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This is a perfect fresh citrus vetiver, with a whisper of smoke and straw behind it—more bright than earthy, though the earth is there. Vettiveru 2 wonderfully complex but not overbearingly so—I've had a full bottle for a month and it's very addictive. It's become my everyday scent, the bottle I reach for when I'm in a rush or don't want to think too hard about what I want to wear. I know I'll always be happy and feel confident wearing it. I'm a woman in my late twenties; my husband wears this just as often as I do, if not more.
By   - student from USA on 5/11/2021
It's a nice vetiver! almost a little sweetness at times, but it's always nice never yucky.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/14/2020
Very peppery, warm and simple vetiver. My significant other says I smell like hay - hay in a barn warmed by the sun. Clean yet green yet dry and earthy. Not powdery. Opening as well as drydown are ... delicious. Lasts well. Must own.
By   - artist from florence on 6/1/2016
I own 50+ fragrances. My tastes a somewhat broad, but I veer towards classic, masculine fragrances, but with a few surprises (I own and wear regularly Le Labo Musc and Serge Lutens Fleur D'Orange). Vetiver is the backbone of my collection. Guerlain, Goutal, Malle, Ford, Chanel, Different Company... you get the picture. But Vettiveru is my dessert island fragrance. Its not complicated. Its not opulent. Its not the most luxurious things in a bottle. But its perfect because carefree. its happy but with depth. its who I want to be. What makes it perfect is it's a cologne-style vetiver. A blast of citrus with a woody dry vetiver dry down. And then it is gone. Repeat. Keeps you going all day. Perfect.
By  on 4/5/2015
I love the idea of vetiver but it usually goes from extremely soapy cold and austere. But CDG Vettiveru is perfect. Its earthy but doesn't smell like a graveyard. Its fresh but not soapy. Its a very classic cologne style, but slightly in the direction of Fat Electrician Etat Libre d`Orange. It would be nice if it lasted longer - but increasing the concentration would ruin the effect. with the lighter EdC, you can drench yourself in it and its never offensive. :-)
By   - from JC on 2/8/2015
I bought this years ago and just brought it out to wear for the spring. WOW! It is such a beautiful calm, not in your face scent that stays with you all day. I was thinking that because this was a EDC it would disappear in 1 or 2 hours but 6 hours later I am getting a beautiful hint of the scent. I sprayed 4 times on my chest/ back and I cannot believe the result. I loved it so much today I came back to the site to buy another bottle as back up. Classy, not in your face, perfect for anytime anywhere. A+++
By   - teacher from Portland on 3/30/2014
Why does my bottle stink like burnt rubber? This has to be a bad batch or something because this is NOTHING like the sample I had.
By  on 3/26/2011
Vettiveru, to my mind, is a prime example of fresh, green, sexy vetiver goodness.
By   - from Philadelphia on 1/13/2011
fresh and delicious, and I'm so glad I bought the 17 oz bottle a long time ago.
By   - Man about town, of course from Chicago on 1/7/2011
Great scent. Affordable, classy old fashioned and yet still very comme and modern. Love the apothecary bottle. ******
By   - teacher from portland on 11/19/2008
Every man should have this in his medicine chest, if not the entire series. I could do without every other cologne. This is the one. I get compliments every time I wear it.
By   - consultant from san francisco on 6/6/2008
This is what real dry vetiver roots smell like. Beautifully done and easy to wear!
By   - from Mumbai on 5/11/2008
Just what I was looking for. Reminds me of Aramis, but with a little more going on. Makes me think of hiking in the woods after the rain.
By  on 1/18/2007
I love it. For a cologne, the scent was long-lasting.
By   - from Dallas on 3/30/2006
true,it's a light woody scent but the neroli element is way too strong.i was pretty sure i'd like it but it needs improvement
By   - from athens greece on 3/20/2006
Much nicer than any other vertiver based sent I've tried.
By   - from Rock Hill on 2/10/2006
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