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A beautiful, creamy and gentle scent. Kai won’t change your life, this scent lacks complexity, but if you want a comforting embrace that lasts then give this one a chance.
By   - Accountant  from Old Lyme on 8/30/2019
Where's the love, ladies? To those who do not care for the EdP should try the oil. It's still green at the opening but much creamier and true to gardenia.
By   - None from New York on 7/1/2018
I love Kai , it's pretty and soft. I get more of a lily of the valley scent than gardenia, that's why only 4 stars. Mybe it's my body chemistry but it's still beautiful. I know this one has a lot of hype around it but it's worth it.
By   - Sales from Calgary AB on 6/8/2016
It is a lovely perfume. I got a sample of it and it is a nice day time perfume. I like how very light and clean it is. I will consider ordering a bottle in the future.
By   - from Saint Louis on 3/22/2013
I'm surprised by how similar this one is with African musk(auric blend).
By   - Editor assistant from Jakarta on 5/18/2012
I adore this fragrance. It's wonderfully clean and refreshing.
By  on 7/30/2011
Sorry, an error in typing: ..Kai probably would have remained among the inexpensive perfumes..
By   - Artist from NYC on 8/25/2010
This fragrance is an indication of how the stars have often kitschy elections. And if they have not started to wear it, Kai probably would have remained among the expensive perfumes. Air freshener? No, too dense. Fabric softener? Even closer. Men like the gardenia, but in this perfume - gardenia screams! Every time I smell this perfume on a woman, I do not think "how wonderful it smells," but "why Kai AGAIN?!". Yes, this perfume does not smell differently on everyone else, but just the way it always scream: Kai, kai, kai .. Rare perfume, is like Kai: a linear, boring and screams the name brand.
By   - Artist from NYC on 8/25/2010
Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia is much better!
By  on 7/11/2010
Strong, clean, womanly scent. Bold without being dirty or offensive in any manner. I would like something more specific to my own chemistry, so wouldn't want this as a signature scent, but I doubt this would smell bad on the vast majority of people. It seems a very straightforward scent.
By   - nurse from chicagoish on 6/26/2010
This fragrance is quite lovely...Great for gardenia lovers. The top note is Gardenia with a very soft Musk... reminds me of Auric Blends' Lover's Moon
By   - therapist from NYC on 5/13/2010
Was so excited to try this perfume when I found a sample. I love the top notes, lovely gardenia and pikake, but the base notes absolutely stink on me. Is it musk? Not sure, but wish the floral lasted thru the whole fragrance. too disappointing.
By   - from Washington DC on 11/5/2009
No thanks. It smells like kind of fragrance for room where you've just had some awful smells. Or like body shampoo.
By   - advertising from Moscow on 9/20/2009
Very, very green floral scent. Pretty, but be ready for GREEN. As in rainforest green. There is no "warmth" to this, so for summer, it should be perfect for many. On me, this scent is strong and lasts very well, so two spritzes should be enough. Also i like the spray much better than the roll-on. The latter turned a bit musty on me.Honestly the lotion alone was strong enough for me. Nice CLEAN scent.
By  on 4/17/2009
Made my stomach turn -glad it was only a sample.
By  on 2/10/2009
This is a very light, cool & green version of gardenia, not at all overpowering & perfect for work on a hot day. Reminds me of Yves Rocher's gardenia initially, but much less buttery in the drydown. Lasts only about an hour on me though, so not FBW, l like a lot more longevity for my money!
By   - from southampton uk on 2/5/2009
I so wanted to like this. I have been hearing rave reviews about Kai for years and finally decided to order a sample. Yuck! I absolutely hated it. However, I have decided that it is probably just me--I have determined that I really loathe gardenia scents. I had also had high expectations for L'eau d'Issey and was equally turned off. Both Kai and L'eau d'Issey reek on me. I will still with my new favorite, Stella.
By  on 1/13/2009
Clean and feminine gardenia scent. Poor lasting power...after just 3 hours it was gone!
By   - Nurse from Montreal on 3/27/2008
So pure smelling and you only have to use a touch. Drives men wild! sexy sexy sexy spring frag.
By   - from Beverly Hills on 1/24/2008
Argh, why oh why? It's ok, but not something I'd choose to wear. Celebs always pick scents like these, and now it's too well known. I'm still looking for my perfect gardenia perfume.
By  on 12/4/2007
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