Florals For Spring

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Parle Moi de Parfum
Gardens of India
Sweet, pretty tuberose against creamy sandalwood- a lovely spring treat.
$145 - $235
Hiram Green Perfumes
A fresh and beautiful natural Bulgarian rose with a cheerful citrus sparkle.
Van Cleef & Arpels
California Reverie
Elegant yet carefree, this ode to west coast sunshine features creamy jasmine and orange blossom, a lovely plumeria, and the perfect touch of beeswax.
Sabbia Bianca
Rich, narcotic white floral with heady tuberose and sweet ylang- beguiling.
$118 - $319
L'Artisan Parfumeur
Champ de Fleurs
A charmingly pretty and wonderfully airy light floral with a mouthwatering touch of pear.
French Leather
A sunny and bright rose note with the fine-grain leather of an exquisite designer purse.
$65 - $300
La Tulipe
The imagined scent of a perfect tulip is a clean, long lasting violet leaf with freesia and bright woods.
$190 - $270
Maison Francis Kurkdjian
L'Homme A La Rose
Bright citrus and fresh, aromatic woods lend a masculine touch to Francis Kurkdjian's sumptuous A La Rose bouquet of Damascene and Centifolia roses in full bloom.
Comme des Garcons
Grace by Grace Coddington
Created for the fashion icon, Grace is a sparkly and clean citrus rose with a uniquely refreshing character and a memorably whimsical feline-themed bottle irresistible to cat lovers like Grace Coddington herself.
$110 - $145
A Lab on Fire
Freckled and Beautiful
A stylish and beautiful combination of sweet, smooth white florals and a delicious milk and pastry accord- a gourmand with the freshness and wearability for the spring.
Oriza L. Legrand
Relique d'Amour
A beautifully spring-like incense- light, green florals and fresh herbaceous notes balance the lovely austerity of the church-like incense with natural brightness.
Tel Aviv
A clean and fruity white floral as young, vibrant, and hip as the seaside city that inspires it.
Eight and Bob
Champs de Provence
Mouthwateringly juicy citrus with sweet and creamy jasmine makes this a fun, casually elegant unisex offering.
$60 - $180
Fort & Manle
Impressions de Giverny
Tart fruit, refreshing florals, and salty ambergris in the lovely and distinctive style of Fort & Manle.
Magnolia Grandiflora - Michel
A bright and watery but also gorgeously lush magnolia with a perfect touch of green freshness.
Van Cleef & Arpels
Gardenia Petale
A true gardenia with a freshness that separates it from heavier, warmer gardenia scents- green, light, and oh so pretty!
Narcotic V
Rich, intoxicating, and sinfully sexy- a fuller than full-bodied white floral to leave you breathless.
Une Nuit Nomade
Fleur des Fleurs
A cleanly musky fruity floral with an unmistakably youthful joy.
A Lab on Fire
What We Do In Paris Is Secret
A modern cult classic with stylishly modern rose and heliotrope against a fun and lovely touch of creamy vanilla and mouthwatering almond.
D.S. and Durga
Crystal Pistil
A long-lasting, freshly transparent orange blossom musk meant to add floral enhancement to any scent, or to wear alone as a sheer, modern signature.
Naomi Goodsir
Nuit de Bakelite
Unique, avant-garde tuberose and leather with a spiky green shock of galbanum- a bold and fashion-forward statement.
Atelier Materi
Narcisse Taiji
Fresh, clean, and gently fruity with earthy accents, this scent showcases natural French narcissus flower in all its subtle power.
Rosendo Mateu
No. 5
An exotic and sensual floral with fiery freshness and gentle gourmand and oriental elements.
Rogue Perfumery
Jasmin Antique
If you love the heady scent of real jasmine, drop everything and try this gorgeous and intoxicating true Jasmine Grandiflorum fragrance immediately.
A lush bouquet of sweet and unique southern hemisphere florals with stemmy greens and a pitch-perfect humid petrichor note that bring Sydney's legendary Grandiflora boutique to life.
Comme des Garcons: Olfactory Library
Fresh, green lily with sweet freesia and delicate lilac- an early CDG classic returns for a new generation to enjoy.
Ex Nihilo
Viper Green
As the name implies, this ultra green fragrance has some serious galbanum bite- but also a super pretty, clean and grassy angelica and iris floral heart to soothe the sting.
Strangers Parfumerie
Fleur de Lune
Laundry fresh, gently powdery white florals give the sweet gardenia-ylang heart of this lovely floral a lunar glow.
The Different Company
White Zagora
Luscious, refreshing orange blossom with a perfectly balanced touch of smooth muskiness- a warm weather wonder.
Parle Moi de Parfum
Totally White
Soft, dry, powdery lilac flowers with the fluffy and sunny freshness of clean linen from the dryer.
$145 - $235
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