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Viper Green

Eau de Parfum

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This is an amazing fragrance--from start to finish it is fresh and new. "Viper" sounds much harsher than it is. It's a lot like taking a walk on a cool, dewy morning, then sticking your head in a just-filled flower shop refrigerator. I got a sample, which developed beautifully over the day. But the price is just too spendy for me.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 12/14/2019
This scent is somehow familiar, like I smelled it before somehow-- but where and when? It somehow reminds me of an old time barbershop, like how Barbasol might smell-- green and citrusy fresh. One of my new faves.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 3/9/2019
FABULOUS green floral! Like you just stepped on a bouquet of greenery and flowers. The floral is very present and lasts through the drydown, but what makes this really special is the sharp but light crushed stem which is a big top note. It blends so seamlessly with the floral, but does not stand on it. It has a lovely sillage, and the ultimate drydown is light and more toward powdery -floral. I think it is very feminine, however, it is also androgynous. I could wear this almost anywhere, anytime; dressed up or dressed down.
By   - artist from RIVERSIDE on 2/6/2019
The angelica must take take away anything super bitter or harsh from the galbanum because this totally has a bright, fresh, spring-like quality that's like the juicy sap of a daffodil stem. A bit later, I smell a high, cool, sweet floral note that also reminds me of daffodil except it's the bloom this time, with maybe a hint of lily of the valley in there too -- it's thin but fresh and natural, not "perfumey," and pairs brilliantly with the evocative stemmy greenness that makes up the heart of this scent for me. Sits very lightly on the skin.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/15/2018
This starts out with a sharp, citrus bite, can I say "zingy"? Okay, it is zingy! Then it become a lush, verdant field of plush grasses, dotted with flowers and maybe some sprigs of mint. Mint is not listed, but I get a cool, herbal note in there, perhaps from the angelica? All I know is this is like a tumble in the soft grass on a warm spring day and I want it in my life!
By   - Stay At Home Blob from Atlanta on 5/13/2018
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