Intense Tiare

Eau de Parfum

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It's all right in the name, this scent is a pure intense tiare floral. It's so rich it's practically buttery. All the other notes just serve to support the tiare and give it a tropical vibe.
By   - Chef from Langley on 11/6/2020
Very elegant and simply beautiful. This definitely makes you feel important and ready to conquer the world. Perfect for late afternoon/evening and spring or fall. Excellent creation!!
By   - Investor  from Miami on 2/7/2019
Great one!!!! Sweet, but not too much. There is no 10 stars...but worth it!
By   - - from Hollywood on 12/17/2016
This is beautiful, slight coconut scent but mostly white floral, warm, beach scent. Will be getting another bottle when this one is gone.
By   - Sales from Calgary AB on 6/8/2016
Beautiful, transports me to the tropics
By   - Sales from East Coast on 5/25/2016
I agree with the "warm, white flower infused coconut butter" description. I do get that slight suntan lotion scent but it's not objectionable. It smells like bottled beach getaway to me. Impressive sillage and close to all-day longevity on my skin. I'm not sure it's "me," but it is a lovely scent. There is nothing cloying about it.
By   - Audiologist from Orlando on 3/24/2016
I've been wearing Monyette since it was least 10 years. I love Monyette and this sounded like something I would also love. Sadly, this is a scrubber. I'm not getting any of the beachy scents or anything coconut or vanilla. On me this was pure, dry white flowers. No sweetness. It's a pretty scent, quite strong, but to me it is a more mature scent. Didn't work on my skin.
By   - Jeweler from New York City on 1/21/2016
This is paradise in a bottle. It is January and I'm dreaming of warmer days. This little number by Montale takes me straight to a tropical island. I can almost hear the waves! The scent is warm, white flower-infused coconut butter with just the faintest hint of vanilla. I'm searching for the rose and cannot distinguish it but perhaps it is mixed in with the coconut somewhere. 5 star worthy in my book and definitely on my FB wishlist!
By   - French Instructor on 1/23/2015
I ordered the sample and tried it today for the first time. I find in heavenly. There is something soothing about it. I'm really lovin' myself today. I think I'm going to have to buy a whole bottle!
By   - Librarian from Chicago on 11/7/2013
I purchased my first bottle a few months ago, and I can say with confidence that I will never wear another scent. It's like heaven to me and nothing else could possibly compare. I finally understand why people have signature scents! It's not just me though, I'm a cashier at a department store and multiple times a day customers ask me what I'm wearing. Several people have even had me write down the name and where they can buy it. I'm not even sure how to describe the scent except that it smells almost edible without smelling anything like food. It's sweet and creamy and floral and delicious...I'll smell the bottle and just want to crawl inside.
By   - from St. Louis on 2/9/2013
Based on reviews and ingredients, I had very high hopes for this one. Sadly it's a scrubber. Very unpleasant.
By  on 12/24/2012
i'll open with this is a divine fragrance through and through. i purchased a sample in my quest for the perfect coconut scent and i somehow ended up here on intense tiare. stick with me here people. i must disagree with my fellow reviewers: i don't find this fragrance sweet; warm, yes, hours later, but not sweet. in laymen's terms, since i am not a nose, the opening wafts up completely tiare in a bright, pungent white floral verging on still slightly green and it is lovely. but it stays this way for a loooooong time. the interesting thing was the end of the day 8 hours later when coconut-vanilla, possibly a sliver of wood tossed in, slowly started forming an olfactory halo around me and, yes, in another dimension i ended my day on the beach, saved from sunstroke and heat exhaustion only by coconut water. The moon is out and as i sniff my arm, I'm on the fence with this because of the long blast of white/green tropical floral that lasts forever. it is lovely, but what i had to go through for hours before arriving at, well, the perfect coconut fragrance. oh my word, did montale create love in a bottle?
By   - curator from new york on 5/1/2012
I like Intense Tiare much better than Aoud Velvet. I think the tiare just didn't work well with the aoud in the latter, but in this one it goes exceptionally well with the coconut milk. The milk gives this scent a, well, milky feel. I can almost taste the texture of this on my tongue, like it was some kind of tropical drink. The vanilla is more pleasant in this fragrance than the tonka bean is in Aoud Velvet. It is floral, but it's not bright and cheerful, it's sensual. Intense Tiare is a velvety smooth, exotic fragrance that may just help me get over my intense dislike of gardenia. I can't stop smelling my wrist!
By   - from North Shore, New Zealand on 11/8/2011
Disliked the jasmine and looooove the tiare. It reminds me of Bora Bora! I put the sample on my wrist and could smell it well into the next day. I already ordered my bottle. It is sweet, but so yummy!!!
By   - holistic therapist from houston on 5/16/2011
clear, beautiful tiare, not the creamy of Monyette. This never turns sour or headachy. Not sickly sweet. Had to have it.
By   - from chi on 3/5/2011
stong, but smooth- really nice heady fragrance
By   - nurse from Chicagoish on 6/25/2010
While this scent is a lovely one, it actually reminds me of an expensive version of Vanderbilt (Gloria Vanderbilt).
By   - Theatre Arts Educator from LC, NM on 4/9/2010
This fragrance is amazing. It makes me feel like I'm lying in a languid rich bath of coconut milk and gardenia (tiare) flowers. I tried a sample and immediately knew it was bottle-worthy. The gardenia is light and intoxicating, and its gently supported by gentle waves of coconut milk, jasmine, ylang-ylang and a tiny hint of vanilla. It smells very fresh and almost green when you first put it on, and then it just gets richer and more nuanced as it warms on your skin. Excellent longevity
By   - from Prague, CZ on 3/7/2010
i like this much better than MP and I have both..this is more complex and lasts longer...
By  on 7/7/2009
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