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Rose Delight Body Oil

Scented Body Oil

Rose Delight Body Oil Sizes Available:
50ml $25
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Here's what other people are saying about Rose Delight Body Oil...
This is intoxicating. Spritz a little and rub in, or add a small spritz to body lotion for all-over scenting. I love the feeling of being wrapt in the aura of this spicy rose fragrance. It is a bit fruity, a bit spicy, but really just gorgeous rose. I don’t know how he does it. I can’t wear most Tauer perfumes (too much ISO E super) but I adore this, and often gift it to friends. Not oily or sticky. Absorbs well.
By   - Arts from Portland on 7/6/2019
This is an absolutely delicious, long-lasting true rose scent. The oil feels fabulous on the skin and the rose just lasts and lasts, but isn't cloyingly sweet - though it does have that more traditional rose scent.
By   - Coffee Drinker from NYC on 3/2/2019
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