Serendipity 3


Eau de Parfum

50ml $45
0.7ml sample $3
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This is a lovely fragrance for the price. On first application it's very boozy, like a sherry wine, but that fades to a sweet orange-vanilla with decent staying power.
By   - Gourmand Vanilla Addict from San Diego on 7/26/2020
As a longtime neighbor of the Temple of Frrrozen Hots, I must say this takes me back -- a vanilla-rich chocolate with notes of orange peel and high milkfat content. That said, I'm not sure this is a fragrance that leads me anywhere interesting; there are definitely more complex takes to be had on chocolate. Still, it's well-made and well-behaved -- potentially a very nice gift for a younger person just getting acquainted with scent and inclined toward the gourmands. (If that sounds like you or someone you love, add a star to the three above.)
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/16/2017
Surprise favorite. A delicious, and wearable perfume: Though it calls to (this) mind a freshly baked brownie, Serendipitous will not be mistaken for a home fragrance, bath or hair product. Hands-down gourmand winner: "reached for most often" title.
By   -  perfume lover  from Fair Haven on 7/18/2017
I am so sad to say that this has been reformulated! Serendipitous (in the original square bottle) used to be magical, constantly shifting from toasted marshmallow to chocolate to vanilla to orange to cookie dough. It was cozy and comforting while at the same time being complex and sophisticated. It also had amazing lasting power, with one or two spritzes lasting all day with a lovely dry-down. The original bottle was also more aesthetically pleasing. Now, it is a very flat and boring cocoa powder. No personality, no depth. Also ridiculously weak. No sillage, no lasting power. The new cheap-looking and generic bottle accurately reflects the contents.
By   - toddler wrangler from USA on 10/21/2016
Very soft and subtle, I can't give it 5 stars because it doesn't last but it is a great gourmand fragrance. On me, it's caramel with a hint of orange, slightly sweet with a hint of bitterness. Perfect fall weather scent
By   - Sales from Calgary AB on 9/23/2016
I love this scent. It's light, sweet and very very vanilla/chocolate, which is what rocks my boat. I used to wear Montale's Chocolate Greedy but got sick of it as I found that the orange in it was coming out strong and bitter. CSP Amour de Cacao is an imitation of Chocolate Greedy without the class and elegance of Montale's harmony. Serendipitous is not as "in your face" as the above scents and although it seems to evaporate quickly, it actually reappears and lingers for hours and hours.
By   - Hedonist from Canada on 1/9/2016
this is more a syrupy caramelized sugar than the deep, rich, bitter charisma of the taste-scent I associate with chocolate/cocoa. that must be the vanilla, the orange is more noticeable after the initial wave of sweetness.
By  on 4/21/2015
Ick, didn't like this at all.
By  on 3/4/2015
I like this a lot.It reminds me of tootsie rolls or like when you get to the center of an orange lollipop and the tootsie chocolate is waiting there.Yummy.Great for gourmand lovers!
By  on 9/20/2014
Such a great price for such a great smell, smells as good as chocolate greedy if not more pleasant, it does not last as long indeed but its at par with a usual edt, you dont want to miss out on this little jem, get it while its here.
By  on 12/12/2013
FAB! I spray it on my sheets and pillows more than I wear it on my body. Makes the whole room smell great. Feelings of happines. Makes for a good bedtime for folks of all ages.
By   - Software Trainer from San Diego on 7/11/2012
I like the vanilla, but can´t smell the coconut. I still like this perfume. It last much longer than the other once I tried. I still looking for the perfume of my dreams (chocolate, coconut, cardamon, marzipan and maybe grapefruit...). Still haven´t found it here though.
By   - Designer from Göteborg, Sweden on 4/15/2012
Great scent! Warm cookies and cocoa!!!
By  on 1/12/2012
Very sweet; initial alcohol blast on me that makes me think "rootbeer". Actually very good lasting power on me. Got the "something smells like cookies" comment from a coworker. Layer with Pilar & Lucy's TEFOTS and it's *really* interesting. (Got that as a sample with this, prefer TTTCOTM but that's another review.) If the orange note doesn't last for you but you wish it did, try layering with Smell Bent's Sunshine.
By   - from Mpls on 8/27/2011
Every time I wear this at the office, people walk around asking who is making chocolate chip cookies. Elevator rides are so much more interesting when I have this on.
By   - attorney from tulsa on 5/15/2011
surprisingly interesting, but i wouldn't wear it. worth getting a sample.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
Yummy this I like so much, even though I smell caramel in stead of chocolate. I wonder if I can wear this to office and still be taken seriously, though, I will certainly give it a try!
By   - graphics designer from diessen on 10/4/2010
I got nothing but compliments .. today ! Wow! LOVE this fragrance ..!!!! I smell of ..."Cake and all things Yummy" that's what I was told today. there is a Rich Chocolate hiding there somewhere... YUM! YUM !YUM!
By   - Perfume Lover from SAN FRANCISCO,Calif on 7/20/2010
Great scent without a doubt. So sweet, i think i feel a toothache coming on lol. I actually don't pick up any chocolate in this at all. Purely vanilla and powder sugar. Makes me want some funnel cake.
By   - Artist from Los Angeles on 1/24/2010
Very pleasant fragrance..lasts every bit of 30 mins!!! BUT for the price,it could be worse.
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 1/14/2010
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