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Vetiver Dance

Eau de Toilette

50ml $130
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Vetiver Dance...
A Vetiver that I have never experienced before. It kind of has a somewhat dirty edge to it...very earthy kind of vetiver. For me, its okay...kind of a musky green note to it. It truly is not for the faint of heart. As with all of Tauer perfumes, please only use a couple of sprays on this one. Not for the office in my opinion, but for a date, spray sparingly.
By   - Administrator from Memphis on 3/27/2021
As much as I like this (a lot), on my skin it smells like L'air du temps layered with a fine vetiver -- that rose and muguet mixed with roots and woods. Full-bottle worthy? I'm not sure. Like Perfume Lover, I wore Guerlain's Vetyver for years (until the new EU rules) and loved it. The old formula never bothered me, though, and I didn't find it heavy, one of its charms.
By   - Occupied from Phoenix on 3/14/2018
I used to love vetiver and I wore Guerlain Vetiver for a long time before it started to give me a headache. Maybe it just became too stuffy and heavy for me. I was eager to try this so I bought a sample. Guess what? I don't think I like vetiver anymore! This does not give me pleasure. This, too, gives me a headache. A little too much of a plastic doll head aroma that does not go away. Disappointing.
By   - Marketing from Dallas on 2/23/2016
Vetiver is a key note in almost all of my favorite perfumes, so I decided to give this one a try in the hopes that it would suit me. Vetiver Dance starts out very strong, peppery, almost like the smell of a fire started with young cedar wood. If you never made it past this initial note of the perfume, you'd never guess that it is followed up in the middle by a very warm, mellow middle that somehow transforms it into a much more feminine scent than its beginnings might indicate. The end notes are very light, floral with pepper, the end of the warm middle notes begin to fade and it becomes difficult to tell if the scent is perfume, or just your body's natural warm aroma. The longer I wore it, the more I loved it. I kept sniffing my wrists throughout the day, wanting to smell it again and again.
By  on 1/11/2012
Phenomenal. Yes, the opening may deter those who aren't fond of strong, sharp green, but it has a soft heart and a warm hay-like dry down. It's as if we're taken from raw and wild to intimate courage in the same short story.
By  on 11/13/2011
just grate! he is a genius. i´ve tried almost 200 niche pefumes and have to say andy tauer is a genius. at first some of his perfumes seemed ridiculously simple to me but the more i try them, the more i adore him. nobody has such a sense for balansing various notes. and when speaking about incense or vetiver, his incense (extreme) and vetiver (dance) are simply the best incense or vetiver ever. and i have tried so many of them:-)
By  on 8/2/2010
Vile and soapy
By  on 7/10/2009
Deepest darkest vetiver with a hint of gourmet Mayan mocha. Too masculine, mysterious and moody for a woman, IMO.
By   - researcher from melbourne on 1/19/2009
i was undecided about this one for a long time now. i haven't smelled it in months. as i recall, it was so overpowering of the other samples at the time. but...i just broke it out again and i do like it, i think it's the rose that was bothering me before, but i like rose so now that i know it's not some offending note(like patcholy) i can say i may consider a fb after a few more test runs. i find it very unique. could possibly replace my l'occitane vetiver for variety!
By  on 12/31/2008
This guy is SO overrated! I've sampled nearly all of his fragrances on repeat occassions [to make sure I was giving ample air time] and not one of them bowl me over. They all smell cheap and forgetfully boring. Is it all marketing hype? My girlfriend and I have different tastes and she doesn't feel any of them are worth the time of day either. Wow.
By   - from LOS ANGELES on 11/13/2008
This is a deep, hay-like, dark vetiver scent. (This is not the bright, almost-citrusy CDG Vettiveru.) However, despite its initial intensity, Vetiver Dance dries down with an interesting softness to its edge, a smooth blend of wispy clouds supporting the stormy vetiver sky. The lily of the valley and tonka notes, although well-blended and almost indistinguishable, complement the gorgeous vetiver note perfectly - they soften the vetiver's characteristic bitter sharpness. Vetiver Dance is a unique, original take on vetiver, and I think it's fantastic. Clean but still moody and dark....mysterious yet fresh.
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 11/1/2008
Don't change a thing ANDY! I love this man's NOSE--everytime I wear one of his creations (and I use them sparingly, too) I get a compliment from a man-Usually, it's just " You smell good." ( and sometimes a woman, too) --oh yes-I own and love everything he's created except Le Maroc por elle. My favorite is L'air du desert Morocain (which I have in the First larger bottle which I am very lucky to own) .breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL. His perfumes just make my day--I am so HAPPY to have found these fragrances. Don't change a thing Mr Tauer--and people, go easy- a little goes a very long way.
By   - from Austin,TX on 10/16/2008
Normally I love vetiver smells, but this one just smelled really musty on me. I even got a friend to confirm (though she wouldn't let me test-spray it on her!) Maybe something to do with skin chemistry? I like Vetiver Extraordinaire a lot, but Vetiver Dance was lousy for me and I can't wear it. I'm looking for somebody who might accept it as a gift from me - but not even sure yet who might take it.
By   - from Cambridge, MA on 10/11/2008
My God does Tauer make some strong perfumes! I love the smell of vetivier, but this is absolutely too much. I would be afraid to turn off everyone around me to the smell of vetivier by wearing this ... it absolutely assaults the nose with pungent heaviness, even when applied with the lightest hand.
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 10/8/2008
Another winner from Andy Tauer. It starts off a bit strong and takes you on a journey into vetiver. I love it.
By  on 10/4/2008
I love this...I really love Andy Tauer fragrances they last long and smell terrific. This one starts out strong but dries down to this beautiful vetiver scent. People have given me compliments all day. I will buy another bottle when this one goes.
By   - Stay at home Mom from NYC on 10/1/2008
Absolutely beautiful scent.......my new favorite from Andy Tauer.
By  on 9/17/2008
Much too stronge!!!!!!!!
By   - from Baltimore on 9/12/2008
I was lucky enough to get a sample of this--gorgeous stuff!
By   - from San Diego on 9/11/2008
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