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Very strong. Although reminded me of champagne at first, and smells I bit pleasant when you get a waft when less concentrated. Apart from that it really reeks, and only used two tiny droplets from the sample.
By   - Cinco enterprises from Los Angeles on 9/28/2020
You're a biologist working overseas. You're in a white lab, wearing a white lab coat and white latex gloves, sitting under a white light. You're at a microscope, inspecting different bark and root cultures extracted from some ancient trees newly discovered at the edge of a mountain range in Malaysia. Out of nowhere, you get a phone call from your lover, and you step outside the white tent to take it. He's standing right there, between you and the sun, surprising you with a bouquet of roses. He lifts you off the ground while you're trying to figure out how he flew in to see you, how he even found your research outpost. You decide to break for lunch and together you hike over to a nearby saffron farm for lunch. White Aoud by Montale.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
Beating myself up for not slurping the extra 50 to just get the 3.3oz bottle. This is amazing, opening its crisp and immediately after it smells of pure oud and white woods. After about 30 minute of wear it's become creamy and warm. This is a cozy fuzzy kind of scent. Yet sophisticated and not a bit over sweet. I'll enjoy this bottle especially in the colder months.
By   - Make-up artist from Baltimore on 10/16/2015
These guys are master perfumers for sure... At the opening I get an almost linen/must scent which I admit I am not crazy about, but it quickly evolved into this deep rich scent that almost has a hypnotic effect. Definitely high quality, and lasting. I could smell it evolving and wafting off of me as I walked around. Montale has the secret sauce when it comes to their perfumery!! :)
By   - Technology Specialist from San Bruno on 12/12/2014
Have you ever liked a perfume so much you almost wanted to EAT it? That's how I am with White Aoud. It is everything delicious and positive to me, and when I haven't worn it for a while, I really miss it. I love it from the beginning to the end. It makes everything right.
By  on 3/20/2014
You almost won against red oud you really did, but you didnt loose theres not real loosers ( except the chocoate) you have your time and your heirachy.... Stay strong. You are incredibly unique.
By   - Empty from Edmonton on 3/6/2013
This is the best Montale's oud line. The oud, rose, and vanilla work magic on my skin.
By   - server  from brooklyn on 4/27/2012
White Oud has been a knock-out scent right off the bat! It gives strong and rich impression- spicy, exotic, vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, rose, and a sexy latex/leather smell! The good kind!! I thank the previous commenters that said it smells like sex- I totally get that, and it broke through alot of commentary and gave me the curiosity to try it... That is the experience I have when I inhale this: pure sexy. My husband likes it ! (he is typically anti-most perfumes.) Even my nine yr old daughter said i smell pretty! I know every one has their own body to work with when choosing fragrance, and there are so many great ones at Luckyscent. If you like a rich, spicy exotic pretty scent this is awesome. My last perfume phase was Andy Tauer Le Maroc Pour Elle, which is a beautiful heavy incense/rose spice smell, also great. Good luck!
By   - Dental hygienist from Kent, CT on 4/14/2012
I had wanted to try this one for a while because I enjoy Montale scents in general and this fragrance always got such great reviews. I am kind of neutral about white aoud. It is a nicely blended and well balanced fragrance but I don't think it matches my personal style. I feel it is a bit mature and classic smaeling. I can see how on someone else this fragrance could be amazing, on someone with different tastes in perfume. I felt that the overall smell was a touch spicy, and if it were a color, surprisingly it would not be white, but maybe gray. So overall, this was just ok for me but it has the potential to be great on someone else. It lasted a very long time and has good sillage as well.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 4/9/2012
According to my (highly personal) tastes this is the most balanced and gorgeous of Montale's Aoud line. The rosy, floral top notes are beautiful and not at all overwhelming. The heart blend arises quickly and casts a complex mix of benzoin/tonka/vanilla and medicinal herbs. The dry down reveals more of the vanilla/benzoin base and persists for an extended period. The fragrance truly straddles the middle balance of a gender neutral accord.
By   - from Winston-Salem on 9/15/2011
at first when i tried this i thought no way. too strong, too sweet and much too cloying. however of all the scents i tried on, three hours later this was the one to stand out. (it did take some time to die down...) different and beautiful. smells very riche like an arabic princess. for me, the jury is still out on this one.
By  on 12/22/2010
By the way, if you buy a sample from LS and wonder "Hmm, this smells nothing like Black Aoud" which many reviews on the internet tell you that White is a toned version of Black. FYI, its Aoud Lime you are smelling if your sample smells like mens cologne. The real White Aoud which smells like roses and saffron is really quite beautiful. Get a sample elsewhere before you buy a fb. LS if you are reading this please check your samples b/c Andrea confirmed that your samples are marked correctly. I bought White samples twice now and both times I got Aoud Lime marked as White Aoud.
By  on 11/12/2010
I just ordered White Aoud. For the past year, I've thought it was too sweet, too velvety/wussy, too 'meh.' Ive changed. Plus, I'm on a perfume layering kick and White Aoud is an excellent base to many perfumes that are a bit...anxious. White Aoud assures tenacious and steadfast sillage and encourages everyone to take a deep breath and relax. We can all chill knowing that vanilla, tobacco and agarwood are beautifully -and fairly - represented in White Aoud.
By   - Admin from SLC on 3/7/2010
meh. that's about all I can say. it's tooooooo white. I'm not a fan of white flowery things... and this has too much of a white top note. Not smoky or sexy, in my opinion. Too uninteresting. dry down was still too white... not great.
By   - from Miami Beach on 3/4/2010
100 X 5 stars.....worth every penny of it......this love will last forever!!!!!!
By   - from paris on 1/16/2010
Smells like burnt vanilla with a little woods to me, i know that sounds bad but it's not. Women and Men compliment me when i where this. Never fails with Montale
By   - from MacTown on 5/20/2009
Extremely pretty. Wonderful rose, love the sandalwood. Goes on a bit strong but settles real nice. This would be amazing on the right man.
By  on 4/9/2009
First Montale I tried. I was initially puzzled by the Aoud, then came to love it as it released and yet anchored the other notes in this masterpiece. Warm, lush, soft (but not wimpy) sexy, sexy, sexy. Love, love, love. Montale deserves so much respect for creating scents that are like no other. Never boring.
By   - from Halifax on 6/21/2008
This is my second favorite oud from Montale, after the hypnotically addictive Red Oud. It is lighter and less sweet than the Red Oud, and much lighter than the Black Oud. A great scent you could wear every day.
By   - from San Diego on 6/10/2008
I <3 Black Oud, but failed to appreciate the White until I smelled it on a (male) friend of mine. I nigh tore his clothes off in the middle of a very public space -- it was heavenly on him. Very sandalwood-y and smooth, with the rose staying close to his skin. With that association firmly in place, I had to have it for myself, despite my initial indifference. It's completely different on me -- very soft, moist vanillic rose, with the sandalwood keeping close (basically an inverse of my appreciation of the smell on him). On the off days I forsake it for my other fragrances -- all of which I love -- I spend my entire car commute sniffing my seatbelt shoulder strap for remnants of the White Aoud. Closer to heaven than anything I've ever smelled; This. Is. Gorgeous.
By  on 5/6/2008
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