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Tiptoeing through chambers of the moon

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So many beautiful tuberose scents, and this is no exception. What I love about this fragrance is the girly take on a very sophisticated scent. I can wear this even when I'm having one of those days- you know, when you aren't feeling that bold and sexy. I get so many comments when I wear this. It's a sugared tuberose. A little less intense than others, but still has the tuberose aura. The silage is like walking through fairy floss in a silk gown. A must for tuberose fans. And why not- the price is well affordable. Go and get it now!
By  on 12/3/2014
Reading all the other reviews made me very curious and excited to try this scent, as I tend to love incense-y head shop-type scents. Well, the reviews aren't wrong, it does indeed smell like incense, but... when I think "incense-y, like a head shop" I think of the delightful smells of head shops and new age shops I've been to in the past... woodsy resin-y fragrances of champa, frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood... to me this fragrance smells like none of those, this smells of CHEAP flowery incense, like gas station incense or a Spencer's store as one reviewer mentioned. I smell like powdery gardenia/jasmine bathroom spray. Disappointing, as I really wanted to like this based on the great descriptions and the neat name. I'm going to try bringing this scent down to earth a little by adding some patchouli, but I'm doubtful it will improve it much.
By  on 10/31/2014
Like others have said, this smells a little like incense, a little like a hippie crystal shop. I wouldn't say it's a very complex fragrance, but there is something mysterious about it. I like it, and I think it has its place -- perhaps a dark lounge with velvety curtains at night -- but it's not really something to wear everyday as it can be a little overwhelming.
By  on 2/21/2013
I did NOT like this at all. Everybody is right that have said it smells like incense and/or head shop. It actually gave me headaches and unfortunately for me, it lasts for a very long time. If you like incense, then you will love this.
By   - teacher from Ft. worth on 1/21/2013
Wow... This smells like a hippie store bumped into a candy store (specifically where the chocolate is!) ...I've never encountered a fragrance quite like this before. It is delicious! The reviewer below me mentioned True Blood references....yes this perfume does indeed smell like it could be brewed from fairy blood! From the sexiest fairy of them all!
By   - Artist from UK on 7/4/2012
Mmmmmmm...This is what I'd wear to seduce the "Southern Vampire Mysteries" Vampire Eric if I were pole-dancing at Fangtasia. He would be so intoxicated by my fragrance he wouldn't even care that I don't have fairy blood. Or maybe this is brewed from fairy blood! Good stuff. For when you want glamour-ability - definitely not your average fragrance. (Those readers who know me need to stop laughing at the image of me pole-dancing in Fangtasia and try this fragrance. Don't say I didn't warn you!)
By   - from Orange County, CA on 1/15/2012
I must be a hippie then because this smells *amazing* on me. Especially love the musky drydown, it's everything I wanted TF Scent to be and lacked. This smells very organic and sexy, yes, it does have the crystal store vibe, but so does my entire house (except it is clean...) guess this fits me like a glove then eh?
By  on 10/21/2011
Aside from the cool, interesting name, it's just a head shop scent. The second I first smelled this, I was immediately brought back to this store called Pegasus in the college town I grew up in. You know the kind: dark inside, really dusty, never gets cleaned, and filled with tons of crystals, silver jewelry, incense, tie-dye clothes, tacky brass knick knacks from India, everything is Rasta this and Irie that, scented candles, vials of patchouli oil galore, and it's practically a requirement to have dreadlocks, Birkenstocks, and a bong to shop there. I can't get passed that as Chambers smells exactly like that hippie dippie store from my youth.
By   - perfume lover from Bay Area, CA on 8/14/2011
I bought a few samples of this and fell in love with it! Had to buy a bottle. I took one of those samples with me to a party and 2 of my friends put it on as well! The scent is magical and mystical and alluring all at once. When I wear it, I feel sexy and mysterious. I wear it all year round but seems best suited for Fall and Winter.
By   - from Greensboro NC on 5/24/2011
Stinks. Sugar, aldehyde and a strange fragrance. Very clever title, but a complete failure of fragrance.
By   - artist from NYC on 3/25/2011
Did anyone else grow up hanging out at the mall on the weekends? Tiptoeing through the chambers of the moon smells exactly like the store Spencer's we had at our mall...kind of a groovy store, but I totally love this scent...give it a chance, initially I thought I was going to hate it because it smelled like purple kool-aid when I first put it on, or wait, maybe it was more like the liquid Dimetap I took as a child...but believe me, it morphed into the lovliest tuberose!
By   - finance from middle of nowhere on 3/15/2010
Wow, what a fascinating & unexpected combination of notes! Tuberose warmed by amber, with so many spices; patchouli, ginger, cinnamon, cloves... incense & a touch of buttery vanilla... Mmmm, it's quite delicious! The sillage is pretty powerful & it could be headachey if overused. I see what other reviewers mean about it smelling like a head shop scent. This could be my perfect winter scent, I just need to wait for some really cold weather just to make sure...
By   - from southampton uk on 9/12/2009
Love this. I agree that it smells sort of like a head shop...very incensey at first (which is great for me, because it's a smell that I LOVE). As it dries, though, it lightens up a bit but still remains mysterious. I ordered a sample because I was curious and I will definitely be buying a full bottle.
By  on 12/7/2008
This was the one that I wanted to be my signature fragrance. I have never heard a more unique name and I wanted to tell everyone what I was wearing. It is like a trip into a beaded, hippy, incense, everything is from India store. Overwhelming incense.
By  on 11/17/2008
how could anyone call this boring you smell something different everytime you sniff is quite interesting!
By  on 10/21/2008
Sorry but so boring and cheap! Made me feel old when I wear it, very old fashioned.
By   - from ISTANBUL on 9/29/2008
I wasn't planning to fall in love with this scent, just tried it on a lark, but it had me from the first moment that I smelled it. Once I wore it, I immediately ordered a bottle, it was that fabulous. It's not the most complex or refined of perfumes, but it's warm and rich and sweet and sexy and makes me feel good. Sometimes when I wear it, the tuberose is stronger, other times it's the amber. The drydown (sillage is great) is a bit powdery, but not overly so. It does smell a bit like a metaphysical bookstore, but not the kind where you wrinkle your nose at the cacophony of incense and oils. This is the store where you walk in, take a deep breath, soak it all in, and linger as long as possible just to keep smelling the wonderful aroma.
By   - from Michigan on 8/9/2008
This smells like any head shop or metaphysical bookstore I've ever been in. It smells like incense, solid perfumes that come in carved soapstone containers, and shisha. It's quite strong. I get more coconut than amber.
By  on 6/20/2008
this is better than exact friction more like chocolate and orange yum!
By  on 5/4/2008
this is better than the other pilar and lucy scents ismell chocolate and orange yum!
By  on 5/4/2008
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