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To me, this is reminiscent of Caron's Parfum Sacre. A marriage of rose and myrrh at heart, but without a soapy dry-down. I love the rose note on this; it seems big, round, and comforting, but balances perfectly with the resinous accords. The cedar and myrrh last forever and keep their scent fidelity. I'm thrilled with Incense Rose.
By   - Dangerous Amateur from Dunnellon on 10/29/2019
This goes on with such a dreadfully sharp stench I was immediately repulsed and wanted to wash it off. But, I'm testing, so... I toughed it out. I couldn't even identify the first notes of the fragrance. I wrote, "MADNESS! YUCK!" (eloquent, I know) In dry-down, Incense Rose became francincense plus fresh-cut cedar. Not awful, but not my style. I got no rose or floral at all in the final stages.
By   - Enchantress from Lynn on 3/22/2019
immediate love. rose, citrus incense -- all beautifully blended. not jammy, not sharp. smart. pretty. true.
By   - counsel from charm city on 5/7/2016
this seems more incense than rose. extremely weak sillage- i have to sniff right at my wrist, although it lasts long. the incense note is completely lovely... wish i had a spray bottle to cover myself in this, instead of using up half my sample and barely smelling it!
By   - therapist from chicago on 4/2/2016
UPDATE: I absolutely love this! I am so happy that I bought the FB. I use a light touch when applying and it is just perfect. It makes feel joyful and elegant.
By   - Marketing from Dallas on 2/23/2016
It took me a bit to figure this out! I just ordered a FB today. I much prefer it to L'Air du desert Morocain which just sits and disappears. Starts with a strong blast of sparkle with cardamon. Finally, it settles into a very dry, jam-like rose with an incense background note, I use a gentle touch when applying. Longevity is great. As far as sillage? I wear it for me only but I don't think it knocks people over. Very intriguing stuff.
By   - Marketing from Dallas on 2/15/2016
First, a warning: this stuff lasts a LONG time. I have a cardi that I've worn only twice. Wore it once with IR and literally months later on wear #2 the cardi still smelled like this perfume. That aside, this perfume is wonderful in cooler months. The scent is hard for me to describe. The bergamot and incense definitely come through in a sharp, cool way. Everything blends together and the end result makes me think of really cold and fizzy soda, but not sweet. It grew on me. Now I love it.
By   - Software Engineer from Seattle on 10/13/2015
At first I HATED this. It goes on intensely woody and smokey and spicey. After about 20 minutes though, the most beautiful soft rose began to emerge while maintaining a very masculine woody edge. It's incredibly complex, definitely not a "splash on and go" fragrance. One of the most unisex fragrances I've encountered and would be just as devastatingly sexy on either a man or woman. Buy a sample and give it a try, but be patient with it and you will be rewarded!
By  on 10/16/2014
The most ravishing perfume I own. At once gorgeously complex yet completely legible...and original. A masterpiece.
By   - writer from Venice, CA on 7/19/2014
This one grows on you, every time i wear it it's an ongoing battle on weather i wear the perfume or it's the other way around. The cardamom is dominant and gives the scent the spicy, woody feeling that i recognize from my grand dads funiture- studio. -Sweet, peppery oil and fresh cut wood. It's daring and seductive, not for the shy who prefers a daylight-friendly scent. Maybe on a man, but for me it's best suited for a decadent dinner. It's like no perfume i've ever smelled and it sure leaves no one unaffected.
By   - Psychologystudent from Gothenburg, Sweden on 8/6/2012
When I first tried this I thought I hated it. I was so glad I hadn't bought a bottle unsniffed. I kept trying it and I have to say I finally get it. It has grown on me and I really like it a lot now. I'm actually considering a full bottle. Maybe it's got something to do with the weather but it's just beautiful right now. It's not for the fruity floral crowd but for those looking for a dark, moody rose its worth a try.
By  on 7/7/2012
I don't understand why others do not like this scent! Tauer's Incense Rose is quite the gorgeous fragrance in my opinion! The rose is low keyed and not blasted in your face as in Montale's Black Aoud. It remains on the softer side too. The incense is combined wonderfully, lightly sweetened and doesn't seem to have a bitter edge as some incense fragrances tend to have. The sillage is long lasting, with the sweet incense note remaining. I love this fragrance! It is at the very top of my 'got to have' perfume list. Full bottle worthy indeed!
By  on 11/29/2011
I wanted to badly for this scent to work out for me, but alas, it smells really strange on my skin. As soon as I put it on, it turns into an oddly sweet baby powder-esque scent.
By   - from Canada on 9/11/2011
This is my favorite scent, hands down. It's like wearing rose champagne, it fizzes around you. i wish it lasted a bit longer, but I'll take what I can get.
By   - from TX on 2/19/2011
Gorgeous, dark, alluring scent. I can't see a lot of people wearing this one but if it works with your chemistry you'll fall in love.
By   - Jewelry Design on 1/23/2011
Thought I would love this based on all the gorgeous notes listed in it's description. However, all I get is an overpowering/angry citrus bullying a dark red rose, followed by a brief introduction of cedar and incense before the whole thing quickly disappears in a flash. After 20 minutes, no one (including myself) can smell it - not on me, my clothing, nothing. Pity, because this is just when it starts to get interesting. I'm an incense lover and a fan of dark, resinous blends but this one sadly disappoints me. On a positive note, the packaging is lovely and my bottle came with a signed note from Mr. Tauer himself. I highly suggest sampling before springing for a full bottle, no matter what your instincts are telling you....
By   - Artist on 1/6/2011
After sniffing a few day's worth of boring samples, this one hit me over the head. At first I didn't even register the Rose - I mean, yes it's rose, but so many other touches: everything from cardamon/spices to clementine gives the rose a VERY dark, sensual feel. This smells like nothing else. Air du desert Marocain is my favorite of Tauer's scents so far, but this one reminds me of it - it makes a statement. His perfumes are strong and last a long time, so you'll want to sample for sure, but this one has so many notes that play together in an intoxicating way that you will not be able to ignore it. Very exotic and is certainly a statement scent.
By   - College Consultant from Vermont on 11/30/2009
love love love
By   - ? from LA on 11/13/2009
Purchased 6 samples, did a blind scent test with the 6 samples plus 3 other perfumes I already own. Had my husband rank the 9 scents, smelling coffee beans in between each sample. I did the same. The only thing we agreed about was Tauer Incense Rose - we both placed it at #9 out of 9. We both really like rose scents - but this one turned both of us off. To me it is a strong aldehyde - initially the scent is strong, but after wearing it on a gently warm day - this scent disappeared. I do not recommend this scent.
By   - from Tokyo on 4/9/2009
perfect for men. just an amazing fragrance. his best
By   - banker from New York on 2/26/2009
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