Love Shot

Eau de Parfum

by Ex Nihilo

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The Scoop

In the most romantic city in the world, classicism and sensuality are far from opposites, which is precisely how Love Shot, the newest fragrance from Ex Nihilo, manages to feel both opulently nostalgic and seductively carnal all at once. Modeled after the most iconic Parisian creations of the seventies, Love Shot is a grand, enveloping chypre rich with floral presence, but also intertwined with the sly, modern signature we've come to expect from this powerhouse line.

Love Shot indeed opens with the explosives its name might suggest, a fabulous and energetic punch of fruitiness and lively florals in the form of pink berries and lush peony. In the potently romantic chypre heart, earthy and complex patchouli weaves itself around rich, true jasmine, while a spark of raspberry maintains the playful allure of the opening. As it dries, Love Shot reveals a leather and musk accord no less sophisticated for its potent eroticism. Unapologetically sexy and unquestionably dignified all at once- truly, what could be more Parisian than that?

Love Shot  Notes

Bergamot, pink berries, peony, jasmine, patchouli, raspberry, vetiver, leather, vanilla, musk

Love Shot Sizes Available
50ml $225
100ml $325
0.7ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Love Shot...
A beautifully complex feminine scent - the pop and fizz of champagne with the dirty musk of leather and jasmine. Excellent staying power.
By   - Musician from Milwaukee on 8/19/2016
Not impressed , on a beginning it was smell similar to Chanel chance , but after shower smell get down to more unpleasant sentence
By   - Non from Calednis on 6/17/2016
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