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I love Anbar, I bought it on a whim because of its relatively low price. I use it every morning after taking a shower more as a body mist. Layering with a more pronounced CdG fragrance if in the mood. Anbar is light enough to do so without being too "Smelly" I am just about out of the smaller bottle (Surprisingly it has lasted almost 3 months after daily use of a few sprays) I will be buying the larger version, also great for display purposes as are all CdG bottles!
By   - Buyer from Boston on 1/10/2014
I find the notes listed suprising. To me this is a very summery neroli cologne. It is simply wonderful with pretty good staying power for something with the word "cologne" on the bottle. I'm sure it's concentration is higher than that.
By   - from Stockholm on 6/21/2012
I dont get the amber at all. All I can smell it what appears to be a faint impression of an orange flavored candy. You might as well just dissolve some pixie sticks in your bath water. Thank god this is fading fast.
By   - Software Test Specialist from Laurel, MD on 5/28/2011
Almost painfully strong on the open, but after a few moments of settling becomes delicious and sweet and then eventually fades to something warm and creamy. It's a very warm amber, not cool and soapy like a lot of amber-based fragrances. Try it on before deciding because sniffed from the atomizer or spritzed in the air will just smell too, too strong to really get an idea of how it works on the skin.
By   - Artist from New York on 4/7/2009
Steve, below, got it right. If you love #4711, you will love this. That's not a bad thing. It's dry and herbal, fresh and citrus. Great summer scent. I'd keep it in the fridge and spritz it when it gets hot and humid.
By   - Artist from Alexandria, VA on 10/17/2006
I have just bought it to day and i just love that scent it is invigoranting and fresh a real killer perfume it goes straight to your heart.It has a mild and vivet scent just ´the scent any woman will fall for. Simply I adore it.
By   - from Copenhagen on 8/16/2006
If you love #4711, you'll really love Anbar. To me it smells like a stronger, richer version of #4711.
By  on 2/10/2006
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