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Based n the description I was excited to smell this perfume and ordered sample. I expected to smell gardenia and a very feminine fragrance but that didn’t happen. On my skin this perfume fades fast but I live in extreme desert heat so that affects it. First scent I noticed was paper mache then a perfumed doll but zero florals or any other notes. This perfume might do better in colder weather or at least under 100 degrees (tested at 122 degrees). This scent did not last more than five minutes projecting then became a skin scent disappearing fast. I wish this perfume worked on me but it does not. Sample this scent do not blind buy it.
By   - Writer from Bullhead City on 8/4/2018
Nice for tween-age young ladies.
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 2/5/2018
I LOVE THIS PERFUME SO MUCH, OH MY GOODNESS! I was getting into gardenia scents last year, and I saw this and was intrigued by the name more than anything else. I was not expecting to fall so hard and so fast for this fragrance. It's been a verrrry long time since a fragrance has stuck me as deeply as this has. It's very girly and young. Glamorous, but also good for everyday wear. It's a scent that draws other people into you without being ostentatious. It's a chameleon as well. At first sniff, it was like honeydew and bananas. And it stays that way for a while, then a few hours later the warm florals kick in. It lasts a really long time as well. And the price is agreeable as well.
By   - College Student from Cleveland on 1/20/2017
I was surprised that I ended up quite liking this. I prefer gourmands over florals, and this one starts, as other reviewers noted, with a blast of gardenia and night-blooming jasmine. I like gardenia, but it can be overpowering. At first sniff, I hated this fragrance. Really didn't like it- was hurrying to the sink to scrub. Then... I used to pass a big brick wall up on Russian Hill in SF on my way home from school in the evening that was covered with a cascade of jasmine. I would stand for a long time close to the tangle of vines laden with star-like white blossoms that were transforming the City night air with their delightful presence. Their compelling jungle sweetness made you want to stand and sniff, and sniff. The first notes of this fragrance brought me back to that place. There was also the manifestation of white carnations- the kind we would get in Spring, very sweet/spicy. I love the smell of carnations and have never found a fragrance that captures their lovely note as this one does. The floral opening gives way gradually to an amazing spicy something that I'm finding difficult to describe. The best I can do is- an essence of cinnamon toast, made with butter and vanilla sugar, meltingly sweet but with the sharp cinnamon edge to prevent it from becoming sickening. The white flowers waft gracefully and harmoniously through the cinnamon, forming a yummy spicy soft melange that remains in this delicious state for a long time before becoming gentler and more powdery. If there was a confection, prepared for royalty in some far-off land, composed of a perfectly 'ripe' gardenia that had been candied in a cinnamon/butter/vanilla/sugar glaze- this is To Twirl All Girly. It is a comfort scent; a scent that feels like a hug. I would absolutely reach for this fragrance first if I were having a bad day. Not a huge throw on this one, and sillage seems good (2 hours and still delightfully detectable- my nose remains irresistibly drawn to the application point and my sample vial is dwindling fast!) Happily, unlike many other delicious FBW discoveries I've made on Luckyscent, this fragrance is affordable and yes- absolutely full bottle worthy. Even though it's high dry Summer where I am, I think this scent will work well, and for Autumn and especially Winter? Perfection. Delicious, warm, sweet, cinnamon-y yumminess... Can't wait to order this!
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 7/4/2014
I never thought that TTAG would become my signature fragrance, but since I'm on my third bottle (I generally tire of something by mid-second bottle of any fragrance). I committed to the oil after going through two EDts, one of which went off way before its time. When I first rec'd a sample of this years ago, I found it too incense-heavy, too linear, and a scent that couldn't possibly compete with the complexity of those produced by my favourite houses CdG and L'Artisan. However, there was something so comforting and 'happy' about this--I purchased a bottle and went through it within a few months. Yes, this is my signature. I find the hideous generic bottles with the stick-on label and cheap paper flower tied to the neck abhorrent considering the price point; not outrageous, but the celeb EDTs at the local drug store have more substantial and aesthetically pleasing packaging for the money. Even the tiny fluffy thing that came with the bottles in 2004 and became gummy after a few sprays were more pleasing. For 45.00-58.00 I'd prefer to not have to hide my bottle! That having been stated, this is worth giving a try; men really do go ballistic over it, and it is truly a feel-good scent you won't tire of, and good for every season, but essential in squashing the winter doldrums.
By  on 9/19/2013
Very unusual gardenia to me. Better than Monyette.
By  on 5/29/2012
The first impression was not good: too sweet, fruity (melon, banana) and bubblegum-like. But it got better in a few minutes: soft, creamy, very lightly powdery, fluffy like vanilla whipped cream. This is definitely a sweet, super-feminine scent. But even though I'm not the ultra-femme type, I decided I really like this one. My boyfriend loves it! Best of the P&L line. Longest lasting, too. Give it a real chance. It might grow on you.
By   - homemaker from Seattle on 10/11/2010
Was initially disappointed with this as l love gardenia & this didn't smell anything like gardenia to me. l just get melon sprinkled with brown sugar, with a hint of baby powder in the drydown. lt has grown on me a little, it's a nice comfort scent & l'm impressed with the longevity, so l might try their other scents. Also l need to try it in warmer weather as it's very cold here right now!
By   - from southampton uk on 2/5/2009
At first it was like true flowers, but after not too long, it settled into something very much like the old Revlon stuff called "Intimate": cheaper and much less fresh than it began with the topnotes intact. A fragrance that changes this much over time seems like the ingredients are unstable or common or artificial or badly blended.
By   - supv. from tampa on 1/9/2009
For some reason this one reminded me of Christmas-nutmeg maybe? Again, a good room freshener for the holidays
By  on 11/17/2008
Great scent! Lasts a long time on me. Very unexpected and pleasant. Better than the other comparisons. Try it......
By   - from Raleigh, NC on 4/11/2008
Hm...It just kind of smells like a novelty shop, like every incense in the place. Not exactly good. And man, this stuff gets up in your nose. Not into it. No no no. Glad I tried it. I'm joining in the chorus of other reviewers who would have cried if purchased FB.
By  on 3/31/2008
this smells kind of like something fermenting but i still love it
By  on 1/31/2008
The first time I wore it, my dental hygienist went on and on about how good I smelled and sent the rest of the staff in to smell me! It almost reminds me of an antique shop...spicy and sweet and simply perfect!!!!
By   - Computer Programmer on 1/28/2008
This scent is like nothing I have ever smelled before. It's very interesting & different. It's a bit sweet & spicy at the same time. A fragrance I intend to keep wearing and will keep coming back for more. I do know that my hubby loves it and he actually does a twirl when I wear it. The bottle is so charming with a vintage flair and it looks great on my 1920's vanity. I feel so glamourous when I am wearing this, just like Rita Hayworth. Oh la, la
By   - professional shoe collector from Shoe Ville, Ca on 1/7/2008
Okay, this doesn't smell anything like gardenia. It's too powdery. It first smells like grandma's perfume that's been sitting on her too long. It's very strong and smells like a mix of BO and sweet yucky perfume. Sorry, there are better gardenia smells out there that are true gardenia. Thank god for samples. Because if I bought this for the price, I would cry.
By   - from Redwood City, CA on 11/5/2007
Wow this scent is perfumy! I really can't do gardenia based scents and this is why. Too sweet, syrupy, headache inducing. No, I don't like this one.
By   - homemaker from san diego on 6/6/2007
Amazing! Normally I hate florals, especizaly gardenia, and when I first tried this ther was no exception. I did not care for it. But oh the magic powers of a scent......when you are able to relate it to a happy moment or place. I wore the sample over one weekend when my boyfriend took me out of town for a romantic getaway........it grew on me, but it still was just not my cup of tea. Not enough to buy a full bottle anyways. Until a fewmonths later when I came across the nearly empty sample vial and just took a quick sniff before tossing it in the trash. It brought me back to that awesome weekend with my boyfriend. I couldnt throw it out. I foound myself constantly pulling out the nearly empty vial to bring myself back to that weekend. I used every last drop till the vial was dry and I desperatly tapped the vial againts my wrist hoping something would come out.....I counld order the FB fast enough. Unbelievable, the power of scent. If you like florals, you'd probably dig TTAG. If you don't, you may be plesantly surprised. I was!
By   - from chicago on 4/26/2007
This is so lovely and warm. It's a head-turning confident gardenia that's brightened by a green appley note and a brief hint of green melon. A perfect perfume for a sultry summer night. Believe me, it attracts compliments. The sillage is just right, and the lasting power is very good. Every gardenia fan will want to try this, but even if you don't enjoy florals, you may be surprised by To Twirl all Girly.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 3/30/2007
This is a little strong at first, but I still love it. It takes on a pineapple tinge with me, but it's unique and yummy
By   - from Seattle on 3/7/2007
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