Eau de Parfum

by Serendipity 3

Serendipitous Sizes Available:
50ml $45
0.7ml sample $3
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As a longtime neighbor of the Temple of Frrrozen Hots, I must say this takes me back -- a vanilla-rich chocolate with notes of orange peel and high milkfat content. That said, I''m not sure this is a fragrance that leads me anywhere interesting there are definitely more complex takes to be had on chocolate. Still, it''s well-made and well-behaved -- potentially a very nice gift for a younger person just getting acquainted with scent and inclined toward the gourmands. (If that sounds like you or someone you love, add a star to the three above.)
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/16/2017
Surprise favorite. A delicious, and wearable perfume: Though it calls to (this) mind a freshly baked brownie, Serendipitous will not be mistaken for a home fragrance, bath or hair product. Hands-down gourmand winner: "reached for most often" title.
By   -  perfume lover  from Fair Haven on 7/18/2017
I am so sad to say that this has been reformulated! Serendipitous (in the original square bottle) used to be magical, constantly shifting from toasted marshmallow to chocolate to vanilla to orange to cookie dough. It was cozy and comforting while at the same time being complex and sophisticated. It also had amazing lasting power, with one or two spritzes lasting all day with a lovely dry-down. The original bottle was also more aesthetically pleasing.Now, it is a very flat and boring cocoa powder. No personality, no depth. Also ridiculously weak. No sillage, no lasting power. The new cheap-looking and generic bottle accurately reflects the contents.
By   - toddler wrangler from USA on 10/21/2016
Very soft and subtle, I can''t give it 5 stars because it doesn''t last but it is a great gourmand fragrance. On me, it''s caramel with a hint of orange, slightly sweet with a hint of bitterness. Perfect fall weather scent
By   - Sales from Calgary AB on 9/23/2016
I love this scent. It''s light, sweet and very very vanillachocolate, which is what rocks my boat. I used to wear Montale''s Chocolate Greedy but got sick of it as I found that the orange in it was coming out strong and bitter. CSP Amour de Cacao is an imitation of Chocolate Greedy without the class and elegance of Montale''s harmony.Serendipitous is not as "in your face" as the above scents and although it seems to evaporate quickly, it actually reappears and lingers for hours and hours.
By   - Hedonist from Canada on 1/9/2016
this is more a syrupy caramelized sugar than the deep, rich, bitter charisma of the taste-scent I associate with chocolatecocoa. that must be the vanilla, the orange is more noticeable after the initial wave of sweetness.
By  on 4/21/2015
Ick, didn''t like this at all.
By  on 3/4/2015
I like this a lot.It reminds me of tootsie rolls or like when you get to the center of an orange lollipop and the tootsie chocolate is waiting there.Yummy.Great for gourmand lovers!
By  on 9/20/2014
Such a great price for such a great smell, smells as good as chocolate greedy if not more pleasant, it does not last as long indeed but its at par with a usual edt, you dont want to miss out on this little jem, get it while its here.
By  on 12/12/2013
FAB! I spray it on my sheets and pillows more than I wear it on my body. Makes the whole room smell great. Feelings of happines. Makes for a good bedtime for folks of all ages.
By   - Software Trainer from San Diego on 7/11/2012
I like the vanilla, but can´t smell the coconut. I still like this perfume. It last much longer than the other once I tried. I still looking for the perfume of my dreams (chocolate, coconut, cardamon, marzipan and maybe grapefruit...). Still haven´t found it here though.
By   - Designer from Göteborg, Sweden on 4/15/2012
Great scent! Warm cookies and cocoa!!!
By  on 1/12/2012
Very sweet initial alcohol blast on me that makes me think "rootbeer". Actually very good lasting power on me. Got the "something smells like cookies" comment from a coworker. Layer with Pilar & Lucy''s TEFOTS and it''s *really* interesting. (Got that as a sample with this, prefer TTTCOTM but that''s another review.) If the orange note doesn''t last for you but you wish it did, try layering with Smell Bent''s Sunshine.
By   - from Mpls on 8/27/2011
Every time I wear this at the office, people walk around asking who is making chocolate chip cookies. Elevator rides are so much more interesting when I have this on.
By   - attorney from tulsa on 5/15/2011
surprisingly interesting, but i wouldn''t wear it. worth getting a sample.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
Yummy this I like so much, even though I smell caramel in stead of chocolate. I wonder if I can wear this to office and still be taken seriously, though, I will certainly give it a try!
By   - graphics designer from diessen on 10/4/2010
I got nothing but compliments .. today !Wow! LOVE this fragrance ..!!!!I smell of ..."Cake and all things Yummy"that''s what I was told today.there is a Rich Chocolate hiding there somewhere...YUM! YUM !YUM!
By   - Perfume Lover from SAN FRANCISCO,Calif on 7/20/2010
Great scent without a doubt. So sweet, i think i feel a toothache coming on lol. I actually don''t pick up any chocolate in this at all. Purely vanilla and powder sugar. Makes me want some funnel cake.
By   - Artist from Los Angeles on 1/24/2010
Very pleasant fragrance..lasts every bit of 30 mins!!! BUT for the price,it could be worse.
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 1/14/2010
From all the good reviews i thought this would be a lovely chocolate scent. Goes to show you, you can''t always trust other peoples ratings buy a sample first. The smell at first were Hints of chocolate and vanilla as it dries down it was hints of vanilla it was just very sugary no chocolate at all. It was like Chocolate drowned in vanilla. It has no staying power it lasted an hour at most on me. If you like sugary smells this would be for you.
By   - from New York City on 8/1/2009
I so very much wanted to love this. It does not last long on my skin. I had to mix it with Philosophy''s Unconditonal Love. Serendipity is a scent for someone who does not like wearing scent very much. it is perfect for someone under 30, I will probably give it to my 12 year old. or use it to scent my sheets
By   - from New York on 7/15/2009
i like the scent very much indeed. very sweet, smells somewhat like cotton candy. i always get compliments when i''m wearing this, even when i think it''s faded completely away. the throw is not great on this perfume, but with something this sweet, sometimes you don''t want everyone within a 6 foot diameter to smell you, but come in for a closer inspection and you might not want to leave my bubble... bottle for sure.
By   - from Canada on 5/26/2009
Disappointing. All I smell is sugar. No chocolate, orange or vanilla. Plus, it goes away so quickly. Try CSP Amour de Cacao or Montale Chocolate Greedy instead.
By  on 4/7/2009
This is the Winter-scent for me.:) It''s perfect! Isteni csoki és cukorkaillat:)
By   - specch terapyst from Varpalota Hungary on 12/22/2008
Wonderful comforting "come snuggle with me" scent. Strangers have asked what I am wearing even when I think it has "disappeared". Love it! In fact, I think I''ll spray some on now.
By   - Perfumista in training from California Wine country on 12/16/2008
Delicious, warm, rich, heavenlyThe scent of this perfume is wonderful. But, like many of the previous reviewers, it leaves me wishing for more staying power. The scent seems to vanish very quickly, and I have to spray alot of it on to get any effect. Not being a regular perfume user, this is not all bad, as the scent does not overpower or become noxious. If the scent would stick around longer I would definitely give it a 5 as this is one of the most wonderful smells ever!
By   - from Ohio on 12/4/2008
A weak vanillachocolate perfume which didn''t last as long as I would have liked. The scent was pretty and warm, but it lasted maybe an hour on me. I did think of hot chocolate when I put it on which is the point. I just had to use more than I wanted to get it to stick.
By   - CEO from Atlanta on 10/27/2008
Nice but didnt stay on me at all! I would prefer other vanille perfumes, e.g. Calypso Vanille or Lea St. Barth...
By   - from ISTANBUL on 9/29/2008
Very sweet. Too sweet even.
By  on 9/16/2008
Well..I am pretty shocked that this scent is as nice as it is,I purchased a full bottle of POTL-embergo, for 190.00...and I like this just as much! I happened to receive a sample of this and was shocked at how similar the two money down the perfume hole!(darn) PS-ALWAYS SAMPLE FIRST:)
By   - personal shopper from mid west on 8/30/2008
Awful, like cheap chocolate scented lip gloss.
By  on 7/26/2008
I wanted to like this, even love it. I thought I would, but surprisingly, I did not. I love chocolate. I have chocolate perfumes, but this to me was JUST CHOCOLATE. Nothing more. It was like bathing in a tub of chocolate syrup and then dressing and going out. Then BANG, it was gone.
By   - Vet Assistant/Receptionist from New Cumberland, Pa on 6/22/2008
I forgot to mention in my review just below this review - that i find spraying it on is more effective at revealing the scent qualities then dabbing on a sample.
By  on 5/29/2008
I have found my newer bottles of Serendipitous to last longer on my skin then my bottles purchased in the past - or, have i become used to this light scent versus the heavier perfumes I have worn in the past. I can still smell this after wearing it all day - I will catch whiffs of it. No, it isn''t a "hit you over the head" wears fairly close to the body - my son will smell it when he is next to me and always compliments me. I get the experience of chocolate without that obvious chocolate scent...then it moves to a cloud-like, dreamy marshmallow vanilla, powdered sugar (not baby powder - i mean this smells the way powdered sugar tastes!) scent that I adore. I wear it often. I find also that when I am feeling sick or that feeling where no scent will work....Serendipitous always works. As long as I can smell it on myself - that is good enough for me. I''m not bothering anyone and at the same time enjoying it all to myself. I wonder if some folks figure someone is baking and never think to compliment on it as a fragrance? There is NO musk in this thankfully...just sweet (not overly like Pink Sugar), light marshmallow goodness. If at first you do not notice the scent...keep trying it. It took me a few tries before I picked up on it. I think my nose was burned out from heavier perfumes.
By  on 5/29/2008
So disappointing. I could almost smell it for nearly a full minute after I put it on, and it was dreamy--perfectly chocolaty. But it faded to nothing almost immediately. I thought maybe it was just me, but even after dousing myself with it, no one else could smell it on me either. If it lasted even a little while it would be a favorite, but it doesn''t and it isn''t.
By   - Artist from NC on 4/30/2008
Fantastic scent,rich and sweet choco vanilla with a hint of orange, as described....but it does not last at all! It is the fastest fading scent I have ever encountered. Very disappointing as it is a mouthwatering experience for 5 minutes. Even sprayed on clothes, does not linger. I sprayed a ton on tonight before going to a family party, hugged a lot of people and not one person commented.
By   - from Los Angeles on 4/6/2008
just got a sample of this today. I really love the lea st barth,and this is a pretty good somewhat similar version,but much sweeter. overall,not bad,better than aqualina pink sugar junk perfume.
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 3/15/2008
Gack! So sweet! So horribly horribly sweet! Thank god it fades in under 10 minutes!
By  on 2/10/2008
Wow. I want to consume this!!! A delightful hot-chocolate scent. It smells like milk chocolate and marshmallows. Unfortunately, the orange disappears on my skin immediately, and I really like chocolate orange as a combination, so I''m a little sad about that. I''m over it once I sniff it again, though, because it''s so delightfully fun and sweet! It smells exactly like opening up a box of Count Chocula. I feel like I''m 8 years old and getting ready for Saturday morning cartoons. Gleeful!
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 2/10/2008
yum! a lovely, soft, delicious perfume that sinks into your skin and leaves you smelling like skin-warmed sweet stuff! for what it''s worth, this lasted all day on me....dreamy!!
By   - from toronto on 1/18/2008
Great scent but the lasting power is medicore. Initially for me, it lasted 5 seconds. So with that in mind, although, I like it, the price and lasting power doesn''t justify a bottle worth. I''ll pass.
By   - Student from North Cal on 12/28/2007
This smelled fabulous...for about 2 seconds until it completely disappeared! Cannot smell anything now except (as one reviewer already said) a faint sweetness. If you want something chocolate with similar notes, try Comptoir Amour de Cacao. Smells like chocolate chip cookies and drives the guys WILD!
By   - from Beverly Hills on 11/28/2007
This scent is fabulous. Reminds me of swiss miss with marshmallows. A very pure vanilla with enough cocoa to make it interesting. Since I generally find chocolate-based fragrances disappointingly vile - this is a VERY pleasant surprise. The chocolate here is missing the artificialchemical notes that I pick up. This is also missing the powderiness and plastic notes that many vanillas seem to develop on my skin. Big fan!!!
By   - trainer from Washington DC on 10/1/2007
VERY sweet - almost like marshmallow. I much prefer Coppeneur.
By   - from NC on 9/23/2007
go to any yuppie watering hole. buy a ten dollar chocolate martini. no, no- don''t drink it! dab some on your arm. sit there for ten minutes. smell your arm. it smells like NOTHING... this is me and serendipitous. [sorry.]
By   - artist from south san francisco on 9/19/2007
Ladies, I have been dating the same man for nearly 7 years and have worn many expensive perfumes in which I have received tons of compliments, but not once has he told me that I smelled good...UNTIL I tried my sample of Serendipitous. He asked what I was wearing and in a state of shock I told him, and he said I love it! He spent the rest of the evening flirting with me like we had just fell in love! For those of you that do not think it has a lasting scent, every perfume that I''ve worn that I cannot smell on myself has been a hit with everyone else. I truly think a perfume that is right for you kind of melts into your skin and becomes a part of you. I highly recommend!
By   - Auditor from Sioux Falls on 9/19/2007
I have to update my reveiw from below I still love this, but not as much as Lea. I purchased a bottle of each and Lea smells so much more classy and clean. But I love smelling this on my daughter who is three. We must have different chemistries becuase Serendipitous smells better on her than me and Lea smells better on me than her. I love perfume! It is just so interesting!
By   - stay home mom 27 from Dewey, ok on 9/18/2007
This has been my signature perfume for years - it is fantastic! I first found it in a boutique on a resort island (with an outrageous price tag), and then found it here and was SO excited! I love chocolate and vanilla scents but HATE the fake, powdery dry-downs of cheap smelling foodie perfumes. This one is perfect - starts out heady and almost alcoholic (think chocolate martini), warms up with spicy citrus notes, and finishes with a light and simple sweetness. From far away it smells like waffle cone, but up close it smells like spicy Mexican chocolate. My friends are obsessed with this smell and all my boyfriends have loved it. It''s interesting enough to be noticed but never strong enough to offend anyone. People constantly ask what it is or say "something smells so good!" whenever I wear it. It''s true that it doesn''t last too long, but I''ve found that two spritzes helps with that. Plus, it''s cheap enough to just re-apply!
By   - student from boston on 9/16/2007
You know that smell of waffle cones when you walk into an ice cream parlor. This is it. It''s too sugary for me, but if you are into gourmand, extra sweet scents it may be for you.
By  on 8/16/2007
This fragrance is delicious! But I agree it does not last very long on me. I will do what one reviewer suggested and buy two bottles. One for my desk and one for home...
By   - Teacher from Miami on 8/1/2007
I think this would smell good... if I could smell it. It literally disappeared right into my skin, leaving behind only a VERY faint sugary smell. Lea Extreme is a much better gourmand scent-- I would advise those who are disappointed with the lasting power of Serendipitous to try it out!
By   - Student from Columbia, MO on 5/14/2007
I have been buying perfume samples forever and I kept ignoring this one because I dont like chocolate in my perfume. But I caved in because of all the reveiws and I LOVE IT! I wanted Lea so badly, but I like this better and it''s cheeper! Yay!
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok on 4/30/2007
In theory this is a great fragrance. The problem is that has an artificial chocolate scent that is overly sweet, rather than dark and cocoa scented. Plus, it barely lasts. There are much truer and more adult chocolate scents out there.
By   - from Portland on 2/7/2007
I''m so bummed reading all the comments on this fragrance -- like another person here, it literally lasts about 5 minutes on me. Nice while it lasted though.
By  on 12/12/2006
I adore Serendipitous. It''s perfect for cold winter nights, bundled up inside a thick, white cashmere blanket, while the fire is roaring and my boys are by my side, sipping hot cocoa and popping chocolate covered almonds into their mouths. My husband says it reminds him of a sweeter Disaronno. Inexpensive and beautifully packaged, I''ll always have this in my collection.
By   - Writer from Canada on 12/4/2006
Smells like Cocoa Puffs to me. Also only lasted like 5 minutes on me.
By   - RN from Loves Park on 11/22/2006
This scent is hot cocoa with marshmallows and cotton candy. It is fabulous and will always be a staple in my collection. However, I would love to see this in an oil for longer staying power.
By   - from Morgan Hill, Ca. on 10/14/2006
I agree with the others who love this scent--it''s delightful going on, and the dry-down is just as good, no headachey "enough already" like with some fragrances. I also agree that it doesn''t last. Two hours and it was gone. Considering the price, though, you could get a bottle for home and one to keep in your desk to spritz at lunchtime! Yummy scent.
By  on 10/7/2006
Nothing common about this. It''s deliciously erotic. Chocolate, vanilla warmth in a bottle. NO calories and it makes my hubby want to nibble on my ear..... belly button and all other places. Drives him shamelessly wild. A lot of sexy in a little bottle -- for not too much money either. Delicious.. I''ll be back for another bottle.
By  on 10/7/2006
This is ok. It''s a very common chocolatefoody scent you can get in show gels or lotions. Not very unique. But the staying power is really really good on me. The price is great! and the orange twist is nice too! so i give it a 4.
By   - from toronto on 10/5/2006
This has become my second favorite fragrance, right after Ginestet Botrytis. I love sweet scents and I definately love chocolate, so this smells just like a freshly unwrapped Hershey bar on a hot day. YUMMY!! The price is great and the bottle looks sleek on my shelf. Thanks to Luckyscent for introducing me to this perfume.
By   - from Aurora on 9/9/2006
OMG! I wore it today and this man followed and stopped me going"OMG--what is that you have on--I have to eat it !" I think this is such a fabulous way to eat chocolate without the calories! Bravo!
By   - Instructor from San mateo on 8/27/2006
nice daily scent all year long and it''s soooo affordable....I''m constantly getting compliments. A keeper!
By   - kitchen manager from Longview on 8/10/2006
Relatively delightful for the MILK chocolate lover... Just "okay". Didn''t rock my world by any means - lack of staying power made me weep. It could be so much more. Average at best. Certainly not awful, though :)
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
Everyone asks what am I wearing they love it!!! Want me to stay near them. Thanks!!!
By   - School Worker from Danville on 6/29/2006
This is an exact replica of Amour De Cocoa but a but not as powerful, I''d say it''s a little bit classier. The staying power doesn''t last as long either. So because I''m a big chocolate person I layer them both to help with the staying power!!! I also noticed that it last longer on my clothing than my skin so I put most on my clothing. -) Hey what can I say?, I just can''t get enough of it.
By   - Student from Charleston on 3/28/2006
This goes on very sticky! Strange but true. The drydown is okay, but I don''t find it much more elevated than a basic Demeter dessert fragrance. If you appreciate the warmth and coziness of the cocoachoclate base, like I do, but desire something a bit more ''mature'', try MatChocolat. The bottle is a contemporary work of art, and there are notes of sandalwood and musk with the chocolate and orange to keep it more at a fragrance level than a fod level. Even Chocolovers by Aquolina has some malt and hazelnut notes in it to give it more depth. If you desire straight-forward chocolate-bar-chocolate, though, this is it!
By  on 3/28/2006
i love this scent -- and so does my fiance. it is sweet, long-lasting, and just delish!
By   - pr from durham, nc on 3/25/2006
A perfect scent!
By   - Audio Engineer on 3/17/2006
By   - from Mass on 3/8/2006
Do I need to bathe in this? I LOVE it, but it disappears after a few hours. At least it doesn''t strangle one with cocoa as my Amour de Cacao sometimes does.
By  on 2/24/2006
Absolutely delectable!
By  on 2/17/2006
This is pure hot cocoa with marshmallows-at this price it doesnt need anything pretensious or discordant. Very foody. Wear it if you want to smell delectable. It lasts on me all day-
By   - designer from ny on 1/17/2006
I wasn''t sure about how cocoa would smell when mixed with blood orange, but it turned out to be good. It''s sweet, but the orange twist makes it a bit more intriguing. Unfortunately, it doesn''t last long.
By   - from Chicago on 1/12/2006
I did not detect much cocoa or maybe I was looking for a stronger scent, but I still loved it anyway.
By   - from Baltimore on 1/9/2006
I bought this on a whim after all the great comments and it did NOT disappoint! Everyone who smells it on me loves it, especially men. All I hear is mmmm, MAN you smell so good! I love unique scents that don''t smell like what everyone else is wearing and this is definitely in that category. I can still smell it the next morning too!
By   - from Phoenix on 11/14/2005
Absolutely love the fragrance, but disappointed nontheless. Personally, I find it disappears almost immediately. Lasts no more than 2 hours on me, tops.
By   - from Canada on 11/8/2005
While I do LOVE the smell of this, after a while it was almost TOO sweet for me. Like a divine dessert that you should stop eating but you don''t, then that feeling you get if you smell it after gorging on it) But it truly smells wonderful, and lasted a long time on me.
By   - photographer from Springfield, MO on 11/2/2005
MUCH better than both CSP''s Amour de Cacao AND Lea St. Barths IMHO. This is so beautifully sweet and scrumptious without being sickening or cloying at all! It''s true, don''t expect it to last a super long time cause it won''t. But like the others who''ve come before me have said, for this price, you can afford to re-spritz!!!
By   - college english teacher from pittsburgh on 10/18/2005
Spray it and the first thing you''ll smell is vanilla rum, like a night out at the bar with the girls. Once dried down a bit milk chocolate and caramelized orange peels become predominate. The scent that remains is a soft hot cocoa scent. All in all compared to Comme de Garcons Spicy Cocoa, Serendipity is more for the chocolate purest. It doesn''t have the greatest lasting power, but for the price point- sign me up, baby!
By   - artist from Lowell, MA on 9/6/2005
this smells like chocolate-fondue from bath&body works!!! very yummy...guaranteed to have men going crazy! 10 stars*
By  on 7/2/2005
If you''re looking for a warn, snuggly chocolate scent, get this one and forget the rest! - It is near perfection.
By   - from North Carolina on 6/20/2005
I love this one..I heard about it by word of mouth and I wasn''t disappointed. It smells really foody like waffles and cake and vanilla and chocolate...A very comforting scent and not too sweet.
By   - from Belize City, Belize on 6/14/2005
Great chocolate scent, more loke dark chocolate and it lasted all day for me
By   - from ny on 6/14/2005
I really like this scent. For me, it is a comfort scent. I feel relaxed after I spritz it on. Yummy and mellow.
By   - from Laguna Niguel, CA on 6/10/2005
wear this when you want to be nibbled on....sooo yummy
By  on 5/5/2005
This scent has a LOT of bang for your buck, only 32$ for a very posh fragrance and bottle!I always get compliments when I wear it and it just makes me feel FAB-U-LOUS!!!
By   - Therapist from Seattle, WA on 3/17/2005
In case you haven''t figured it out yet this is one yummdillyicous scent! Cute bottle, great price!
By   - Executive from Seattle on 2/27/2005
I LOVE THIS SCENT!!!It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Smells like a cup of rich, warm hot cocoa with marshmallows.A wonderful creamy, sweet scent.
By  on 2/19/2005
I think I put every man under a chocolate spell when I wear this intoxicating fragrance. The staying power is incredible, I could still smell it on my wrist the next morning : )
By   - Model from FL on 1/28/2005
Like an aphrodisiac brewed in Willie Wonka''s chocolate factory, and the price simply cannot be beat!
By   - from california on 1/13/2005
Delicious!! I also was reminded of the sweet note of cocoa in Lea Extreme-maybe it''s not quite as intoxicating, but it''s sweet warmth sure lasted a lot longer! Can''t wait to try the frozen HC!
By  on 12/29/2004
A little too sweet for my tastes. I''ll give it another try before writing it off, though.
By   - from Dallas on 12/26/2004
It turns me on, can´t wait to have a boyfriend to smell me!!!
By   - Student on 12/14/2004
I agree with the poster who said this smells more like cotton candy than chocolate- but either way, this scent is delicious. It didn''t last very long on me, but while it was detectable I received lots of compliments.
By   - management from Alpharetta,GA on 12/4/2004
With all these raves I threw caution to the wind and ordered without a sample. Sadly, not for me. Although the drydown was a nice cocoa.
By   - from New York on 11/1/2004
I really like this scent! I''ve had several people say it smells more like cotton candy than chocolate but either way I love the sweet scent. I did only give it four stars because the scent doesn''t last very long on me.
By   - from Asheville, NC on 10/9/2004
Super yummy-- smells like a rich, frothy, steaming cup of hot chocolate.. so delicious i love it!
By   - from California on 9/25/2004
If you like sweet, you''ll love this. Smells to me like sweet waffle cones from an ice cream shop! YUMMM!
By   - from California on 9/2/2004
This one smells like warm, buttery chocolate on a bed of vanilla. I can''t stop smelling myself. This one''s better than Comptoir Sud Pacifique''s Amour de Cacao. And for the price, it can''t be beat.
By   - makeup artist from San Jose, CA on 9/1/2004
I love it! My husband and i both think it smells like a waffle cone and it lasted for quite a long time on me.This is my new favorite perfume it''s dessert in a bottle!
By   - HOMEMAKER from Chehalis on 8/18/2004
This does smell a lot like chocolate. I do like it but it doesn''t last very long at all. If it did I''d give it one more star.
By   - from West Los Angeles, CA on 8/17/2004
The demeter comment by the previous poster is very true- I love that scent too. This scent lasted a very long time on me, though. Plus, although scents with any amount of citrus usually smell absolutely awful on me, this one is delicious. I can''t wait to buy it. People complimented me all day on how great I smelled when I wore the sample.
By   - student from boston on 7/21/2004
it smells absolutely wonderful, but it does not last all day as some other scents do, but at $32 you can''t really complain. if you really like this one, try demeter brownie-it smells like the real thing.
By   - student on 7/20/2004
SOOOO CHOCOLATEY! identical to Comptoir sud Pacifique''s "amour de cocoa," but more reasonably priced. a foodie scent, for sure, not for the "clean" or "floral" set!
By   - massage therapist from aspen on 6/24/2004
This fragrance smells so good!! This is my favorite new fragrance for the summer! :)
By   - from Phoenix on 6/17/2004
I love this fragrance for fall & winter. It smells like chocolate with a hint of oranges. I am on my 3rd bottle. If you like "foody" scents, you will not be disappointed.
By   - from Saratoga Springs, NY on 5/31/2004
While I certainly love this one, there have now been three separate occasions when total strangers sniff the air in my vicinity, look around and say, "Is someone baking waffle cones?"
By   - from Berkeley, Ca on 5/27/2004
I love this fragrance. It smells just like chocolate! The people at my job love to come near my desk in the morning just to smell me, and they say good morning cookie!One small setback that it doesnt last as long as a eau de parfume would but it well worth the buy!
By   - from Raleigh, NC on 5/25/2004
This smells really delicious...I just love it and would make it my everyday scent, except that it really doesn''t last long! I don''t think it lasts even an hour. That hour is the most wonderfully scented one, though! A super cocoa-rich smell!
By   - RN from Fortuna on 5/20/2004
this smells great. its smells like palmers cocoa butter. too bad it only lasts 10 minutes. love the scent but it doesn''t last at all.
By   - from new jersey on 5/19/2004
I adore this smell! I would never, EVER pick out a chocolate scent on my own, but when I got this as a sample I almost passed out it smelled so good! I got a Lea sample too, which i also like- after trying to decide between the two for a week I think serendipitous is perfect for the day and lea extreme is a similar but enough-varied smell that''s heavier and better suited for evening (not to mention it''s too expensive to wear every day). I LOVE this scent..i love smelling warm and comforting and homey. I only wish it lasted longer- can we petition for an eau de parfum?? oh, does anyone know of any scent with a bit of coffee in it? i really want to try a chocolatecoffee mix...
By   - student from salt lake on 5/16/2004
I lov this scent. It is sweet and yummy with a beautiful soft dry down that is very wearable. Smells like cocoa powder but better.
By   - Mom/student from Bonaire, GA on 5/13/2004
I feel like the human scratch-and-sniff. This scent is seriously sweet. It IS a great chocolatey smell, but after a day of wearing I realized that I don''t want to smell like something you steal out of an easter basket.
By   - super mom from Queen Creek, AZ on 5/10/2004
This is just FABULOUS!!!! I love it!!
By  on 5/10/2004
I love this!! I have people passing by me telling me they smell ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and other deliciuos smells. It reminds me of the movie "Michael" where all the people are attracted to John Travolta because he smells like sweet candy!!! This is by far my favorite!!
By   - from Florida on 4/21/2004
This perfume is absolutely fabulous. It reminds me of hot cocoa made with the finest chocolate topped with a hand made marshallow. Pleasant and divine!
By   - Meteorogist from Jacksonville on 4/21/2004
Delectable! I just recieved my order today and I am already in love! I have a feeling this will become my new favorite!
By   - from Atlanta on 4/8/2004
LUSCIOUS! Just arrived,I spritzed and I am in heaven! Husband thought I was baking! This is a sophisticated "choco-scent" with sunshine mixed in!
By   - designer from Texas on 4/6/2004
I usually don''t wear chocolate scented fragrances, but I can''t resist this one. Smells just like expensive cocoa mixed with sugar and Madagascar vanilla. soft, powdery, utterly irresistible!
By   - cosmetics sales on 3/10/2004
I cannot stop wearing this. I try to wear something else and find myself disappointed that this is not on my wrist. A Creative carmel and cocoa mix that has pushed the other bottles aside on my shelf.
By   - from philadelphia on 3/10/2004
Delectable!! The only problem is that I can''t stop sniffing my wrist!
By   - Teacher from Calif. on 2/26/2004
i had the pleasure of trying a frozen hot chocolate at the famed Serendipity3 this summer and this fragrance is the perfect reminder of a great experience. yum. (the price makes it even more delicious!)
By  on 2/18/2004
this reminds me a lot of aquolina''s pink sugar, but without all the extra fluff. it''s just a straightforward creamy cocoa scent--not like hot cocoa or a candy bar, just sweet with a soft dry-down. my only regret is it doesn''t last as long as i''d like, but good for the price.
By   - from greenville. SC on 2/1/2004
LuckyScent really described this perfectly! I have received numerous compliments on this. The only issue I have with Serendipitous is that it is a bit sticky for about a minute after I spray it on.
By   - Student from Gville, FL on 12/6/2003
GREAT scent. I love it.
By  on 12/1/2003
This is great scent. Soft and scrumptious. Almost as good as Lea, but in chocolate instead of almond. Love it!
By  on 11/29/2003
Too chocolate-syrupy. Not dry enough for my tastes.
By   - from Orlando on 11/27/2003
This is just delicious! I will definitely order this when my sample runs out. I''ve been layering it with a blackberry body spray for a berries dipped in chocolate fragrance.
By   - from Providence on 11/14/2003
My boyfriend thinks this scent is the best I''ve ever worn – he usually never comments on what I wear but this one he immediately noticed ("mm, you smell like candy") and sniffed my neck all day long.The blood orange note disappears very quickly (almost too quickly) and leaves an incredibly soft and sweet smell on the skin, somewhere between vanilla and crème brulée. Truly wonderful!
By   - from Stockholm, Sweden on 11/10/2003
This perfume is so awesome. My daughter couldn''t wait to put some on too. I would buy more.
By   - from Albion, NY on 10/11/2003
Yum yum and more yum. Very yum! :)
By   - student on 10/10/2003
Way too sweet smells like a candy store.
By   - from Glacier, MT on 10/9/2003
Just got my sample. This perfume is really lovely. There are similar scents out there, but I like this one because the cocoa is not overwhelmed by the vanilla. You aren''t left with just sickeningly sweet vanilla. The cocoa hangs in there to balance it out. I smell like a top of the line hot cholocate made with the finest cocoa powder.
By   - from New York on 10/3/2003
Like others have said, a wonderful dry cocoa scent. Not terribly, cloyingly sweet, not a big, in your face scent, not a wimpy little girl scent. Just simple, true cocoa, delightful and delicious. Good for every day wear, and perfect for bedtime...just enough to cause my darling to snuggle up behind me and say, " smell good."
By   - Gallery Owner from Montana on 9/29/2003
I really like this fragrance, though some people say it smells like cotton candy.. which isn''t really so bad is it?? Anyways, its light and sweet and totally lovely!!!
By   - from Padova, Italy on 9/6/2003
Love this perfume. I get compliments even from complete strangers. so yummy! not overpowering at all.
By   - from TO on 9/4/2003
I agree with CS - this is very soft and very wearable. Definitely not overpowering. Lucky Scent''s description is dead on! I think the price is just right on this, too.
By   - from San Francisco on 8/28/2003
Wow!!!! What a pretty scent. It definately smells like chocolate. No doubt about it. It''s soft and subtle not overpowering, just right for anytime of the day. Love it!
By   - at home mom from Atlanta on 8/10/2003
Good enough to eat, but don''t try to! As scrumptious with chocolate, as Lea is with vanilla and almonds. This is delicious, and the best thing is that you can have your chocolate fix without regretting any calories!
By   - from New York, NY on 7/29/2003
Nothing like Lea Serendipitous is like soft, dry cocoa powder...that is exactly what it smells like. Hard to NOT like it, and the price is affordable. Good lasting power, much better than Comptoir sud Pacifique.
By   - from Juno on 7/22/2003
Received my bottles yesterday - absolutely wonderful, just order two more! To add to how much I adore the fragrance, it''s affordable and I''m giving the two I just ordered as gifts. This is a "keeper". Good job - as always.
By   - from Houston on 7/18/2003
Love this scent! Just received my full-size bottle (it IS an eau de parfum!) and it''s lucious!! Similar to Lea in warmth, but a little different in scent (a little more cocoa, a little less almond). Just love it, and I received it ONE DAY after I ordered!!! Luckyscent is the best!
By   - from Arroyo Grande, CA on 7/18/2003
A nice, sweet, affordable alternative to Lea!
By   - from Denver on 7/17/2003
the most authentic chocolate!!!!very rich!!
By  on 7/15/2003
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