Aoud Queen Roses

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I have the sample size which I tried on a rainy, cold day in Southern California, rare. Anyways, Apollonuis wrote the sweetest smells comes from the wrist which is the primary area I applied my sample on. The top note is a floral medley of rose so it is the initial hit you get and it last for about 30 mins. + and melts so nicely into a warm middle note which carries on the rose, this rose is warm, buttery, deep. Not fake it is a cooking rose in a tea, which lands you into the base which is deep oud with a sweet tingle left from the floral. It deep but also sweet. It is a beautiful female scent, lasting for over 5 hours.
By   - IT from San Diego on 12/14/2012
Yeah, this is more of what I expected from a Montale aoud Rose! Granted Roses Musks doesn't have any wood, but Aoud Damascus was a bit of a disappointment. The wood in AQR is more of a Black Aoud style, but not as dark and sinful. It's not bright and cheery like AD or RM, either. It's somewhere in between. The wood in AQR is subtle; it takes a back seat to the roses, but it dirties them up at the same time. It won't let you forget that it is there, lurking behind the curtain, or just off-stage. AQR is one for those who LOVE Black Aoud, but also for those who think the wood in the aforementioned steals the show (which I don't think is a bad thing at all, mind!). Another fab creation from Montale!
By   - from North Shore, New Zealand on 11/8/2011
Didn't work for me at all and yet Black Aoud is one of my absolute favorite fragrances.
By  on 9/21/2011
Really potent, as a proper oud should be. The rose note is fantastic. I have to wait a good hour for Queen Roses to evaporate into something manageable (and not the scent that knocks everyone out cold) and it's enjoyable to wear.
By   - from London on 9/14/2011
Aoud Queen Roses is equal to Black Aoud - might even be my favorite. Brighter, with more leather shoe sole chypre in the heart notes. Rose 31 is a beauty, too. All Sunshine and B.O., in the best possible way. My husband (he's a great sport with a very good nose), said that Aoud Queen Roses smells "deeper." That's hot.
By   - Admin from SLC on 3/2/2010
Applied on wrist....waiting, waiting. First reaction: there is a bracing, astringent, medicinal quality, reminding me of the antiseptic smell of a doctor's office. The aoud is a very strong note and quite strange for a "perfume". Perplexing. The top notes literally attack my nose and for the first few minutes I feel like I have been slapped in the face! Must be patient....Allow this formula to calm down..... The weird aoud character takes a bow and exits stage left. Next, a confident and quirky rose note strides to the front, making quite a grand entrance, and soon she stands alone in the spotlight on an otherwise darkened stage.... 30 minutes the afternoon a wonderful, heady, bruised rose is resting atop a bed of rich, wet earth after a spring rain; she seems to be sleeping off some sort of secret, indulgent activity, and woody aromas are swirling around, caressing the rose's petals. This is a softer, extraordinarily feminine rose - all woman, not spicy or sweet. She is not a shy rose, but she is on the quiet side. She seems confident and commanding, as well as refined and elegant - but one also gets the distinct impression she has a heretofore hidden, naughty side. Yes, a definite naughtiness and an invitation to come closer....closer...closer still.....that is, if you aren't too afraid..... Abandoning my initial thought to turn away, I place my nose into the center of the bruised rose petals and inhale deeply. 1 hour later.....creaminess, warm musky rosiness, sensual and satisfying earthiness. Soapy and dirty at the same time. Feminine sexuality - no, wait: masculine sexuality - no, wait: both. She is turning me on - I admit it even though I should stay in control. Confusing. Frustrating in a good way. No more dominatrix making my nose recoil. Just a wonderfully complex, very personal aroma which I want to explore. It is an exploratory rose bored with her usual floral partners and instead dirty dancing with admirers from the narcotic and deep underground. I think I am loving this! It will require several wearings to really understand my relationship with this one! The next question for me will be to see how the husband reacts to this. In my experience, very few men like a strong rose note in women's fragrance. I have heard men remark that it reminds them of bathroom freshener or old ladies. Even if this scent turns me on, not sure what I will do if the men around me hate it..... Stay tuned, hubby will be home from work in a few hours and we shall put Aoud Queen Roses to the test!!
By   - from Fresno, CA on 3/2/2010
In a posting comparing Sandalo e The and Aoud Queen Roses, I said that AQR smells like a Band-Aid. It does, only better. Tonight, I'm comparing AQR with Black Aoud, my first I'm-not-a virgin-anymore- aoud love. At top notes, it's neck and neck - they both reek. At heart notes, Black Aoud is starting to man up, coming on stronger and darker, kind of hot if you ask me. Aoud Queen Roses just gets sunnier, which is annoying. And it's wimping out...but still beautiful. In the end, though, Black Aoud owns the base notes, bursting forth with it's charcol and ink, tobacco and rose. And aoud. You bad, bad boy. My apologies, Your Magesty.
By   - Admin from SLC on 2/1/2010
Beautiful rose and oud scent. My favorite Montale rose scent. It has great sillage and has more depth than Petals or Damascus.
By  on 2/10/2009
This smelled like a leather wallet. perhaps id spray the interior of my car with it. its not something a human should smell like.
By  on 12/3/2008
Totally agree with previous review. This far surpasses Montale's other rose offerings (Petals and Damascus). Very rich and creamy drydown, with the aoud a whisper rather than a shout. Lasting power a bit less that some other Montales but still very decent on my dry skin at about 5 hours. Not in love with the aoud note itself, but appreciate how it integrates with the rest of the fragrance. In this one, the aoud does not predominate for long and I would have not hesitation in respritzing at any time. Wears fairly close to the body. Definitely 100 ml. worthy!
By   - perfumaholic from Halifax on 6/19/2008
Gorgeous. Deep and sexy. Seductive. The rose is transformed by the oude and hibiscus into an entirely different scent experience. The hibiscus adds creaminess, and the oude an almost leathery feel. This is probably not a scent for teens or those who crave clean, fresh fragrances.
By  on 3/23/2008
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