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cozy and comforting

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Anamor - All That Matters
All That Matters
A silky smooth musk that proves subtle and sultry go together.
J-Scent - Yawahada (Soft Skin)
Yawahada (Soft Skin)
With extremely delicate touches of pear, rice powder, and rose, this Japanese-born skin scent is a soothing treasure.
L'Artisan Parfumeur - Mure et Musc
L'Artisan Parfumeur
Mure et Musc
A sexy and charming niche classic combining fresh and juicy wild blackberries with clean, smooth musk.
Trudon - Bayonne
A spicy, earthy, aromatic holiday candle that finds the sophisticated side of cocoa in true Cire Trudon fashion.
Tauer Perfumes - Sundowner
Tauer Perfumes
Boozy, bright, spicy, floral, and indulgent- a warm and elegant gingerbread treat that ranks among Andy Tauer's most universally lovable.
Nobile 1942 - Levante
Nobile 1942
An airy gourmand with lovely and lasting presence, fluffy vanilla, fresh aromatic florals, and warm, woodsy patchouli.
Goutal Paris - Tenue De Soiree
Goutal Paris
Tenue De Soiree
Sensually powdered French patchouli elegance with a fruity burst of youthful exuberance.
BDK Parfums - Velvet Tonka
BDK Parfums
Velvet Tonka
Lightly sugared tonka bean with a nostalgic dollop of almond make this long lasting gem oh so comforting.
$45 - $215
Comme des Garcons - Marseille
Comme des Garcons
The soapmaking center of the universe deserved a scent like this- bright, fresh, clean, and captivatingly, unexpectedly deep.
$85 - $145
Profumi del Forte - Vittoria Apuana
Profumi del Forte
Vittoria Apuana
One of the most iconic niche beachy scents ever, this combination of coconut and vanilla will melt your cares away.
Comme des Garcons - Mirror by KAWS
Comme des Garcons
Mirror by KAWS
A clean musky floral with universal appeal, it's sure to appeal to pop art and fragrance fans equally.
Hilde Soliani - Il Tempo delle Mele
Hilde Soliani
Il Tempo delle Mele
For some people, "comfort" is synonymous with "the best thing I ever ate." This crisp, buttery, flaky apple pie delight seems to prove the argument.
19-69 - Kasbah
A glowing melange of honeyed patchouli and smooth, woodsy leather- a desert sunset in fragrance form.
$90 - $195
Molton Brown - Milk Musk
Molton Brown
Milk Musk
A pure cocoon of creamy, musky bliss- you'll want to smell like this forever.
$80 - $120
Jousset Parfums - Gourmand Bakhoor
Jousset Parfums
Gourmand Bakhoor
Soothing, creamy, smoky, and sweet- a unique gourmand delight.
Profumum - Olibanum
A pure, calm and soothing incense with smoky and sweet resin and sheer citrus florals.
$93 - $275
Pierre Guillaume Paris Black Collection - Animal Mondain
Pierre Guillaume Paris Black Collection
Animal Mondain
A unique and enchanting unisex tobacco that lets every aspect of the note sing- clean, sweet, spicy, woodsy, and sensually animalic.
Atelier Cologne - Orange Sanguine
Atelier Cologne
Orange Sanguine
With all the intoxicating zest of a freshly sliced orange spritzing into the air, this is truly a perfect citrus.
$80 - $235
Obvious Parfums - Un Musc
Obvious Parfums
Un Musc
A perfect skin musk, bright and refreshing, clean and sexy, but above all, irresistibly comfortable.
Van Cleef & Arpels - Gardenia Petale
Van Cleef & Arpels
Gardenia Petale
Lush, true gardenia with a green freshness that makes it ideal for those who love the real thing.
Boheme Candles - Istanbul
Boheme Candles
An intoxicating blend of spice, fruit and rose for an irresistibly seductive candle experience.
D.S. and Durga - Wild Brooklyn Lavender
D.S. and Durga
Wild Brooklyn Lavender
If the rawness and realness of city life are what drive you, D.S. and Durga's candles are a stylish and soothing slice of paradise.
Strangers Parfumerie - Chokedee
Strangers Parfumerie
Rich and chewy, savory and sweet, with all the aromatic and creamy complexity of Thai sticky rice- Chokedee is a gourmand like no other.
Maison Crivelli - Bois Datchai
Maison Crivelli
Bois Datchai
Fruity, woody, cozy, and elegant- a countryside vacation in a bottle
$120 - $260
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