Sublimes Essences Ambre

Perfume Oil

by Ex Nihilo

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The Scoop

Les Sublimes Essences: a duo of exquisite perfume oils that showcase not only Ex Nihilo's superior ingredients and modern formulations, but also their reverence for perfumery's most venerable traditions- in this case, the distinctly Middle Eastern tradition of layering. The Sublimes Essences oils are designed to layer, purpose-built for combining with Ex Nihilo's delightful and creative Eaux de Parfum, while also presenting ample character and fortitude on their own. In other words, the possibilities are endless.

While the name Ambre may not leave much to the imagination about the central note, the fragrance still has the capacity to surprise, as rich, structured woody amber is brightened with a sparkling burst of pink pepper that leaps energetically from the skin. The result is a slow burn of vigorous, warm amber that smolders for hours beneath any scent, adding depth and compelling sensuality. Ex Nihilo specifically recommends Ambre's ability to bring out the sandalwood in Bois d'Hiver, the rose in Rose Hubris, or the vanilla in Venenum Kiss- excellent choices all- but we invite you to dream your own combinations across all lines and styles. We can't imagine you'll be disappointed.

Sublimes Essences Ambre  Notes

Pink pepper, amber, incense, agarwood, sandalwood, cedar

Sublimes Essences Ambre Sizes Available
15ml $475
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