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L'Air Des Alpes Suisses

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about L'Air Des Alpes Suisses...
just got a sample, after buying LDDM,. should now just purchase this, smelling nice. have never smelled something like this before. i am wowed. ahhhhh, beautiful scent . happy i got the sample. kudos to AT
By   - banker from NAIROBI on 5/12/2021
The onset is cool fresh, mountain cotton and mountain springs with a distinct white milky classicly elegant crisp sheet talc-y dry down. Lovely, if you don't like a tinge of baby powder talc-yness, maybe a pass.
By   - Entrepeneur from Miami on 8/2/2020
Its very nice at opening, but at dry down, you get exactly like YSL rive gauche
By   - Engineer from doha on 12/7/2019
I received a sample of this from a purchase some time ago. I finally opened it and applied it. Its SUBLIME! I can't get past how beautiful this scent is. I literally smell delicious. I put it on roughly at 540 this morning. Its now 907 and its still going strong as if I just sprayed it on. I dont have a keen nose to decipher all the different notes..it has to be near impossible to do so..the scent is delectable!
By   - pilot from Severn on 11/1/2019
I truly did not think that Tauer would be able to surpass the haunting beauty of L’Air du desert marocain but let me assure you that he has done just that. This scent is just as much a masterpiece as marocain. It evokes a lush beautiful alpine meadow, stunningly beautiful! Bravo
By   - Medical from North Ogden on 9/26/2019
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