uk on 4/11/2010
Heady and intoxicating, and how many roses can one say that about? Nice, dress-up-for evening-and-wow-'em rose. There's a note I can't quite figure out, and it's seductive alright!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 6/5/2009
This scent, on my skin, is the most natural rose scent I found plus a touch of wood/smoke. It's romantic and stays for hours but doesn't project far. As an old fashioned male, I think it's fine for men when applied lightly.
By  on 9/23/2008
This is very lovely. The rose is front and center, but softened by the musk and amber. I don't usually care for either musk or amber, but as usual, Montale has worked magic again. Warm, soft and sexy. Wears close to the body and has good lasting power. Full bottle worthy right after I get my Oriental Flowers. Is there no end to Montale's power to lure . . .?
By   - from Halifax on 7/10/2008
What a beautiful combination! The brightness of rose grounded by a rather earthy musk is an intriguing take on a rose fragrance. The amber adds just a tiny touch of sweetness that enhances both qualities. For lovers of Dark Rose scents this is a must-try.
By   - Designer from Los Angeles on 8/28/2007
I wanted to love this as I've been searching for a Rose Musk since the Body Shop discontinued my favorite scent years ago. I put on my sample and asked, "where's the Rose? Where's the musk?" I double checked to make sure I hadn't put on the wrong sample. It smells like tobacco, oakmoss and cedar!
By   - from north carolina on 5/19/2007
deep rose essence on skin, almost old lady one note rose, drydown to powdery rose with overtones of cedar on my skin
By   - graphic designer from Salinas CA on 5/17/2007
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