Eau de Parfum

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So - I actually smelled this a long time ago - and must have forgotten. I adore oud and it's many incantations and have been wearing it for years - longer than the current trend (thanks T. Ford). This reminds me of an M. Micaillef gourmand scent that I'm not sure is around anymore - Aoud Gourmet. And it's delicious. DELICIOUS. Mouthwatering. It's big and juicy and fruity and summery and and and.... try it. Montale scents are always great. I wish they'd bring back Original Oud. It was (is!) the best. The gorgeous thing about Montale in general - is you can layer all their scents with other things. This one is divine with a shot of Killian's Black Oud - !! But again - gorgeous on it's own!
By   - Medicine from Miami on 5/17/2018
A mouth-watering, fruity, waxy, warm, buttery pastry of a dessert with warm sweet sauce poured over, add a cold candied orange slice, with a sugared flower atop to garnish. So satisfyingly complex and sweet, I feel full afterwards!
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 3/1/2018
This is an amazing fragrance i had no idea what to expect when i ordered this scent but thank god i did keep up the good work montale . Thank you and god bless
By   - floor tech from COLUMBUS on 1/15/2017
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