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Une Rose Vermeille

Eau de Parfum

Une Rose Vermeille Sizes Available:
50ml $140
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Une Rose Vermeille...
Really nice scent. Jammy raspberry rose, with a buttery sugar-cookie accord similar to that of Indult Manakara in the dry-down.
By   - from Madison, WI on 5/29/2015
rose with a layer of plastic fruity sweetness. not what I wanted or expected
By  on 5/8/2015
This perfume is so special to me... It brings back memories of when I was 20 and filled with hopes and dreams for my future. The sweet rose, the berry note, the warm embracing drydown... It reminds me of something I have always known in my heart is true. A real gem.
By   - from San Diego on 5/5/2015
I received this as a sample and at first was leery of it. I have never been a fan of sweet, fruity or rose scents, preferring Orientals and spice or woodsy. This one works for me and even though it's sweet, it's not chokingly so. Perfect for those hot summer evenings. I find a little goes a long way. Use sparingly.
By   - Self Employed from Columbus on 5/15/2014
At first, I thought "Finally! I hit one!" I did get the raspberry etc. And 2 stars just because my cat liked it so much she licked my wrist softly. Aww! But then, I got a horrible headache while the frag turned into more of what I like to call a scent for the home rather than a scent for a lady. I scrubbed because of the headache and must say I believe it would have lasted quite a while due to its cling.
By   - Massage Therapist from Chicago on 12/23/2012
I first got a big hit of plastic - as I bought a bottle I was Very unhappy but ......as it sat on my skin out came the jammy feel that another reviewer mentioned . After a hour its alot better - red fruit and deep rose with a touch of musk. Its nice but ... I will not buy it again. Mind you - my husband loved it! LOL
By   - from Australia on 11/23/2012
A sweet, velvety, jammy rose with a large dose of raspberries, l found this very similar to Montale's Roses Elixir. And in the same way, it's just too sweet for me. l would have liked a little more tartness from the berries to balance it out. But if you're looking for a high quality, sweet fruity floral, you could do worse than this.
By   - from southampton uk on 2/5/2012
Love at first smell...the scent is a rose with zest. Not an old woman's closet rose but a fresh young rose in bloom. It went on smooth and finished lovely. The scent works really well with my body chemistry, I have tried other Tauer scents, including desert-marocain which I found only worked on my skin on warm summers. Rose Vermeille I am hoping will work all year around. I t is fall now so I wont know if it is a summer fit but I sure hope so because it is so delicious in this 'cold' California weather.
By   - Entertainer from San Diego/Los Angeles on 11/23/2011
If you've ever wished for an intelligent fruity floral this one is worth giving a try. The rose and raspberry with something herbal are especially prominent on my skin, but the scent is not as sweet as that might sound. I'm not the biggest fan of rose for the most part so I'll pass on a full bottle, but this one is unique and I'm glad I got to try it.
By   - from Tempe on 11/8/2011
I tried this from a sample and like it, but not sure I'd buy it. It's a rose with an odd smooth, cold, metallic vibe. I usually hate the least hint of metallic in a scent, but this works in an odd way: makes me think of the scent (if there could be one) of a rose dipped in pure silver. Not your usual rose scent. Different.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 6/21/2011
This is a big beautiful rose dipped in a giant bag of sweet pink sherbert with a bite! There's something dark and sinister lurking in here with these innocent scents to start off with! But its so good!!!!! All of these fragrances in the mixture can be detected as you first apply it, and it starts off very unusual, but after a while it settles into a very pretty rose sherbert candy fragrance. Not your typical artificial candy sweet perfume fragrance that most people dislike, but rather something quite natural and comforting. And it lasts all day. Infact the longer you wear it, the lovelier it gets!
By   - Artist from UK on 6/12/2011
I agree with the ever-luscious LS blurbage that this is a gourmandish rose. Starts of as a slighty green rose that then opens like a big dark purple bloom. I then get mouthfuls of warm berries- probably rasperry-blackberry, like a still-warm fresh berry cobbler. Not so much the vanila/marzipan/merinque, but warm hot juicy summer berries. Mild sillage, nice long dry-down. Like it better than AT's Rose Chypree. More of a hot summer night rose to me.
By   - Stylist from South of San Francisco on 4/4/2011
Cannot smell rose in it but generally like it.
By  on 3/4/2011
I don't smell any rose in this. It reminds me of a powder citrus drink mix.
By   - from Pennsylvania on 3/2/2011
Decided to try a sample of this. I really like it. Very feminine. It smells like very sweet rose on me. I would not normally wear something that smells like roses but this is great :)
By  on 1/15/2011
Well it is alas not for me...much too cloying sweet...I was hoping for a strong spicey rose but no... a scrubber for me
By  on 12/9/2010
I received this as a sample. I would never have asked for a sample of a rose fragrance because I generally hate them. Usually they seem too old lady or little girl .I was stunned by this perfume. I kept going back to sniff it again. I may actually buy a rose perfume
By   - nurse from Boston MA on 12/7/2010
On me, this scent goes immediately into the most lusciously delicious raspberry-rose, like the juiciest, most tender berry you could ever dream of. And yet somehow... it isn't too young, it isn't too sweet, and it isn't even edible. Instead, it makes me think of classy vintage burlesque: pretty, sassy, and with a dirty, bad-girl edge. Very Dita von Teese!
By   - photographer from Pittsburgh on 11/22/2010
An inedible rose gourmand. RV opens with a lemony, vivid raspberry note, and takes its sweet time in going through the middle, a beautiful pink rose stage, through the almondy, warm, whipped-cream of a drydown. The fragrance never gets too sweet, despite the luscious raspberry note and the vanillic drydown. Instead, it gets progressively muskier, sexier. What RV lacks in complexity in makes up in its richness. It's a very satisfying scent - great job, Andy!
By   - from NYC on 10/16/2010
I love this fragrance, but it does not cling to me as I would like it to! Une Rose Vermeille is beautifully blended and the notes complement one another so well. Just wish it was a little longer lasting on me. Most people will probably find it's sillage and lasting power good. My skin eats perfume!
By   - from Austin, TX on 10/5/2010
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