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Here's what other people are saying about Vetiver Moloko...
I would recommend sampling this for anyone who likes interesting tropicals. It's got a bit of a sunscreen thing going, but nice.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/22/2020
Gosh this is good -- a great-smelling, incredibly elegant vetiver scent. Sits lightly on the skin like its stablemate Viper Green, but with a delicious, creamy, full-bodied aura that is very more-ish. The vetiver here is more the fresh grassy kind, tinct with citrus, its depths bolstered by woody, slightly resinous cypress. Diaphanous hints of rose. Just an amazing blend!
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/15/2018
to the "initiated", Moloko, plain and simple, in Russian means cow's Milk; nothing mysterious there.
By   - admin from san francisco on 10/5/2018
Chanel Sycomore EDT loyalists - this is for you! I walked into ScentBar with my empty Sycomore EDT bottle, looking for something to replace it (since the new Sycomore EDP is nauseating to me), and I thought I'd never find something with that inspired combination of woodsiness, hint of smoke, vetiver, and subtle citrus sparkle. Ex Nihilo's Vetiver Moloko is all that plus a gorgeous creamy note that pulls everything together. When I put it on, I felt like myself again. I am thrilled with this fragrance. If you're desperately trying to replace Sycomore EDT, try Vetiver Moloko.
By   - Music from Seattle on 8/28/2018
Milk and green bitters; Whatever rose may be in there left me with strictly thorns. That said, this one’s a strange, creamy treat.
By   - editor from Seattle on 4/30/2017
Too tangy/citric for my taste, and not enough milkiness like I wanted. Still a nice perfume.
By   - Herbalist from San Francisco on 8/11/2016
A wonderful vetiver with a nice milk accord for contrast. It reminds me of Fat Electrician but much smoother. I dig it.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 2/1/2016
This does not work on my skin. It smells like a green curry on me. The bergamot and vetiver gives a lemongrass note while the milk and rose accords make a coconut milk like note that is awful. Glad I got samples. The Bois d"Hiver by the same brand is amazing.
By   - Artist from Savannah on 1/8/2016
I don't write reviews often. It has been a while since I've written one, but it was a must to write a positive review for this lovely perfume. There for a time vetiver didn't agree with me, but the more I worked with it, the more I loved it. I LOVE this milky, creamy vetiver. It's clearly there, but understated. I don't get much rose, but the milk accord, vetiver and vanilla come through. It is absolutely lovely. I will someday order a full bottle.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 1/1/2016
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