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I tried and liked a sample of Orange Star about 10 years ago but didn't purchase it as I had too much perfume at the time. Fast forward to 2020 and the year of COVID and much sadness and isolation. I tried my sample again and found a small decant to make sure I love it as much as I think I do. I do! and will soon buy a full bottle from Lucky Scent. Orange Star lifts my spirits, is long lasting, and blends perfectly with my body chemistry. It is both fresh and deep (a very odd combination, I know),, but the mandarin, lemongrass and flowers are well supported by the ambergris, patchouli, vanilla, and ambreine, making a lovely mix of cool (especially violet) and warmth. I'm glad I revisited Orange Star.
By   - Spiritual Director from Miami on 6/15/2021
Absolutely sickening. I bought a FB without sampling first, on the strength of Tauer's other work. Tried it twice - the second time because I wanted to believe the first sniff wasn't as horrible as I thought. No luck. Straight to the trash.
By   - Attorney from New York on 1/5/2019
Radiant and always pleasant, Orange Star is perfectly acceptable and altogether boring.
By  on 12/18/2012
All I smelled was baby aspirin.
By  on 6/4/2012
Started off a juicy but not sweet orange. Then, I must cast my lot in with the washing powder impression. Alas.
By   - from San Diego on 4/9/2012
This one really puzzles me. I love the notes listed, but the only thing I get out of this is a really strong,unpleasant odor of washing powder. Sad, because it sounds so wonderful on the right person...
By   - from Bergen,Norway on 9/15/2011
at first whiff, I was sort of put off by this one. but thank goodness I stuck with it and got to know it better. this is a perfume you have to sample and see what it does after a few hours. this is a gorgeous perfume. i can't get enough. it has really deep incense, which I normally don't go for, but paired with the vibrant juicy orange, it's just wonderful. i can't get enough of this. it lasts a long long time and I love experiencing the fragrance as it unfolds and changes through the day.
By   - interior decorator from san francisco on 5/28/2011
Absolutely delicious on femme or homme. Mood-changing with every whiff; memorable. Not so much incense as spice layered under citrus.
By   - from Midwest on 7/3/2010
One of his best yet.
By   - Designer from Los Angeles on 6/10/2010
This scent was very surprising to me - although incense (frankincense in particular) is not listed as a note, the drydown smells very much like his Incense Extreme, with a layer of citrus on top. I really like it and this is going to be a nice summer incense!
By   - Consultant from San Diego on 6/10/2010
They should have called this "orange washing powder' that's exactly how it smells to me. All these citrusy oils, ugh! It's got a touch of warmth and spice, so its not terrible, but I would not buy or recommend this. Might be ok on a bloke.
By   - admin from melb on 6/9/2010
Andy's new achievement is an utterly cheering, buoyant kiss of varied, nearly edible citrus... ..given Tauer-style sophistication with sweet and astringent balsamas and delicate floralcy whispering behind the citrus. Antidepressant, cheering, optimistic, clean/sweet, hint perhaps of cassia? Like the most delicious chewing gum you've ever tasted.
By   - digital artist from börne, tx, usa on 6/8/2010
This is a fragrance for men. I ordered an entire bottle unsampled because I adore Tauer and orange. Not so orange....lots of grassy herb. My 14 yr old son may make use of it.
By   - SLP from NJ on 5/8/2010
All i can say is "Andy you have done it again, this is superb!" What a beautiful fragrance, i cannot stop smelling my arm.
By  on 4/24/2010
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