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Extrait de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Gourmand Bakhoor...
This is just a gorgeous sweet edible fragrance that takes you right into Arabian Nights. I just love love this scent and just receive my full bottle. I have to say that this smells quite a bit like Oud Jaune Intense by Fragrance Du Bois which is one of my favorites and MUCH more expensive. Not saying that it is exact, but it certainly is a kissing cousin at a much lower price. Definitely a winner if you like exotic arabianesque fragrances which are sweet and yummy.
By   - attorney from Augusta on 5/14/2021
I’m surprised that Gourmand Bakhoor hasn’t been reviewed already. I’ve been searching for a milky fragrance and stumbled on this. It’s not so much milky as it is more like dulce de leche mixed with graham crackers. I don’t detect any leather on my skin. Gourmand Bakhoor is not only scrumptious, but it also lasts longer than many fragrances with the same DNA. This isn’t a big fragrance, and it does stay close to the skin, but I can smell it wafting around me all day. Gourmand Bakhoor is also a great layering fragrance with Oud Wood and Baraonda, for example.
By   - Radio Announcer from Baltimore on 2/4/2021
Very sweet, I can smell the chocolate, milk, tonka and the bakhoor. It's delicious and I'm buying it. I'm a sucker for gourmands,
By   - Cat Mom from PNW on 1/5/2021
One, if not thee richest milky-toffee fragrance that ever existed. It’s incredibly lactonic, creamy, thick and rich. It literally smells like toffee and caramel mixed in pot of simmering milk with vanilla beans. This is a literal gourmand. If you want something that smells like melted milky toffee on your skin from first spray to dry down, this is it.
By   - Medical from USA on 12/27/2020
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