Kai - Perfume Oil

Roll-on Perfume Oil

by Kai

Kai - Perfume Oil Sizes Available:
1/8 oz $48
0.5ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Kai - Perfume Oil...
Trying this one was funny. I love florals but I don''t like Kai - no real reason. My nose just says "no". I asked my adult daughter if she wanted a sniff - she who doesn''t like florals. And she said, "It''s beautiful!" I compromised on the rating between "not for me" and "beautiful".
By   - managerial from Manchester on 11/8/2015
I tried Kai as a sample a few years ago and did not care for it. Couldn''t figure out what all the hype was about. Thought I''d give it a second try and got the roll-on bottle as a gift-with-purchase recently, and for some inexplicable reason, I now like it. Do I absolutely love it? No. Do I like it enough to wear it? Yes. It''s very linear to me, just gardenia. Child is much prettier, but I can honestly say I do like Kai now. For whatever that''s worth.
By   - from Bay Area on 2/27/2014
I tried Kai years back when it first started to gain popularity and wasn''t crazy about it. Its been a long time and it has since exploded with popularity so I decided to give it another chance. I can honestly say I still just don''t get what all the hoopla is about. On me it first smelled sweet, then spicy, then mellowed to a liquid soap smell, just as some of the other posters have said. Additionally, this time around Kai gave me a headache.
By  on 3/14/2012
A real blooming gardenia on a stem does not smell like 99 % of the ''gardenia'' perfumes out there. In fact the ''perfumey gardenia'' smell is totally inaccurate when compared to a ''real'' live gardenia flower.Kai replicates the true gardenia flower completely. It has that velvety live plant aroma to begin with and then it opens out into ''gardenia still attached to the plant'' smell . I hesistate to use the words'' fresh and lush'' but that is it. That really fresh God given live flower smell. It''s genius. Seems simple but actually genius.
By  on 6/2/2011
Fresh, clean, green gardenia. If you want to smell like Hawaii, this is it. A mature tropical scent which is no longer an oxymoron. No suntan oil, no coconut, no pineapple or little drinks with umbrellas in them. Just fresh gardenia. Makes a better candle than a perfume IMO, but it''s nonoffensive in every way.
By  on 2/21/2011
Very boring, simple, and heavy oil to carry. In addition, the hackneyed screaming the name Kai. You can not miss it if someone wears or does not Kai. I do not understand why anyone would want to smell exactly the same as everyone else wearing this "cheap" oil? Was not meaning to be yourself? Literally fabric softener!
By   - Artist from NYC on 8/25/2010
Just got my sample. Hubby said I smell like soap. It is nice, but I am new to this game...I like it ok, going to need a few more tries. Really doesn''t change at all. Does last a long time with just a drop. Have to give it credit for that at least. I am much more interested in my Kilian.
By   - from U.P. on 3/8/2010
I have been buying Kai for years from another site. I''m glad to see it here! I love that it''s simple and doesn''t morph. It''s great to have something a little different mixed in with all the other crazy fragrances I have.I have tried the oil and the spray, I find I like the scent of the oil better. Something smells a little off with the spray. All in all this is lovely, just pure gardenia. I sometimes smell them when walking or driving and it makes me pull this oil out and wear it again!
By   - none from Cape Coral, FL on 1/20/2010
This perfume oil has a lovely gardenia smell with hints green tea (sort of earthy yet fresh). It is a very true version of the flower, almost as though your are wearing real gardenias. However, no evolution really occurs past that first whiff. The smell stays the same on me throughout the day.
By   - Graphic Designer from Toronto on 10/1/2009
This perfume oil smells just like a freshly cut gardenia. I also get a hint of LOTV which sharpens up the buttery effect of the gardenia but the green note is there to freshen it up as well. Also, just a dab lasts forever on me. The only thing about this perfume is that it doesn''t really evolve. What you smell in the first sniff is what you''ll smell all day.
By   - Graphic Designer from Toronto on 9/1/2009
YUM! I ordered a sample of this, Black Gardenia, and Monyette Paris lotion...I smell delicious! I have gardenia bushes in front of my house & I smell better than they do - SCORE!
By   - restaurant owner from san antonio on 8/27/2009
EDIT: While I wasn''t satisfied with my Kai and Miss Danielle samples, blended together..it''s a GORGEOUS storng floral.
By   - from Milwaukee on 6/18/2009
I tried to like this..but ugh, too coconut-y.
By   - from Milwaukee on 6/18/2009
smells identical to monyette paris. which is unfortunate, as monyette makes me nauseous. :(
By  on 5/29/2009
Not the most sophisticated perfume, however, it''s still quite lovely... especially for Spring. It seems feminine, innocent and hopeful, if that makes sense. I get a lot of Gardenia, but other fresh, white florals as well. I have the roll-on and it is strong, so you only need a drop here or there and it lasts all day on me.
By   - Childcare provider from Long Beach on 4/3/2009
My husband told I smell like aromatic hanger for the car. One drop lasts more than 3 hours already.
By   - housewife from Zeewolde NL on 3/11/2009
By  on 2/2/2009
What I like about Kai is it is never overpowering but still makes a statement. It is feminine, refreshing, and easy to wear. Unfortunately it doesn''t last long on my skin. But for the first hour it is heavenly.
By   - Respiratory Therapist from Paradise Valley on 11/29/2008
Nice. Nothing complicated here, this is basically a gardenia based white floral with a nice green note. Pretty, appealing, feminine and straightforward.
By  on 10/8/2008
Some people compare this to Monyette Paris. While I think some of the note are similar, they ar enot the same. This smells stronger in the Citrus notes and has a headier floral mixed with it. But it is nice on its own. Not Monyette, but still quite a pleasant Tropical Floral
By   - Vet Assistant/Receptionist from New Cumberland, Pa on 6/22/2008
Kai took me a few attempts to like. It wasn''t that I didn''t like it on first application--I did, but I was so taken aback at how single-note it seemed. I was expecting gardenia but I was expecting something else as well. Kai is straigh-up gardenia, which I wasn''t crazy about at first, preferring Monyette Paris. However, on subsequent applications I came to appreciate Kai for what it is-- an innocent, pure, very pretty scent with no pretense. Just lovely gardenia. I won''t always be in the mood for this, but when I am it is truly a welcome fragrance.
By   - web strategist from austin on 6/13/2008
Kai, just didn''t do it for me, fortunately I only bought a sample so I wasnt out too much money, but I found it to be ordinary.
By  on 5/16/2008
Very nice fresh and floral fragrance. I just wished it would last longer on me. And it is kind of pricey for the small size.
By  on 4/29/2008
A white floral with hints of fresh green, almost cucumber notes at first. Dries to a simple, fresh white floral. A little goes a long way and does not seem artifical to me unlike other scents.
By  on 4/8/2008
45.00 for what amount ? for a roll-on?I don''t care how good it smells!
By   - from Boston on 2/4/2008
Kai stays true on my skin and does not morph into something else (as does Monyette Paris and a number of other fragrances). There is an ethereal nature, a purity and simplicity about Kai that has lured me into a relationship with this fragrance. The oil and spray cologne both provide lasting essence. The lotion is is a quality emollient and a treat for the senses
By   - artist from huntington on 1/4/2008
3.5 stars. From the bottle: fresh gardenia, jasmine, and something green. On the skin: straight up gardenia. It is a fresh gardenia, and smells lush and juicy, not old and dusty. This perfume pretty much stays linear for the entire application. It smells nice, but it''s simply not complicated enough to be alluring. When I wear this, I feel fresh and clean, and I don''t feel the need to rave about it. It does last a reasonably long time, though.
By   - Student from New Jersey on 11/9/2007
By  on 11/4/2007
i like kai and paris they are similar it seems people love one or the other why not like both?
By  on 10/24/2007
This is a pleasant enough fragrance a buttery, flowery island fragrance. It''s fresh, slightly green (think in terms of Calla Lily stems) and is reminiscent of breezes brushing over warm gardenias. I''ve heard this scent described as "light" but I''d hardly call "Kai" that--it does have a silky smoothness to it but like many white floral fragrances, if worn in excess it can actually roll-over into the rancid oilskunky category. Tuberose and gardenia are lovely and faintly skin-like in moderation Reminiscent of sweaty body odor if overdone. "Kai" is a lovely fragrance for those who love the distinct scent of island flowers, but it never veers from this theme. It''s not an interpretation of an idea or emotion (some will disagree, if they have personal memories tied to the island and it''s foliage), just a really pretty bouquet of tropical flowers.
By  on 10/8/2007
Edel from Ireland- Just locate the telephone number for Luckyscent and they will send you a sample (s). Otherwise go to the Kaifragrance website and request a store in your area to carry the beautiful Kai Oil!
By   - from NEW York on 8/22/2007
Hawaii is awesome, but Kai is not (on me, that is). I much prefer Monyette Paris. Maybe it''s the addition of the nag champa & muguet, but it''s creamier and so much more pleasing.
By   - Cocktail waitress from Vegas Baby! on 8/14/2007
Can anyone tell me how to purchase this oil from Dublin. I am getting nowhere with trying to but it on line.
By   - Secretary/Mother from Dublin on 7/31/2007
I''m not a perfume expert, nor do I fall in love with fragrances often. They''re either too floral, or too sweet, or just plain nauseating! I read in a magazine that Carmen Electra really likes the Kai Perfume Oil, and it recommended this website! I figured what the heck? and ordered myself a sample. I just received it today in the mail - I''M ALREADY ADDICTED! It''s an incredible fragrance, and reminds me of my trip to Hawaii!!! I couldn''t be happier, and am so relieved that I don''t have to search for my "signature scent" anymore - it''s found me!
By   - from New York on 6/5/2007
I think my nose is not as sophisticated as some, but I just love Kai. The EDP sample didn''t last more than an hour on me, so I bought the roll-on oil. Gardenias are not a favorite flower -- the scent is overpowering, too lush, too overripe for my taste. But Kai reminds me of my beloved Laura Ashley No. 1, which was discontinued, which then sent me on this very fun perfume odyssey. Kai is very like LA1, sweet, light, youthful but not girly.
By   - Reporter from New York on 6/3/2007
It smells like jungle gardenia from back in the days(OLD)
By   - Finance from NYC on 3/3/2007
Luscious gardenia that turns, within 20 minutes, to nothing more than sweet jasmine. Memories of cheap headshop essential oils of my youth.... try a sample first.
By   - Manager from San Francisco on 3/3/2007
Kai is strikingly beautiful. I have roll-on and edp and I can''t get enough of this fragrance. To me, it''s a secret tropical island radiating the scent of flowers and the clean, fresh sea air. I''ve never smelled another perfume that captures so perfectly the aura of a Hawaiian retreat.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 3/1/2007
It smells like plain old gardenias with a hint of fresh laundry. it''s nice but nothing great nor complex. Its kind of boring but for day to day wear it is ok.
By  on 2/16/2007
It smelled nice on a friend so I ordered it. I''m sorry to say that I''m not a fan of it on myself... It''s reminds me of the liquid soap in public bathrooms.. or air freshener spray. I think the fact that it only has one discernable note makes it smell cheap. But I know everyone else loves it so maybe it''s just me! All I can suggest is to get the sample first -- this scent may fit most, but not all.
By  on 2/13/2007
I LOVE Hawaii, and I LOVE KAI! It is a Hawaiian lei, through and through. I escape to Hawaii everytime I smell it! P.S. I am a gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, and plumeria lover...so, I am partial to these type of scents.
By   - Project Mgr. from Laguna, CA on 1/25/2007
Oops, wrong rating.
By   - Social services from Atlanta on 11/23/2006
When I was a teenager I loved this jasmine oil, well an older lady on an airplane commented to me how the lady in front of us was wearing too much Gardenia! Of course it was me -- maybe I have been wary of Gardenia ever since. Anyway, I can''t tell much difference between Kai and that oil. Unless you are really really into Gardenia beware.
By   - Social services from Atlanta on 11/23/2006
Maybe I just really hate gardenia, but this scent gave me a headache. However, my coworker loved it so much on me, I gave her my sample. Not for me.
By   - Child Care Director from Missouri on 11/12/2006
A Summer day in a grassy park carrying fresh Gardenias...not deep and intellectual, but very lovely indeed. After sampling this I''m going to buy. Like the grassy undertone with the florals.
By  on 10/31/2006
I have the oil - I just touch the roller to one wrist and rub together - lasts all day. It''s a paradise of glorious gardenia, yet clean and green. More a springsummer scent, but also perfect to chase winter blues. Absolutely scrumptious.
By  on 10/30/2006
I decided to get a sample of this because my husband''s name is Kai. Little did I know how much I would love this perfume! It''s my new favorite. It reminds me of Maui, where we got married, because the gardenia smells like the leis we used in our ceremony. It''s not an overly obnoxious smell or too floral it''s just right. And my Kai likes it too. Useless knowledge: Kai means sea water in Hawaiian. Or gravy.
By   - Student from Oregon on 10/25/2006
This one I don''t understand. Kai is an exact replica of an oil I purchased at Longs for $6.00 by Auric Blends in Aphrodesia. I have both and the difference is undetectable. Hmmm?
By   - from Morgan Hill, Ca on 10/14/2006
Thought that with all the rave reviews I would love this but it gave me a headache and made me feel slightly nauseous! Each to their own.
By   - PA from England on 9/17/2006
I have the candle of this and ooooh LOVE IT.
By   - from No.Hollywood on 8/8/2006
Kai is glorious, but I agree very strong. I crave it. I makes me happy. The best place for me is a tiny dab behind each ear, because when someone kisses you hello, they luv luv luv it. I am asked all the time, and get the Kai? huh? look. I like that it''s not so commercially available like some God awful overpowering bully scent like Prada. In NY you have to know where to go to get it. I can stand on a street corner and 3 women next to me will reek of that men''s after-shave smelling Prada, and I''ll stand there like my own tropical island.
By   - mgr from New York on 8/7/2006
I have been using Kai for about a year now, came across this website and heard about the comparisons to Monyette-while there are some similar properties, I would have to say Kai is much sweeter which is preferable to me. I wore the Monyette and I didn''t get that same, "what smells so good? Oh yeah--it''s me" deal I get when I wear Kai. I see now that they have a spray out-my poor wallet....
By   - Recruiter from Clearwater, FL on 8/4/2006
This was a wee bit strong, HOWEVER, I do like it quite a bit. There is a weird, sharp nostril-biting quality to it initially, but it is an absolutely sultry combination of lush, tropical flowers. Smells best when it has been on the skin for a while. I like to put a tiny bit on my light bulbs to scent a room to perfection!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
This is much different than Monyette on me and I love them both! Kai is like a blooming gardenia on a crisp spring morning covered in dew. It dries down to an innocent airy floral with a bit of natural sweetness. Monyette is more like a huge gardenia in full bloom with large waxy leaves during a hot and humid (perhaps naughty) tropical night...much more earthy. I can see a need to own both!
By   - from APO on 7/18/2006
I was very intrigued by the description and the reviews in fact, I tried the sample of Monyette at the same time. There was no comparison - Kai is absolutely heavenly. It is not a cloying floral it is soft, fresh and creamy (or buttery as others have described). I feel so incredibly feminine and alluring others definitely do lean in to smell it :) If you like gardenia, this is a must have. I''ve been zooming through my first bottle and will have to get a second one soon! Don''t hesitate on this one!
By   - teacher from Toronto on 7/14/2006
This is such a beautiful, warm yet crisp gardeniagreen scent, but it does not last on me for a minute! boo-hoo!
By  on 6/23/2006
This perfume can be overwhelming, but if you dab a small amount on you, it can be a little more subtle. The blend of flowers in this perfume is wonderful.
By   - from san diego on 6/1/2006
Wonderful ~green~ gardenia scent that morphs wonderfully throughout the day. The comparisons to Monyette are a perfect example of individual body chemistry, but on me they are 2 very different animals.
By   - artist from AUSTIN on 5/31/2006
Completely feminine! I really love this one. I agree with previous posters - it starts out with beautiful gardenia and warms up to a rich buttery floral. On me it lasts all day, even in georgia heat! Here''s a question though, did any of your roller tops turn a pink hue?
By   - interior designer from atlanta on 5/21/2006
This is such a beautiful scent that makes you feel so feminine! By far this is the most incomparable Gardenia scent out there. My husband goes nuts when I wear it. It''s the "I''ve gotta get closer" kind of scent! I''ve tried what seems like hundreds of Gardenia scents trying to find "the one" and this is just perfection in a bottle! It''s not overbearing at all like most Gardenia scents. You have to try it! You will be hooked!! = )
By   - from WA on 5/7/2006
Years ago my mother brought back some gardenia perfume from Maui, and I have been looking for something similar ever since.This smells very green in the bottle, but on the skin it melts into a nice richy buttery gardenia.
By   - Almost college grad from Boston on 4/3/2006
I have to disagree totally with some of the postings...Monyette simply cannot compare with KAI...Monyette to me is cloying...KAI is fresh yet so tropical...being from Maui I can say that this scent is such a perfect interpretation of the Hawaiian islands...my favorite of the "tropical" blends including Monyette and Child...and it lasts beautifully throughout our balmy, sultry days...a real winner...
By   - from Maui, Hawaii on 12/25/2005
if you like 100% gardenia, then this is for you. I prefer monyette.
By  on 12/9/2005
I guess to each their own body chemistry. I really tried to like this fragrance on me but it just turns. I love the smell of gardenias but on me this just doesn''t have that "effect" that everyone raves about. It''s hard to describe what it smells like on me but I don''t particularly like it on me. I''ve smelled it on others and even enjoyed it to an unrecognizable point where I had to ask "What is that scent?" For some reason it doesn''t agree or mix well wmy skin. I do think it''s a nice scent but I would like something a bit creamier.
By   - IHSS from Hacienda Heights on 11/21/2005
I have already posted one review but felt inclined to do so again after not wearing my Kai for a while and then recently using it again. It is such a clean gardenia scent and so feminine. I have yet to find a perfume that is so girly. I recently purchased Montale intense tiare because I love gardenia and although it is very nice, it can not compete with my Kai. I will never be without this- it lasts 8 -12 hrs on me and stays fresh and gorgeous the entire time. Too bad there isn''t an EDP spray. Kai is amazing and I give it a 5 only because the ratings don''t go higher.
By  on 9/23/2005
This is a "clean" gardenia. Not like Monyette at all. I prefer Kai because it does not have the "suntan lotion" smell that Monyette can have on people.
By  on 8/17/2005
Very green gardenia - tart, sharp and crisp on application...after a few minutes the sting dissipates and leaves the gardenia floral note behind...doesn''t last long on my skin however and turns a bit stale...especially in warmer weather.
By   - from South San Francisco on 7/20/2005
My favorite. I love this perfume. It is so delicate and graceful. I''ll never settle with just one perfume, it''s not in me to do that, however, this is worn frequently by me. That''s a rave.
By   - Sales Assistant from Chester, NJ on 6/7/2005
I LOVE this scent in the lotion and body oil form.For some STARNGE reason though, the oil "turns" on me after a minute. It gets a bit musty. I love the lotion though. it stays true to the gardenia. it really is a lovely scent, just be careful of the oil. try a sample first for sure.
By  on 4/30/2005
My husband is used to his fragrance slut of a wife going around with a different scent on every day. But when I wore Kai for the first time, as soon as we got in the car, he said, "Mmm, you smell so good!" Then he leaned in close and (censored). Ladies, this scent is a man-slayer. And, thank God, though I''m a gourmand girl at heart, I love its fresh prettiness, too. Will be acquiring my first bottle posthaste!
By   - journalist from Manila on 4/28/2005
I wanted to like this so badly, but it was overwhelming floral to the point of having to shower right away to get it off. It overtook my senses and not in a good way. Too strong for me, I prefer something a bit more subtle.
By   - from Boston on 4/21/2005
I received my Kai perfume oil and lotion and love it. It is so pretty and so fresh. The gardenia is wonderful and exotic making me think of tropical islands. However, I also received a sample of Monyette and just don''t get what all the fuss is about. I keep reading all the comparisons of kai and Monyette but to me there is no comparison. I don''t even smell the gardenia in the Monyette and can''t really pick out any of the notes. It just isn''t unique like Kai. It is truly a one of a kind.
By   - Homemaker from Roxboro on 4/16/2005
This does not work for me. It made my eyes water. Too floral to the point of being severe.
By   - from WI on 3/22/2005
I truly love it !. It reminds me of Hawaiian Leis. The gardenia is not overpowering. Just a nice soft scent . I highly recommend it.
By   - Flight Attendent from Lindenhurst , IL on 3/19/2005
This is an absolutely wonderful fragrance. I agree with my fellow portlander that the dry down is indeed a lot like China Rain. It starts out a tiny bit "buttery" from the Gardenia and then gets softer from there. It reminds me of Maui and its a new favorite!
By   - from Portland, OR on 3/3/2005
This is gorgeous, clean, and fresh. I love the lotion too.
By   - mystic from Tucson on 2/6/2005
I love Kai.Not at all like Monyette to me.It is all in it''s own.The lotion and wash smell as true to the oil as well.Layering is wonderful with this line.Worth the price or the whole line.
By   - Claims Examiner from New Cumberland on 1/28/2005
This is HEAVEN!! Everything a perfume should be! Takes me away on a tropical journey. Fresh and feminine-you just feel great wearing it-and the compliments pour in!! LOVE IT!!
By  on 1/5/2005
How anyone can leave a negative comment on this beautiful and uplifting fragrance is just unimaginable! This smells of fresh flowers no matter what others may say. I love Kai and there is nothing like it anywhere. Always a classic and something you will go back to again and again. Do pamper yourself with the whole Kai body care line. Your husband or boyfriend will love it and your skin will be so soft. Wonderful products!
By   - Wife & Mommy from Camp Hill, PA on 1/5/2005
welllll....what can i say?This is somebody''s idea of a flower,however,not mine.I used to pick gardenias from an ancient shrub in my yard down south,and put them in a vase on my nightstand so that i could fall asleep with sweet dreams.Give me Monyette!!
By   - professional from j-town on 12/24/2004
I tried the oil sample at a boutique while i was in Hawai''i. The scent reminded me of plumeria flowers. I went swimming in the ocean and was STILL able to smell the perfume!! I absolutely love it!
By   - from Omaha, NE on 12/14/2004
By  on 11/13/2004
I bought this scent when it first came out and I felt like I had discovered a hidden treasure. Gardenia is my favorite scent and I hadn''t been able to find a perfume that could actually grasp the pure gardenia smell. It''s unbelievable and I get more compliments from men than any other scent I have worn. And because it is so subtle, it makes a man lean into your neck to take a sniff. Amazing and sexy!
By   - grad student from Los Angeles on 11/4/2004
Kai is definitely a very fresh floral scent. It''s very green and leafy along with the gardenia. It''s not for me, but I think it''s a nice scent overall.
By   - Research Tech  from Seattle on 11/1/2004
Very floral in a sweet way. It doesn''t last though, and didn''t bowl me over. No compliments on this one.
By   - from Washington, DC on 9/28/2004
Nice gardenia scent. At first it smelled a bit harsh on me, but after a while it dried down to a soft, almost buttery scent that reminded me of the gardenia in Monyette Paris.
By   - from Los Angeles on 9/2/2004
it says that this smells different on everybody, but it smelled exactly the same on everybody that i had try it-pure gardenia. if you like gardenia, this one is for you. just not for me.
By   - from boston on 7/20/2004
Take it from someone who''s lived in Hawaii all their life, this is truly the scent of the islands one of my absolute favorites!
By   - from Maui on 7/6/2004
I liked this oil, it does stay on for hours, but it is a scent that is particular per person, you either love it or hate it
By   - from New York on 5/26/2004
Kai is my new summer favorite! I love the freshness and femininity of the gardenia florals! It is both fun and sexy for day or night. I don''t see how it can be compared to Monyette Paris. Kai is happy, fresh, clean and pure hula girl!
By   - teacher from Philadelphia on 4/28/2004
Very little works on me (most perfumes turn musky and stinky on my skin), but Kai is absolutely, intoxicatingly perfect. It really does smell just like a freshly cut gardenia--or better yet, one that hasn''t been cut at all. You know how their scent lingers in the air on a hot day? It smells like that. Just having it on, sitting at my desk on a gray, rainy day, is making me feel extremely sexy . . . and like I''m already on vacation. It''s also completely different from Monyette (which I love also). Where Monyette is musky, mysterious, and incense-like, Kai is fresh and devastatingly floral. I LOVE it!
By   - Writer from New York on 4/26/2004
Fresh at first, but I didn''t like the dry-down on me - Not for me - it is definitely "different on everyone" as the package notes! Glad I bought the sample first!
By  on 4/24/2004
This is definitely a green gardenia. It''s one of the nicer that I''ve smelled. However, not as clean as I was looking for. Very floraltropical.
By   - from Massachusetts on 4/15/2004
I like gardenias, and though this is lovely, I prefer Perfect Gardenia - it''s a little darker, this is a little greener.
By   - Mom from Small Town on 2/24/2004
I really like this! Kai and Monyette are similar yet totally different. Kai is a bit more "true flower" and Monyette is creamy almost suntan lotion like. Kai is very fresh and puts me right in Hawaii. Simply Lovely!
By  on 2/20/2004
It''s so hard for me to find a scent I love and to never get sick of it, I found that perfect scent for me and it''s Kai! I Love It! and so does everyone esle around me. It is the perfect spring and summer fragrance.
By   - College Student from New Jersey on 2/20/2004
I received a great compliment this morning at work, and I work in a stuffy environment!!! I''ve been wearing gardenia-scented fragrance for a while but this was my first ever compliment!!!! Now, if I can only hook that good looking IT manager with my alluring scent!!!!
By   - in Technology from San Jose, CA on 1/21/2004
My sister and I received this as a sample and we both agree that this is something very special and we both loved!! If you love the fragrance of a gardenia mixed with white florals (mostly a hint of Night Blooming Jasmine-in my opinion), you''d love this! It''s lovely, I would drown in this in a heart beat!
By   - from San Mateo, CA on 1/17/2004
I am a perfect addict, especially oils, I had tried Kai over a year ago, although the bottle was small i just ran out.. Its awesome, I am huge Child and Chasing Butterflies fan along with Calypso-Mimosa. I love all of these it stays on Forever....
By   - from new york on 12/23/2003
I think this is everything Marc Jacobs wanted to be. Fresh, sexy tropical, mellow, warm Gardenia.
By   - from UK on 11/26/2003
This is a beautiful, feminine, exotic, soft, sexy, velvety oil.. I just love it! I love Monyette too, but don''t think they are similar at all.. The reason I tried Kai is because of it''s comparison to Monyette.. Maybe on some people, but on me Kai is more tropical than Monyette.. But I still fell in love with it! Luckyscent desription is right on! Just lovely!
By   - from Chicago on 11/19/2003
Lives up to its hype! I''ve never tried a lasting fragrance-maybe coz its an oil? Its strong but mellows out in an hour-really really feminine & girly-will turn you into an exotic island girl!
By   - Web Designer from Seattle on 11/2/2003
Excellent scent. I would recommend this to anyone that love the smell of the gardenia flower. Not too overpowering and a little dab goes a long way.
By   - from Livonia, MI on 9/5/2003
This is definitely for the white flower lover. Luckyscents description is right on target. It does smell like fresh cut flowers. So feminine...Be careful not to over apply - a little bit does go a long way!
By   - from San Francisco on 8/29/2003
Kai has that "freshclean" thing going for it that seems to be the IN thing. Gardenia, yes, but not overwhelming. Of the "big three" oils (Monyette, Kai and Child), Monyette gets my vote for its sultry and buttery notes. I guess that "fresh" thing isn''t big on my list, but if you tend to like those kinds of scents, this may be what you''re looking for.
By   - from Juno, AK on 8/11/2003
Kai is a wonderful fresh floral scent. Being very sensitive to perfumes, I have found few that I can wear without giving me headaches. Kai is great and I can wear it every day! It does not have they staying power that I expected, but the convenient roll-on bottle is easy to pack. Another favourite of mine: Monyette de Paris is vaguely similar to Kai, but has more warmth.
By   - from West Glacier, MT on 8/8/2003
Went to Hawaii back in May and I agree this scent takes me back. I had the best time on vacation there. I just love this oil. One of the best perfume oils I have ever used. I adore it so so so much. A must buy for white floral lovers and those that love clean scents like myself. Will always have a tiny bottle of this in my purse. My husband loves the smell also.
By  on 8/3/2003
This is a beautiful fragrance....if you like heady gardenia and tropical flowers. The dry-down smells a bit like "china rain" (does anyone else agree? But after wearing it for a week or so, I''ve decided that I like that. I do like it better than the Moyette Paris which it has been compared to. Kai smells like Hawaii!
By   - from Portland, Or. on 7/24/2003
smells like a hawaiian vacation! fresh and clean and very femme. love it!
By   - from los angeles on 7/13/2003
Kai is soooooo wonderful! The staying power is great, it literally lasts all day long. It''s such a sexy, feminine scent. I should have gotten this along time ago. I am definately a new fan.
By   - At home mom from Atlanta on 7/7/2003
People literally stop me to ask what I''m wearing. My friend in LA followed me around for an entire weekend and finally dragged me to Fred Segal so she could buy some. This is the perfect scent for summer.
By   - from Chicago on 6/25/2003
Yes, a small dab will last for hours. Definitely try this if you love gardenia. I, however, am not a fan of this one.
By  on 5/25/2003
Oh, I think it smells so beautiful! It is very light and fresh, all white flowers and clean air. There is also a little something that smells kind of leafy green too that catches you by suprise. Someone always comments on how good it smells when I wear it. The greatest thing is most people will say "You smell so good." not "What kind of perfume is that?" I highly recommend this for anyone who loves gardenias or other white flower fragrances.
By   - Nurse from Virginia on 4/23/2003
Ordinarily most gardenia and tuberose fragrances I''ve tried are dominated by those notes - this is not. (Then again, the box does say this is different on everyone.) The lily is the first thing I detect, with its sweet freshness, along with the roundness of jasmine. The gardenia component is very fresh. There is also a surprising almost saplike note - I can''t quite put my finger on what it is, just that it reminds me of sap. The end result? A soft, gentle, clean, quiet fresh floral that doesn''t seem to jump off the skin, but does last quite well. (Perhaps that last bit has to do with it being an oil?) This scent is just uplifting. I think those who enjoy Calypso Mimosa or Serge Lutens Un Lys might enjoy this, although that is not to say Kai smells much like either of those.
By  on 1/12/2003
I adore the Gardenia flower. This reminds me of June at my Mothers when the Gardenia bush is in bloom and the scent floats in the air. It is wonderful. You really will smell like you fresh cut Gardenia. Lush and Clean is perfect. This perfume will last and last all day.
By   - from LA on 12/10/2002
this kai is amazing! i have started to wear it every day because it always elicits a response. now i''m eyeing the candle
By   - electrical engineer from san diego on 12/9/2002
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