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nice fragrance
By   - isp from Dubai on 10/23/2017
Foul. I far and away prefer any of the Comme des Garcons Incense options over this stuff. Avignon, for instance, is a beautiful, strong incense that is bold without being overpowering. This stuff reminds me of "shopping mall" scents - those strong, cloying old lady scents that make you think of women with too much makeup on. Clearly from the reviews it mixes quite nicely on other people's skin, but on mine it was horrendous, strong and nauseating - like Liz Taylor's Diamonds or a Dior's Poison.
By   - Librarian from Fayetteville on 8/1/2016
Update: I was unsure about this so I ordered a couple more samples; I just received my FB today and I LOVE this. There is a strong blast initially (it smells like green licorice would smell) but this quickly dissipates. A cool fragrance with no ornamentation. Elegant. Definitely can be worn during the summer. And as a woman, I appreciate it's austerity. It's unusual, it's elegant, it's unique. It does seem to smell even better when sprayed vs. the dab from the sample.
By   - Marketing from Dallas on 3/11/2016
I think I may like this. But I'm not sure. Just as it is on the verge of doing something lovely, it disappears...quickly! I just ordered a couple of more samples so that I can try a couple of heavier applications. The vial is sitting next to me as I write this and I smell definite possibilities for enjoyment. I see this as a summer scent in the summer heat of Texas because it seems light. 3 stars for the potential. I'll try again and hope for 4 or 5 stars.
By   - Marketing from Dallas on 2/23/2016
This opens bright & zingy with a beautiful accord of petitgrain & coriander, & settles into an intensely soothing, meditative incense with touches of pine & resinous amber. The more l wear this the more l crave it, & l may well end up needing a bottle.
By   - from southampton uk on 1/25/2013
Incense, incense, incense.
By  on 3/4/2011
cdg palisander but more water-logged
By  on 10/6/2010
smells like an eccentric British portrait painter's antiques-filled studio in Vietnam during the rainy season. seriously.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/6/2010
I don't know why but Tauer's perfumes seem to require at least a couple of hours before they transform to something attractive on my skin. After the first 2 hours, this transforms in a somewhat more quiet but also more interesting fragrance, where -at last- other notes other than the frankincense shine through; cedar and pepper the most notable. But in any case, it's a pure incense scent which, though comforting, I cannot wear on its own: would be great for layering with many other perfumes though. In comparison to the CDG series, this is closer to Zagorsk for me, but in a softer way.
By   - computer programmer from Athens, Greece on 9/17/2009
This is a very clear, bright, sheer incense (strong, though!), not at all like musty/smoky Avignon or any of the others in the CdG Incense series. It (and Tauer's Incense Rose) are both a little too ambery for me, but they're extremely well done.
By   - from Santa Barbara on 6/17/2009
Soap. Very strong soap. I not only washed this off I scrubbed it with alcohol.
By   - lighting tech from Lost Angeles on 2/4/2009
“Extreme” is not to extreme a word to describe this, very powerful coming out of the bottle, can “stay in the nose’ for some time. The smell is “churchy” at first with it’s clear resin notes, but, as your eyes raise towards heaven, your meditation is broken—something is cooking in the kitchen, and it may not be entirely innocent. The dry down is wonderfully warm, evocative and complex. I have found it best to put on just a bit, and then a bit more… after an hour or two.
By   - web designer from New Haven, CT on 11/28/2008
I see many comparisons to the CD incense series scents and while I like Avignon and Kyoto too, I think this is very distinctive. The cedar component really stands out in a significant way. It is really smooth and very long lasting.
By   - Event Planner on 8/29/2008
I see many comparisons to the CD incense series scents and while I like Avignon and Kyoto too, I think this is very distinctive. The cedar component really stands out in a significant way. It is really smooth and very long lasting.
By   - Event Planner on 8/29/2008
Upon opening my sample vial, I thought, "Gross! It smells like turpentine!" However, against my better judgment, I still proceeded to slather it on. Thank goodness I did! As it warmed on my skin, there was the revelation that I had found "my" smell -- a clean, intense scent of wood, which did indeed remind me of working with oil paints and canvas. Incense extreme is as entirely pure and completely sensual. Having grown up in love with High Mass and stone and stained glass because of the paradox of a cathedral's other-worldiness and material durability, this reminded me of staring at the magnificent rose window at Chartres. Although some might find it an evening fragrance, I wear all day long and receive many compliments. Incense Extreme struck me as the most "skin like" of the set of incense perfumes samples I received. Although I liked the CdG Avignon and Kyoto, they smelled more synthetic/chemically on me that Incense Extreme.
By   - Baby Clothing Designer from Santa Monica on 7/25/2008
Nothing like CdG incense series - and way too strong to be pleasant.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 4/16/2008
My initial response to Incense Extreme was, why should I wear this rather than CdG Avignon? But I think this frag really shines in the midnotes & drydown ... the resemblance to the CdG frags is superficial. And yeah, it's strong so some might find it too much.
By   - Counselor/Coach from Naperville, Illinois USA on 2/16/2008
By pure coincidence, I sampled this immediately after trying Tann Rokka, another dry-woods cedar scent. Incense extreme has a sweeter vibe than TR. The incense note is strangely clean rather than smoky. Frankincense adds a nice roundness as well, to balance out the cedarwood. I don't see myself wearing it. Not all that bad, though.
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 2/9/2008
You know, it's strong, but it kind of grew on me. I felt exotic wearing it. Got a few compliments, too. Don't know if I'd spend $95 for the full bottle, though.
By  on 1/10/2008
This reminded me of Comme des Garcons Incense series which for me is too stronge.
By   - from Baltimore on 1/2/2008
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