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It's ok. The problem I have with all CdG scents is that they smell like they were made completely in a lab by people in white coats. They are very frank about their syntheticness. This one lasts all of 20 seconds on me and I still think it's mostly synthetic.
By   - teacher from chi on 6/20/2016
MdG Citrico is THE perfect cologne. It is entirely classic and traditional, but somehow manages to be modern and relevant. Easily and definably unisex, but I would find it to be more chic on a man. By definition, Citrico does not last long. But if you spray it on your crisp, white shirt, it lasts longer (body oils break down any fragrance, so spraying on fabric makes it last longer). Le Labo's Tubereuse is fairly similar but in a Parfum concentration. Yes, it lasts much longer (almost 24 hours, in fact). But -- a parfum concentration is never going to have the same initial fresh burst of a classic EdC.
By   - from JC on 2/8/2015
A great, classic citrus cologne. Its super dry and a bit sharp, not juicy. Acqua di Parma is my go-to citrus - but CDG is nice when you want something easy and casual, but still sharp. I usually think of CDG as being very avant garde - but this is classic and timeless.
By   - from NYC on 2/5/2013
By  on 1/7/2008
A simple old fashioned citrus cologne. Pleasant, a bit short lasting...
By   - from Australia on 8/29/2007
I really enjoy Neroli in Summer. Usually I get Czech & Speake Neroli but decided to try this one based on reviews here. Yes, fun and refreshing but lasts no longer than 20 minutes - max! (at least for me). I expect something like this type of cologne to be a short-lived one...but 20 minutes. Doesn't matter how much I put on or even if I put some on my shirt...gone in minutes.
By   - Pharma - Regulatory from Philadelphia on 5/7/2007
This one makes me happy!
By   - from LA on 6/26/2006
Perfect for a summer day and very long-lasting - a lovely creamy and clean cologne.
By   - from Manchester on 6/14/2006
I smelled it while shopping at Jeffrey, and said that exact same thing to the salesperson. 4711!
By   - from NYC on 1/24/2006
A modern interpretation of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne and the greatest Eau de Cologne in the history of the genre.
By   - from NYC on 12/16/2005
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