Aqua Gold

Eau de Parfum

Aqua Gold Sizes Available:
50ml $120
100ml $170
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Aqua Gold...
I agree with the first review. It's not groundbreaking-which is not to say it doesn't smell GREAT. I always wonder if the most sublime cologne turned up at Trader Joe's, would I buy it? Aqua Gold is slightly more citrus-y than the House fragrance at JoS. A. Bank, Joseph Abboud. It's not a $105 difference, though. Aqua Gold is cliche on a man, but on a woman, it's pretty unique. My kids love it on me. I've never had a 3-kid thumbs up before this. It's a hat trick.
By   - potter from philadelphia on 3/5/2019
Very nce aquatic with great logevity but it's not anything new or groundbreaking. Would I buy a bottle of this? Yes, due to the fact that it seems much better quality than your typical department store designer fragrance and it would be nice to have a few good quality aquatics in my rotation.
By   - Self from Roswell, GA on 7/1/2018
Ripe fruit bursting onto green leaves which fall into ponds of blue. This is paradise.
By   - paper pusher from sacramento on 5/20/2018
This fragrance is awesome!! Spend the extra for the 100ml. I have a lot of different other scents but this one is in my top 5. You won't be disappointed.
By   - Corrections officer from Columbus on 4/25/2018
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