Red Aoud

Eau de Parfum

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This is more subtle than other aouds, and the rose note is beautiful without being too harsh. The overall effect is refined elegance with a hint of sexiness.
By   - from London on 9/1/2011
Oh My Lord!The second best behind White Aoud.......
By   - from paris on 1/21/2010
Pure addiction....
By  on 7/5/2009
Very sophisticated and the Aoud is easier to manage ! Great stuff.
By  on 4/10/2009
A very nice Aoud for little girls. Has none of the complexity which makes most of the Montales treasures. Quite foody, vanillic, sweet. Agree with the reviewer who said "too much like baking cookies". Having said that I can still see this appealing to those who like pleasant, unobtrusive fragrances, this just isn't what I buy Montales for. Still, I hope they corner every niche of the perfume market so that they never go out of business, because I can't imagine a world without Queen Roses, Oriental Flowers, or Golden or White Aoud. This one, I can do without quite nicely.
By   - from Halifax on 7/2/2008
Similar to the Velvet Aoud but with a hint of pepper in the opening. Gorgeous!
By   - from Toronto on 6/21/2008
This stuff is lovely! One of the easiest to wear ouds, love the sweetness which is delicious and not overwhelming. Definitely on my wish list!
By   - from San Diego on 6/6/2008
Can't get enough of this one. CAUTION - An extremely habit-forming scent. One may become compulsively and physiologically dependent. Throw your 'Ambien" in the trash and wear Red Aoud to bed. You'll sleep like a baby.
By   - from RENO,NEVADA on 5/20/2008
smells a little too much like baking cookies...
By  on 5/16/2008
This is one of the most beautiful Montale fragrances i own. Don't be put off by when you first spray it on, let it settle for bit. Beautiful, reminds me of Montale Aoud Roses Petals. Love this one, right along with White Aoud and Mukhalat. Those are my favorites of the Montale line.
By  on 5/4/2008
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