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Sotto La Luna Gardenia

Eau de Parfum

50ml $145
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Sotto La Luna Gardenia...
Haunting. I have a sample and it sits on a chest in my bathroom, closed. I smell it every time I walk into the room. It's so potent...and beautiful, rich beyond expectations. It's a thick scent, nothing diminutive about it. It's there now, later, and maybe tomorrow. It's heady. I can't get enough of it. The gardenia could be coconut, it often reminds me of that but I see the white flower here too.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 7/6/2019
Seductive and elusive fragrance. It changes every time I wear it - 90% of the time it's LOVE and I can't stop sniffing, 10% of the time I need to air myself out and try again with something else.
By   - Attorney from Boston on 9/13/2016
Don't love it. Difficult to hate it. Too subtle for me. Disappeared to nothing very quickly.
By   - Perfume enthusiast  from Newcastle on 8/31/2016
This is very bad on me. Smells like a gardenia when it's dying in a hot climate-sickly sweet. Something in the background smells nice, but the sweetness never gives it a chance.
By   - n/a from Seattle on 1/9/2016
I'm really not sure about this one. Wet it has a cloying, overpowering scent that I really dislike. On my skin the mushroom is a dark, fungusy, earthy smell which sounds awful, but is actually quite complex and interesting. I'm just not sure it's for me. The dry down is absolutely lovely though. A very earthy, soft floral. I find I don't reach for it that often though because I can't quite put myself through the opening notes for an hour to get to the dry down.
By   - person from Sydney on 12/2/2015
I wanted to pass on this parfum because of the comments because they are just so torn in appreciation. So, I decided to try it because I am one that can push against the crowd. And, that is exactly what this perfume does, it pushes you in a direction of "Do I like this? I think I like this? I could really, really like this!" First spray reminds me of of tuscan clay pot. A few minutes later, there is a fresh, fully bloomed gardenia in that said pot. After dry down, feels like I have been occupied in the garden for the entire day... and that's a smell I could get used to.
By   - Designer from ATX on 4/23/2015
Sotto La Luna Gardenia is an absolute masterpiece on me. I am just enchanted by the gorgeously rendered aroma exuding from my skin. The gardenia is velvety, yet deep in a whole new way. This isn't your typical tuberose-laden "gardenia" interpretation; this is a nuanced, heavy, creamy blossom with all the right accents. There are wispy hints of delicate spice, warm vanilla, golden resins, and earthy greenery - all just perfectly balanced, whispering counterparts to the magnificent gardenia bouquet. It's really perfect, and I fall harder in love each time I wear it. Spellbinding.
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 10/30/2014
This is one you really need to try yourself, because you'll either love it or hate it and thankfully, I love it! It is a masterpiece of a fragrance and not for everyone.
By   - Designer from Northern Rockies on 10/17/2014
Tauer makes interesting things and I like gardenia, so I was excited about this one. Until I opened the sample. Truly the most replusive fragrance I have every smelled. Musty, plastic, rotted, stale, chemical and all in large quantities. Like a hothouse gardenia several days old, filmed by jet fuel, stem wrapped in fraying florist tape, floating in a bowl of warm, cloudy water with a dead fly floating in it. Several friends asked me, throughout the day and without prompting, what I was wearing because it was the worst perfume they'd ever smelled. I had to agree.
By   - creative director from Los Angeles on 9/5/2014
I got a sample and just put in an order: it is a warm scent, probably not for the sporty type. It is elegant, heady, and strong. Lots of gardenia. Opened well. Love it. Could be hard to wear in a closed office.
By   - Teacher from Missoula on 8/30/2014
huh dis is an interesting one . 1st thing i thought when i smelled this even before applying : nag champa . to me this smells alot like nag champa incense . it also possesses many qualities that i smell in a gardenia , plenty of shrooms , lil bit of waxy green , thick white floralness but the overall smell doesnt really come across as gardenia imo although there are times when ill catch a whiff of it and think oh theres the gardenia . it has an old fashioned old lady perfume vibe . i imagine ppl who like wearin l'heure bleu or some other old classic like dat would enjoy this . i dont often review stuff i dont like but in this case i think the perfumes interesting and im always checkin out new gardenias . the best gardenia fragrance ive smelled is dominique ropion's gardenia room spray for fred malle . i tried sprayin it on my clothes but the effect blows , just didnt smell rite . my 2nd fav is van cleefs gardenia petale . i find that to be the most wearable gardenia that still smells like one (there are other gardenia perfumes out there that are more realistic but lets be honest here , smelling like thick blue cheese is dumb as hale , as realistic to the flower as it may be) . anyway , tauers version isnt that gardenia-y to me and i still think it smells like nag champa above all else and thats kinda cool
By   - pizzaboy from chicago on 8/28/2014
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