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Beautiful rich scent with pretty decent lasting power. Smells like a rich vanilla yoghurt cake (not cloyingly sweet though..) which has been drizzled with a vanilla frosting. Add 'chocolate greedy' to this and you have wonderful vanilla cake with a dark chocolate frosting - devine!
By   - Nanny from Chicago (via England..) on 5/27/2018
This is a wonderful fragrance. It smells like a yoghurt cake that’s been drizzled with a vanilla frosting, not super sweet. I find it’s not as long lasting as Chocolate greedy, the only other Montale scent I own: one squirt of that and it lasts ALL day - but if I apply 4 squirts of Vanilla cake I’m good to go for the day. I have been wearing this scent for 9 hours now and it is still quite strong. Mixed WITH Chocolate greedy and I smell like a vanilla cake with a bitter chocolate frosting - deVINE!
By   - Nanny from Chicago (via England..) on 5/24/2018
If you like vanilla cake batter--rich, sweet, with that artificial cake batter buttery smell, you will love this. It's exactly as described. I was hoping for something that whispered "have another piece of cake, darling," but this stood next to me in a pink frilly dress, yelling, "Eat the cake, all of it, dammit!" So, not for me.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 4/29/2018
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