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Love this fragrance--my favorite of incense series, but its presence is so fleeting. My first bottle, purchased eight years ago, had decent lasting power. But this recently purchased second bottle it is unacceptably light and ephemeral.
By   - Educator from Raleigh on 7/23/2019
The whole series is a must have for incense lovers. This one is a spicy incense with pepper and nutmeg. Evokes the perfume in Moroccan mosques. Beautifully put together with moderate projection and sillage.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/28/2019
From its notes and description I ought to love it, but...I don't. It doesn't come across as authentic enough. It reminds me of things like those berry-scented cheap incenses that don't actually smell like berries, or "sandalwood" scented soaps that don't actually smell like sandalwood. If your chemistry mixes with it better than mine, I can see how it'd be mystical and exotic, but it isn't mixing with mine. I do love Incense Avignon, though, and want to try the others in the Incense series to see how they compare.
By   - from Seattle on 10/22/2012
What I had hoped for was more of a dryer,truer smelling incense scent,this one is a little more woody,and sweet...better on a man----IMO.
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 8/12/2009
Perhaps the best of the line, albeit the most fleeing one. Light, airy, spicy where Avignon is dark and solemn, this is a great perfume for any time of the day. However, it doesn't last more than an hour or two max and it stays too close to the skin to be noticable by anyone, even the wearer, unless you stick your wrist to your nose. Sadly, it's not FB worthy for me.
By   - computer programmer from Athens on 7/29/2009
I LOVE it very much, it has a sweet touch due to the vanilla, the smoky incense is wonderful, and it stays very close to the skin. Dry down is just heavenly if you like the desert...smells just like Sedona on a hot summer day...herbal woody and dry. I LOVE it!
By   - Designer/Engineer from Surprise ARIZONA on 11/28/2008
A couple of years ago me and my sister-in-law went shopping; came across a Black Pepper scented candle, which I thought was interesting for a scent. Surprisingly, it smelled very clean and crisp with just a hint of sweetness. Since then I've looked for a similar scent in a fragrance but had not found one; until now!! This is it!
By   - from Dothan on 6/16/2008
Intoxicating... like spicy morning dew. I try to turn my head away, but my nose keeps coming back for more
By   - not telling from 2 places on 5/24/2008
very subtle, in fact a little too subtle, i have this and avignon and after 30 minutes there isn't a trace of scent left, disapointing
By  on 5/5/2008
This reminds me of the high desert where I grew up. I smell lots of sage and mellow woods. It's well balanced being not too dry. Very interesting and I can't stop smelling my wrists. I'll definetely be getting this for summer.
By   - from Portland on 3/12/2008
WOW....i have tried other incense type parfums and was always turned off by the sharpness and by what my daughter calls and ancient dusty old bible/church scent. This is an absolutely stunning scent. Starts out sharp, but mellows down to a soft scent that makes me want to wear it all the time. 5 STARS
By  on 1/1/2008
The most high-pitched and sharpest of the bunch, yet the dry down is soft...very nice
By   - Researcher from NYC on 11/30/2007
summery version out of all the others. Like it. I was expecting it to really stand out and instead it is just a lighter version in the 4 series. I assume this one and Kyoto is meant for summer time.
By   - teacher from phili on 11/11/2007
My absolute favourite in this series. i love the citrusy incense this projects, it's very calm, mellow and easy to wear.
By   - from Sydney on 11/6/2007
Ouarzazate has one of the best openings I’ve ever smelled. It is green, strikingly resinous, dry, sparkling, spicy and invigorating. There is a sweet balsamic tang, and the incense character of this scent remains throughout its development. Clary sage gives a green dusky-herbal note that is very complex and attractive. Ouarzazate is very classy, slightly reserved in character, dry, elegant, green/woody... my idea of a perfect scent. I’d say it ranks with Bois D’Encens by Armani as a great resinous incense fragrance: in some ways it is more interesting due to its herbal notes, and it is better value. It is my favorite of the Comme des Garçons incense line.
By   - from edmonton on 10/9/2007
I wonder if I could layer this with a vanilla based body creme? What do you think ladies? I have all of the samples from this series, now to figure out which is my favorite.....
By   - Teacher from Miami on 6/24/2007
I've never smelled an incense-type of fragrance before. Wow! Evocative like nothing else I've tried. Thought of a high desert lookout point, crushed sage beneath my feet, a clean fire burning behind me, clarity of vision externally and inside myself. Made me feel as if I was in a timeless place, focused, calm, confident. I only wish it lasted more than an hour, and that I could smell it without nose to skin contact. Even so I might buy it.
By   - psychotherapist from San Francisco Bay Area on 6/8/2007
I love this. All the scents in the incense series seem to be facets of the same basic idea, & to me this is the brightest and most beautiful realization of that vision. The pepper, wood, nutmeg and musk blend seamlessly, and the vanilla is just strong enough to soften and sweeten it without dominating it or making it foody. This is just a brilliant scent.
By   - Program Associate from Atlanta on 6/3/2007
Very unique fragrance. I find it does last after the dry down. It is spicy and peppery at first, but has this wonderful overlay of aromatic wood that continues. Definitely worth trying a sample. I did and then bought the full-size bottle. I find I am always reaching for this scent!
By   - librarian from East Coast on 5/6/2007
I started out loving this, unfortunatly as it developed something came out that was on the verge of giving me a migraine. This time I was happy the scent only lasted a short time.
By   - Lighting tech from Los Angeles on 4/11/2007
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