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Saskia gets 4-stars because it does: a. Smell like real flowers b. Have resilience — it won't quit you. It is a VERY TRUE floral that doesn't seem to develop any new notes on the skin, which, if you love the scent is an excellent selling point. Not 5-stars because the vibe is 'mature woman in a boldprint Chico's tunic knocking back brunch-mimosas at a nearby table, cackling about her grandbrood and the daughter-in-law she's having problems with'...on whom this would be PERFECT. I don't dislike it, just saying if you smelled this on her it would fit. And it isn't going anywhere.
By   - Bookseller from Los Angeles, CA on 5/20/2021
Really beautiful floral, with gardenia as the central note. Reminds me of Dusita Fleur de Lalita (in fact if someone handed me this without a label, I might've thought it was that). It has a lush, humid, earthy quality to it. Not particularly sweet. This would really bloom in warm weather. I often find Laudamiel's work to have a challenging aspect, but this is quite easy to wear IMO. If you just can't get enough of white florals, try this beauty!
By   - Daydreamer from Brooklyn on 4/22/2021
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