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Very pretty-- starts off with banana nut notes, then gets powdery floral.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 9/20/2021
I bought a bottle without sampling because the description was so mouth-watering, but it's really a white floral. The first hint of jasmine is pretty, although it lacks the spice that I associate with jasmine, but it quickly devolves into a banana-y tuberose-and-white-blossoms scent. I get no coconut, rice, or pandan, although I do get a whiff of cheap neroli (like a knock-off Coppertone) that seems to be a favorite note for this brand (Salted Green Mango is straight-up generic-brand suntan lotion, too, and such a bummer, but at least I was smart enough to order a sample of THAT one).
By   - writer from Seattle on 8/10/2021
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