Au Coeur du Desert

Parfum Extrait

by Tauer Perfumes

Au Coeur du Desert Sizes Available:
50ml $185
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Au Coeur du Desert...
the smell is great but i believe the smell don't last much
By   - maintenance from Farrockaway park on 7/6/2019
this is what i imagine the desert to feel like.. a dry brief wind...... a slight heated sun sweetness... my warm skin.. i like it because it is gentle and subtle... i can wear it this summer easily............ this was a Lucky Scent pick for me.
By   - talent agent from st pete on 7/3/2019
I dug out my sample on this hot dry summer day dabbed a bit on my wrists, then promptly bought a bottle and requested all Tauer samples! I enjoyed my sample of LADDM, but couldn’t quite figure out how I could actually wear such an atmospheric fragrance- as if the perfume didn’t belong on me, but rather around me. This fragrance is rich, smokey, woodsy incense but has a softer sweetness to it that suits a personal fragrance better imo, and I cannot get enough.
By   - Violinist from Charlotte on 6/29/2019
A thicker, softer, but on me oddly bigger L’ADDM -- incredibly well-done and still identifiably a Tauer with that lovely smoky-resiny heart, but missing that sense of limitless sky that makes the original a stone legend.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/3/2019
Stunning Masterpiece, Au Coeur Du Desert is pure Genius, all the heavy amber is gone and ambergris takes it's place, this is smoother, richer and more contained as it doesn't wonder off too far from the skin, totally wearable in all seasons and for all occasions, L’Air du Desert Marocain is to be worn by an extrovert that wants to get noticed, whilst Au Coeur du Desert is more for the introvert, very inwardly contemplative spiritual type. this one you wear for yourself. On my top three scents list. 10/10
By   - PIA from Brooklyn on 1/13/2019
LADDM is easily my favorite perfume of all time. To my despair, it's just a little too butch for me to wear to my office job every day (solution: I got it for my husband to wear every day! Luckily, he loves it, too). But Au Coeur could be just my size. While it's still absolutely a smoky, woody unisex, I wouldn't go so far as to call it Lady L'Air, it's a bit more gracile and light on its feet, the same glorious sound without LADDM's window-rattling bass. The whistle of the wind in the desert.
By   - designer from western MA on 9/16/2018
On me, this is definitely much stronger than LADDM. The incense resin note overpowers the subtleties for me, and although I have received a couple of good comments from my sample, LADDM is better for me. I wear scents with this much sillage very cautiously - I must have put a drop on a shirt when I wore it briefly, and after I hung it up again, I realized I could smell this in my whole closet. I am a fan of Tauer and I like it, but not as much as the formula in LADDM with my chemistry.
By   - computers from Birmingham on 5/1/2018
I may be crazy, but this seems almost stronger than LADDM to me, albeit a bit softer. While LADDM dries down to a wonderfully spiced amber on my skin, ACDD retains the strong note of creosote resin long after applied. Which is lovely, but seems out of place on me. ACDD is still an enchanting blend, with rich, golden desert notes and a dusky, almost smoky dry-down. But personally, I think if you're going to wear a scent this jaw-dropping, you'd be better off with the original LADDM. Go big or go home, right? The sillage, as with all Tauer scents, is amazingly long-lasting. A bit easier to wear than the original LADDM, ACDD is a beautiful scent, lovingly crafted and a joy to wear.
By   - Writer from Greensboro, NC on 7/18/2017
This has the richness and depth of LADDM but with an ever so slightly sweeter, softer tone. The amber/woody dryness is spectacular as with LADDM. Nothing given up in terms of longevity and sillage, as expected of a Tauer. I use them interchangeably. There's a reason this is a "Best of 2016" it is an outstanding scent (IMHO)!
By   - Finance from Baltimore on 1/17/2017
I would say this is a kinder/gentler version of L’Air du Desert Marocain, softer and rounder around the edges. Like it's brother, it is VERY long lasting and actually has many of the same notes, just a bit less harsh. for fans of Tauer, for sure I'd give this one a sniff. I put it on this morning and my whole office is filled with the dusky remnants floating around the room. I still love L'Air the best, but this one might win more friends. High quality as all Tauer scents and a bit more user friendly than L'Air with many of the same echoes.
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 1/16/2017
Lovely, but STRONG! A real sillage monster. It's a rich, earthy oriental, and yes, with the Tauer signature of resin, particularly the creosote tree resin that the Sonoran desert is known for. I've passed up a lot of Tauer's fragrances because I'm not a fan of that smokey, tarry smell in his perfumes, but this one is better balanced (for me.) If you like a bold, long-lasting fragrance, this is it. It IS lovely, it IS long-lasting, but I'm not a big sillage fan, and this has a sillage so big that it fills my entire living space.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 11/5/2016
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