Aoud Lime

Eau de Parfum

by Montale

Aoud Lime Sizes Available:
50ml $120 $80
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Aoud Lime...
I received this as a sample with my last purchase. I thought to myself, "oh I like lime, let me try it". Big mistake. I guess maybe this is a woman's fragrance. Get it off me. It is an old woman's fragrance. Worse yet, this stuff sticks to you like white on rice. Wearing it put me in a bad mood. Plus it was on my shirt and then I had to change shirts, and put my shirt in the wash. I probably should have taken a shower to get it off me, but I just tried soap and water. Now 10 hours later I can still smell it's remnants on me. This is a disturbing, annoying scent. I'm mad that luckyscent sent me this as a sample. Was it a cruel joke? Not funny.
By  on 4/13/2014
This isn't a perfume for a shrinking violet! The heavy oud works well with the strong citrus. It's a little too strong for me and slightly too masculine, but I did get compliments when I wore it!
By   - from London on 9/14/2011
I'm surprised by some people's extreme negative reactions to this perfume. It does smell like mens cologne with oud in the background, but it really isn't bad interpretation at all. It's just a variation on the oud offerings out there. Don't get this if you are expecting something sweet. It smells like it has lime in the opening although there is no lime in the perfume. It does present a subtle eucalyptoid like development in the drydown which I really enjoy.
By   - F Analyst from Houston, TX on 11/12/2010
I found this harsh and medicinal on my skin. And it takes a loooong time to actually soften. You will find the lime/oud combination quite a lot in Arabian Oud mens perfumes - and I never liked any of them. Even living in the Middle East it is so rare to smell a refined, great Oud perfume. If you are looking for a fresh Oud, try Sandal Sliver - a much better composition .
By  on 11/4/2009
This fragrance is HORRIBLE; I had trouble washing it off! It smells like a very old fashioned man's cologne. I'm glad I tried the sample before buying! UGH!
By   - Educator from Las Cruces on 3/23/2009
I love this scent very much and I do smell lime in it. From what I read, there is no lime in it. I wear certain perfumes to feel like a queen. This one does that for me. What note in there do I love most? I don't know. I just know this is for me.
By   - grade school teacher from Pacific Northwest on 2/17/2009
I love this so much. that's all I can say. Love it because it's strong and lime like smelling. Makes me want to drink lime water in the summer.
By   - from Seattle on 12/2/2008
this does startle you because at first is a little sharp i would like a little more lime and is almost too much aoud
By  on 10/25/2008
Ohhhh, yummmmmm. This is stunning. First spritz, freshly squeezed limes dazzle, then the Aoud comes on and takes them down just a tiny notch, have yet to get to the roses but even if I don't this is one I think I must have. Very unique and unlike most citrus fragrances the lime doesn't do a disappearing act. I think either a man or a woman could easily wear this.
By   - from Halifax on 8/7/2008
One of the most startling, fresh, disarming and completely enjoyable fragrances I've experienced. I had to have bottle and it just keeps getting better with time. The combination of saffron, iris, patchouli and roses gives a totally strange mix - especially when supercharged with this very medicinal oud. Smells like otherworldly limes but later the tartness dies away and you realize the limes were roses that were just pretending to be limes all along. There is a note of hyper-realism about this scent because of the intensity of the oud and the morphing of tight lipped limes into warm smiling roses. A very special fragrance and one of Montale's best oud mixes - if not the best!
By   - art organizer from Oklahoma City on 5/24/2008
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