Full Incense

Eau de Parfum

by Montale

Full Incense Sizes Available:
100ml $170
0.7ml sample $4
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I have been wearing Givenchy's "Encens Divin" as my incense fragrance of choice for a while. It's lovely and ethereal, like the smoke ascending over the altar. Unfortunately it's also ethereal in its longevity, fading in less than an hour, so I've been investigating other brands in case there's a good replacement. Full Incense is fantastic. To me it's just like Encens Divin but with much better staying power. I'm only going by Montale's spray tester but 4-6 hours later I was still getting occasional flirtations with the scent. When I run out of Encens Divin, I'll come back to Lucky Scent for this one!
By   - Artist from Seattle Eastside on 11/17/2019
To say this smells like CDG is correct, but there's a huge difference. this actually last and actually has the same smell, that churchy vibe that you get when you first spray on CDG. I've been purchasing Avignon for years. it does not dry off well to me, and frankly, I have to spray on a number of times during the day. with full intense, not so. yeah the smell was copied, but so what, I'd pay the extra for the lasting original spray on smell rather than the dried off feminine smell of CDG version. it's rather interesting my girlfriend have taken all three of my bottles. it works on her chemistry, but me, Montale was the student that outshined CDG at his own formula.
By   - Creative Technologist from New York City on 4/14/2019
I find this scent absolutely wonderful. Several reviewers have compared it to Avignon by CdG, and I agree, I also want to compare this to Heeley Eau Sacrée. Personally, I find all three of these scents subtly unique from each other. Avignon, not flat, but strict and delineated incense. Full Incense rides that same base and adds in a stronger Elemi resin note which adds a bit more dimension to the scent, slightly sweeter than Avignon. Then you move onto Eau Sacrée which takes the former and latter and adds a bit more dimension, more sweetness and a richness all it's own. Personally, I think if you are into these incense scents then all three have a place in your wardrobe as all evoke the same emotion, but with different intensities.
By   - Finance from Boston, MA on 12/24/2016
Harsher than Avignon and not as complex. Closer to Heeley Cardinal, but more even metallic, perhaps not so much of that opening waft of cat pee you get with the Heeley.
By   - from Australia on 4/28/2011
Identical to Comme des Garcons Avignon, and also very close to Matthew Williamson Incense. I would not pay the extra money for this one when it has already been done. It is a wonderful perfume, though.
By   - retired medical typist from Victoria, Australia on 3/27/2011
I wouldn't say this is identical to Shanaan. They do share some notes, but this is woodier where Shanaan goes in a more citrus direction. Still very good and if I didn't have Shanaan I'd buy Full Incense.
By  on 3/5/2011
I can't get enough of this incense fragrance. As far as side by side testing, I have worn this with Tauer's relatively clean, crisp Incense Extreme, and CdG Avignon which gives a similar impression while feeling stark and arid compared to Full Incense. For me, Avignon could be thought of a the starting point for Full Incense, after which darker, sweeter resins are added alongside more earthy patchouli and something which gives the impression of a small dose of warm amber. So, if the idea that Avignon and Full Incense are the same fragrance should lead one to not give this a try, I'd say it's worth it to see for yourself. To me, Full Incense is richer with a sense of warmth and sweetly resinous "full"-ness. While Avignon (which I respect and enjoy) is a little distant, I think Full Incense draws one in, and gives more of a warm, wool sweater impression while at the same time superbly maintaining its austerity and raw resinous nature.
By   - musician on 12/31/2010
Before you read this review, take a minute and go find that cardboard box that holds your college paraphernalia*. You know, the one you never unpacked. The one that has the little box of raw amber resin your ex-best friend gave to you as an apology for stealing your date, the remains of the Tibetan meditation incense you used to fumigate your first apartment, and the last half of that last pack of clove cigarettes wrapped up in the Mola panel you picked up on spring break. Stick you head in there and inhale a big lungful of that. THAT Full Nostalgia is what Full Incense smells like. And keeps smelling like for a good ten hours. Use sparingly, because as your body warms up, so does this fragrance. It is quite pleasant in small doses, but if applied over liberally, can be overwhelming. *For those who do not have a memento box of the sort described here, find a box of Agar Sogchig Original Tara Healing Incense at your local Indian Grocery and take a good whiff. It's not as strongly scented as the ubiquitous Nag Champa, and has more of a tangy cedar-y sweetness to it.
By   - from Gainesville, Florida on 12/19/2010
Too little, too late. A rather weak and uninspired incense fragrance. It's been done already and after C&S Frankincense and Myrrh and Avignon this Montale creation is just blah. There's nothing new here.
By  on 12/9/2010
This was a dead ringer for Micallef Shanaan on me. Yummy!
By   - from San Diego on 12/7/2010
i agree about the similarities to avignon. i find them indistinguishable, except for the price.
By   - student from portland, or on 12/4/2010
Sampled this along with Avignon and while they have distinctive similarities, they translated SO differently on my skin! Avignon WAS censure at mass; rich, smokey, resiny. And it COMPLETELY disappeared on my skin upon application. DISAPPEARED (I much preferred the Jaisalmer from the Incense collection)! Full Incense had so much more presence with it's amber and cedar and spices. It was sprayed on at 1pm and I can still mostly smell it 10 hours later. I'm going back next weekend to get a bottle.
By   - from Vancouver, BC on 12/4/2010
Absolutely indistinguishable from Comme Des Garcons "Avignon". As in, sprayed each on a separate hand and literally couldn't tell the difference. Which isn't a bad thing, but makes me wonder how a house came up with exactly the same scent on their own - just smells like repackaged CDG Avignon. I suppose this way you just pick the best price & off you go ;)
By  on 11/29/2010
One of the best pure Incense perfumes availble.
By  on 10/30/2010
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