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Une Rose Chypree

Eau de Parfum - Atomizer spray

Une Rose Chypree Sizes Available:
50ml $140
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Une Rose Chypree...
very sad! the opening smelled like the description. rich lovely rose, lemon, and oakmoss. but after an hour it turns to powdery, oriental, "shalimar" on me. unsure what causes this- labdanum/geranium/vanilla/cinnamon?
By   - therapist from chicago on 4/2/2016
This smells like the artificial flavouring used to create a berry/cherry flavoured cough syrup or a cheap bath product. I don't understand whether Tauer is using real oils or chemical concoctions that try to imitate the real thing. Either way this is the second sample I have tried of a Tauer perfume and each have been disappointing and not something I would wear and enjoy.
By   - from Australia on 2/3/2013
I'm on the fence. I really can't smell any rose in it, and it's a touch too sweet for my taste. three hours after putting it on, from a distance I find it old-ladyish and kind of masculine, but when I sniff my wrist it's a lot more interesting -spicy/incensey and floral at the same time.
By  on 7/24/2012
Oh, I'm liking this very very much. A rose with a brightness to it that isn't harsh or cloying. Fresh. This would be easy to wear all day, but it doesn't last that long on me, so I have to deduct one point. Booh. And pathetically enough, I'm quite fascinated with the litte tinkle the glass beads make when you pick up the bottle.
By   - Stylist from Northern California on 2/5/2011
A classic, classy, womanly perfume. Develops beautifully and lasts for an entire day, like all Tauer perfumes I've tried. But I'm glad I only bought a sample. I vastly prefer the playfulness of Une Rose Vermeille to the seriousness of Une Rose Chypree.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 12/15/2010
Really digging this. It's not what I usually go for: heavy, floral, spicy, but I can appreciate this anyway. It feels classic but not fussy. I wouldn't say it's necessarily sexy...it's like a vintage dress that you wear because it transports you into your own private fantasy land! haha. If I liked rose (which I don't), it would be a homerun. For now, I am just an admirer.
By   - from Minneapolis on 10/30/2010
Something's different. Before when I tried this it had no longevity but I just used up the sample and it lasted all day.
By  on 2/19/2010
I love several Any Tauer fragrances but this is by far my favorite. As soon as I take the cap off, the aura surrounds me even before spraying. It is just beautiful and makes me feel happy. Even though it's in a very small bottle, a little goes a long way, however, I just purchased my second bottle.
By   - Paralegal from Baltimore on 1/24/2010
I really had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately, this is the scent of fruit flies in my red wine. I'm sorry of that's a bit of an abstract description but that's pretty much what it smells like to me...the smell of red wine tainted by fruit flies. I can taste it in the back of my throat. Gross.
By   - Photographer from massachusetts on 1/23/2010
This, people, is the reall stuff. I have never been so touched of a scent in my entire life. It's classy, sexy, romantic, deep and different from everything else. A perfume for a woman, not a girl. The sillage is good and almost everlasting. When I wear it I feel like I'm made of win.
By   - from SQC on 8/15/2009
Une Rose is not for everybody. Only hardcore nose would apreciate its 'uniqueness', i think. Unfortunately, i'm not one of them. ;)
By   - from Jakarta on 7/7/2009
No sillage and no longetivity like an earlier review mentioned. It smells "nice", nothing extraordinary or unique about the fragrance. The bottle is pretty ugly for what it costs. I know absolue is expensive, but I have other perfumes with absolues far more expensive than this rose that are not as overprices as the bottle. Think of this scent like Coco from Coco Chanel without the kick that Coco has. Dry down is nice, but again, nothing extraordinary. I do not believe this will become a classic...
By   - Researcher from San Diego on 7/2/2009
No sillage and no longevity. That said, a lovely fragrance. I keep smelling my wrist. Interesting to note that the price is such that if you bought 25 0.7 ml sample vials at $3 each, you would end up with 17.5ml of perfum, more than the bottle. The bottle is overpriced.
By   - from CA on 7/1/2009
Andy Tauer seems like such a sweet man, but this a truly awful fragrance. Imagine a candied red rose steeped in cough syrup--just nauseating. Something in the base reminds me of his lavender scent, which was also dreadful. Please sample before buying a bottle.
By  on 6/30/2009
I don't even like chypres, but this is lovely. Smooth, nothing perfumy. Lacks the hippie punch of Incense rose but somehow brighter and more luminous. Andy Tauer will bankrupt me.
By   - from Chi on 6/29/2009
A future classic, this chypre is unlike anything I have worn. It is not ' vintage or fussy;it is a 21st century fragrance and gives us hope that there is a the future of perfumery. DO NOT PASS THIS ONE UP
By   -  writer from NYC on 6/18/2009
A great take on classic chypre - the opening does indeed remind me of his Incense Rose, and the vanilla mellows the drydown nicely. Regarding price: Andy's been attacked on this point in the past. I'll point out the going rate for 100g of Damascene Rose Abolute is over $400USD. He uses quality ingredients, which are expensive.
By   - from Naperville, IL on 6/18/2009
This is gorgeous and has incredible sillage. Very much worth the price. It's very well blended, no single note stands out, and it definitely has the aura of a vintage chypre but with a modern feel.
By   - from San Diego on 6/12/2009
This smell reminds me of being in an old Catholic Church, but in a good way (especially after it's dried down).
By   - Director from Missouri on 6/11/2009
This is a true Tauer gem. It's absolutely gorgeous. It has many signature elements from Tauer's work and shares some of the vibe of Incense Rosé, but not as sharp. It dries wonderfully as well. I'll be nursing my sample until they're ready to ship the bottles.
By   - Creative Director on 5/27/2009
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