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Just great. Reminds me a lot of Dior's Ambre Nuit but without the rose and a bit more potency/lasting power. Wonderful spicy amber that is very unisex to my nose. Dry down becomes a bit less spicy and more soft and leathery. I've become a fan of this house!
By   - Sofware Analyst from Southern CA on 8/26/2021
I just received this today as part of my samples. When I first put it on I thought nope this smells exactly like another one that I own. Then I thought nope give it a chance to dry down and develop. I'm so glad I did the first sniff is not the way it's going to be The first blast of honey was intense, I like honey so far so good. Now it has dried down to an amazing gorgeous amber honeyed woody scent and a little leathery!!! This will be great fall and winter perfume. This is also my first experience with 19-69. I'm not certain if this is my choice for a full bottle I have more to try. But it's a definite contender!
By   - New Mexico hippie  from HOBBS on 8/7/2019
This sample set was really tragic for me because I loved every single one of these beautiful fragrances which DO NOT smell like the inside of my sons car (read : pot). This one made it to the top three. I’m not good at breaking it down but it’s deep, incensey with a strong ambery dry down. Smells like expensive .
By   - Artist  from New York on 3/23/2019
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