Wood and Spices

Eau de Parfum

100ml $170
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Wood and Spices...
It is a nice scent that is able to hold it's ground on the skin quite well. I was bumeed on the fact of it having very little spiciness. If you like wood and a 'amberish' scent, this may be for you.
By   - Sales from Minneapolis on 3/13/2020
I really liked the sample so I bought it. I'm finding a full spray can be a lot different than the sample which you apply with the applicator stick. One spray will do you with this stuff, it is very strong. I can't imagine I'll ever get through the 100ml size. I still like it but for me it's really amped up with a full spray compared to the sample. I wish it was a little less strong but I do still like it just wish I had a smaller bottle.
By   - contractor from Paradise on 12/15/2019
I received this as a complementary sample, so it may smell different if sprayed rather than applied with the sample wand. The opening scents were... a little nose-flaying. There was cardamom, but mixed with a chemical smell sort of like a big black sharpie. Now that it has dried down, it is sweet with a very dark wood smell, presumably the ebony. I don't personally like really dark, deep scents, or really sweet scents, so this doesn't work for me. This isn't a bad smell, but I think that if someone wearing this started to get even the slightest hint of body odor, this dark component could really start to smell dank.
By   - Graduate Student from Cincinnati on 8/17/2016
I bought the Wood and Spices after receiving a sample from Holland. I thought it was a woman's fragrance and I wear it quite often and receive great comments about the scent I am wearing. Warm, interesting aroma for the ladies who love great perfumes.
By   - from Houston, Tx on 11/24/2009
I really like this scent - sweet, spicy woods, great on a woman, probably nice on a man too. Definitely a winner!
By   - from San Diego on 10/1/2008
I love Montale fragrances. I wear the Greyland and it is spectacular. Same with the Red Vetyver. However, this scent was quite average. It had a fruity, sugary scent that was clean and simple but not too special. It might make a very simple, almost aftershave for daily wear for a regular guy dad or someone like that. The sugary scent almost became too much after an hour or so of catching the scent.
By  on 9/5/2008
This is definitely for a guy - (but I'm not sure I'd like it on a guy, either.) It was outstandingly bad on my skin - a combination of spice, wood and vinegar - and very, very strong. Bleh.
By   - from Atlanta, GA on 3/16/2008
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