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Every time I've read that an almond-heavy perfume smells like Play-Doh, I've never really agreed. Sure, some have been reminiscent of Play-Doh, but didn't smell like playing with the actual stuff. But this - the opening of this legitimately smells like Play-Doh, it's uncanny. After the initial eau de Play-Doh element wears off, it dries down into a nice amaretto woodsiness that is simply that: nice. Not remarkable. The Play-Doh likeness is remarkable, but that's not exactly how I'd like to smell for any length of time.
By   - RN from Durham on 9/29/2021
I really LOVE the house of BDK. And, I know that this one is getting a lot of buzz. But I do not get a lot of almond, but I cannot seem to get past the Play-Doh scents when I wear this. I have given it 4 full wears, and it is a no from me. The rest of the house is amazing.
By   - Medical Sales from Dallas, Texas on 9/14/2021
I must make an addition to my previous review. After 17 hours, this fragrance is still going strong, and it has settled into a gentle, almond-y woodsiness that is totally addictive, really delicious. I must try it again, to see how quickly it leaves behind the "play-doh" stage, because this last stage is absolutely wonderful. For now, I'm upping the rating from 3 to 4 stars, because I do adore this version of it, can't stop taking whiffs of my skin at the moment. And when on occasion it wafts up into the air to surprise me, it makes me smile — unbelievable, that after this many hours it can still do this!
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 7/25/2021
The "What We Think" description above is pretty accurate. This starts out deliciously, inebriatingly almond-y, reminiscent of Amaretto di Saronno. But that lasts only about a minute, unfortunately. Then it smells of marzipan: still good, but without the boozy-ness it's no longer as captivating. Another couple minutes later, and it settles into a Play-Doh-mixed-with-Barbie-plastic smell, and that's where it stays. Not unpleasant, but also not really delightful.
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 7/25/2021
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