Dark Aoud

Eau de Parfum

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A very compelling scent. There is some strong value to this fragrance as the sandalwood is quite distinct! Great fragrance.
By   - Executive in Sales from Minneapolis on 5/11/2020
Stuck to my arm like glue all day the staying power was remarkable. Sadly it was all sharp, peppery, headache inducing bitterness. Some one said metallic spicyness yes that’s true and it’s very strong you only need ONE spray and that’s it or you may blow people away not in a desirable way...I’m usually an Oud-aholic and this one just isn’t for me. I want to keep trying more Montale though as everything else I’ve tried has been most impressive.
By   - Mom from North Pole on 7/15/2019
The best fragrance I ever smelled. Maybe it's just my skin? Either way there is nothing bad to say about it. 0 bitterness, 100% intoxicating spicy deepness. Incredible
By   - Designer from Seattle on 2/13/2018
The worst fragrance I ever smelled. Maybe it's just my skin? Either way there is nothing good to say about it. 0 sweetness, 100% metallic spicy bitterness. Gross
By   - Fashion Designer from Montreal on 10/5/2017
Never received so many compliments about smelling so good. The scent is like nothing of this world. Amazing!!
By   - CEO from Chatsworth on 2/4/2017
Ok, so this scent is a little linear in the dry down, but oh boy is linear good in this case. Never overpowering oud and I'm delighted to see the usual oud/rose combo replaced with sandalwood. FB worthy and a must try!
By   - Technologist from Eastvale on 11/4/2016
I agree with Ryan! This is the standout of the ones I've smelled so far. Prefer it to Black Aoud or Oud Cuir d'Arabie, which I also like. Gorgeous from start to finish!
By   - from Evansville on 7/8/2014
I have just received my sample of dark aoud and I am simply taken back by how fantastic this scent smells on my skin. On first sniff the dark and smoky tones hit you and I just can't stop sniffing my wrist. It takes me back to travelling through India on a warm evening with the incense and spices combined in the musky air. WOW! I certainly will be buying a full bottle of this. It is the oud in this scent that really attracts me and seems so on the surface of this scent followed by warm tones of sandalwood. Can anyone suggest another scent that is extremely strong in oud, as I think I have become addicted to it!!
By   - from Lincoln England on 8/16/2013
Hands down my favorite aoud from Montale right now, and I have Black Aoud and Cuir.
By   - Researcher from East Lansing, MI on 5/4/2013
Just received my sample bottle today and like with all sample bottles it's hard to put your nose into 5th gear and get the true odeur of the fragrance. My fav Montale is Cuir D'arabie it wold have to be the closest thing to real leather I have ever come across, I received some Italian leather shoes and when I opened the box it simmer down quite a bit after the opening BUT this hasn't detered me the more leather I can get the happier I will be.ould have been sprayed with Cuir d. so I ran to my bottle sprayed my wrist and the two scents were identical. As for Dark Aoud the opening is so bold, striking, carnal and everso masculine I just wish the fragrance could hold those opening notes for 6 hrs or more. I found it did
By  on 3/11/2013
This is a beautiful and unique fragrance. Basically an East meets West Oud. I dare to say perfectly balanced. At first I thought this was strictly a room fragrance but after consecutive wearings I find myself comfortable with the uniqueness of this scent being a personal fragrance. This is not for everyone. You really need to wear this and not the other way around. I wish they offered this in a see through bottle. I'd love to see the juice. Longevity and sillage are both respectable but not "NUCLEAR" on my skin. Have no fear it will be noticed. This one is a winner for me !
By   - Freelance from New York on 3/10/2013
The opening is very dark and almost unbearably potent. I almost dismissed it a first sniff after being knocked back by the oud, dark leather without warmth or sweet notes at all. But as it wore on I could see the resemblence to LeLabo Oud 27 and Killian's Pure Oud but this one is much bolder at first. The saffron emerges and the oud eventually gives way to the leather. Vetiver in the base reinforces the coldness of the leather. Very masculine - use with caution! But it is satisfying.
By  on 7/21/2011
Curse you, Montale! Want, want, want. First you lure me with Red Aoud, and now when I thought I was immune, this! I have always loved sandalwood, and combined with the aoud it is like hearing a wandering melody played on a cello, raspy, moody, vibrant, soaring.
By   - Field Tech from Portland on 7/7/2011
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