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Eau de Toilette

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I received a sample of this in my fragrance fitting (a great offering by LuckyScent!), and I love the floral notes, with the vetiver balancing it from being too heady. Unfortunately, the projection is pretty non-existent on my skin. There’s longevity, but I’d have to say that it plays as more of a kin scent on me, although it can be smelled by my husband when he’s right next to me and he does like it!
By   - Finance from Houston on 9/6/2021
Heavenly... This was a blind buy and with an outstanding result. Highly recommend this beautiful scent. Classic glamour.. The new packaging is amazing also. Thank you , Mr. Cross and Lucky Scents
By   - RN from Danforth on 8/2/2021
This is my 8th ROGUE fragrance from Manuel Cross. Like Champs Lunaires and Tuberose & Moss, I can't get enough of it! While there's nothing ordinary about it, I'd say it's a safe blind buy (unlike tuberose dominant frags)
By   - Estates from Austin on 7/15/2021
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