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A Beautiful twist on a modern Fougere.I truly love how well-blended and approachable this fragrance is, with it's Montale spark and character intact. You get something fresh, lively, playful and full of energy with some moderation or calm reservation underneath it all.A very good versatile scent for a modern man, Great work Montale ! 5 to 7 hours longevity, fair projection and sillage. My only wish is that that it lasted another hour.
By   - Fragrance Reviewer and Writer from hattiesburg on 8/20/2019
Starts off bright with a very nice illegal (ifra) lavender in the top for 5 seconds, sadly. mid notes are a strange mix in their mixed expression. the base drydown is what makes this perfume an actual perfume. drydown has character robust well mixed blend smooth and last for hours with good potency, not cloying not overbearing. just right. does not last more than 6-7 hours. but while it is on you it is performing. worth the price if you like the drydown only.
By   - none from none on 5/13/2019
“Sexy” and “lavender” are not normally conjoined concepts, but add a really juicy leather and some pretty rose-and-carnation action and lo, here we are. The oud is as subtle as mentioned, essentially here to add a sense of airy movement; the musk at the base is perhaps a little more animal / a little less aldehyde than I might have liked, but it’s elegantly logical in context. You’d better like anyone you plan to gift this to, as you’re going to be up close and sniffing at them...quite a lot.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/19/2017
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