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at the risk of being boring, I'll go 5 stars too. Just lovely. Even in hot summer, which is saying something.
By   - writer from Chicago on 7/21/2019
I have sampled both Absolu de Vanillie and Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Extreme, both the are smell the same.
By   - from Baltimore on 5/20/2013
This is a darker take on vanilla just like the description and reviews already suggest. It is still foody/gourmand though, the vanilla is sweet and rich, which is A-okay with me, however patchouli is not one of my favourite notes and although it's well blended and not overpowering, it's there enough to stop me from wanting this.
By   - admin from melbourne on 6/3/2012
This stuff is amazing if you love Vanilla!! I put this on and could not stop smelling it! Saving up for the bottle. An investment I'm glad to spend $100 on. But I recommend a sample first just to be safe.
By   - from Illinois on 1/10/2012
Yes, dark and spicy and velvety vanilla. Not chemical, not too sweet. Just yummy.
By   - Artist on 10/27/2011
I wanted to love this scent, honest, but patchouli and I are incompatible. On me the patchouli comes off smelling dirty, and it appears to be really the most prominent note in the perfume to my nose - I was hoping the vanilla would be more prominent. Then again, it might just be that I *really* don't like patchouli and it bothers me so much that I simply can't smell anything else. if patchouli is your thing, then right on man - this might just be for you.
By   - Student from Toronto on 6/16/2011
dark, sultry....with an incense stick vibe...very vanilla but not foody at all. I was worried about the patchouli, but in this I think my nose is interpreting it as incense because I don't get any of the typical barnyard patch. This is going on my wishlist right away.
By   - from Midwest USA on 6/9/2011
Smells as if Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Extreme and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille had a baby. The best of both, to my nose. Added to my FBW list.
By   - from Chicago on 5/27/2011
dark, spicy vanilla...lasts longer than most maison de vanille scents..not sweet or light...perfect.
By   - professor from midwest on 5/18/2011
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