Ex Nihilo

Midnight Special

Eau de Parfum

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An absolute stellar fragrance. The referenced perfume components resonate so well that one actually thinks that this is indeed the favored scent of mythical gods. I received a sample of 'Midnight Special' by Lucky Scent and instantly became a pledged devotee to Ex Nihilo's masterful fragrance. I believe that this will indeed become my signature scent.
By   - Retail management Fine Jewelry from Seattle on 3/16/2019
Whatever oud there is in here is the same synthetic stuff that is in everything these days. It's a fruity floral oud like many others on the market.
By   - Teacher from chi on 10/6/2017
I ordered a bunch of samples with Midnight Special being one of them. I am so in love with this perfume . I wish I had the writing skills as these authors but I don't. The description was spot on in every sense. This luscious fragrance is clean, a bit mysterious, tantalizing, ageless and drop dead sexy. I seem to always be extremely impressed with french perfumes and this is no exception. Bravo Monsieur Pescheux, thank you for such a unique fragrance that makes me feel "all woman." Like nothing else ladies, superb...
By   - Life Coach from Reno on 8/29/2017
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